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  1. Cyberghost

    Live anthrax inadvertently shipped by U.S. military

    Live anthrax inadvertently shipped by U.S. military https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxKzGu8fQEA Washington (CNN) - Four lab workers in the United States and up to 22 overseas have been put in post-exposure treatment after the U.S. military inadvertently shipped live anthrax samples via...
  2. Desmond

    Spyware used by governments poses as Firefox, Mozilla displeased.

    Source : Spyware used by governments poses as Firefox, and Mozilla is angry | Ars Technica India, really?
  3. V

    Where to BUY Electronics' Lab stuff like resisitors in New Delhi ?

    HeyoO ((^_^)) I was thinking of making some small electrical/electronic projects and doing some lab work for ..hmmm.. passing time :D But i don't have any proper idea about the shops to buy the stuff [like breadboard, multimeter, resistors, small transformers etc.] Can anyone please...
  4. @

    Giveaway : CSE Engineering Stuff

    Guys I have following CS engineering stuff, which would not be useful for me anymore. Let me know if anyone is interested. Of course u have to pay for shipping :P I will wait for 2-3 days or else everything will go to paper-plastic wala xD -Question bank / Question papers -Lab...
  5. A

    Wireless Router for college department

    Hi fellow people! Since i'm a n00b at networking, I'll get straight to the point. In our Biotechnology department, I, being one of the representatives of computer lab, had finally pushed the idea of installing a router in our lab. We got an aye from our HOD but now the problem lies in, I...
  6. bongourav

    GMail Labs ..

    Hii .. Recently I came across an excellent Google Lab feature called "Google Gears" which allows us to browse website offline. I was wondering if there are other good lab features which we should try.. Please share.. Thanks in advance, Gourav.
  7. T


    Well guys i was just thinking if i could restrict the entire bandwidth of our college to one single PC in the internet lab (may be mac binding or IP binding)!!!:idea: (Pls share any informational link also)
  8. IronCruz

    System Lab Requirements....

    When try to find out whether some game can run on my PC via System Lab Requirements, it doesn't detect my processor...every game i search come result as fail instead i have AMD ATHLON II X4 620@2.60 But it dtects all other parts like graphic card, ram, HDD space etc:?...
  9. G

    Technical Recruiters for American Health Process

    Train at ICASL School for Offshore Health Domain BPO StepRiteTm has best Live Video Based Accent Coaching International Voice & Accent Program, Interview Tips Master Facilitator From US. Language Lab. Call Skills & Tips To change career prospects. Call E Gate TEAM :…. E...
  10. mikael_schiffer

    Virus Response Lab 2009 ATTACK!

    This stuff entered my PC somehow. So i googled and looked for help. I checked some sites that gave a manual repair option AND download link to MalwareByte and Spyware Doctor. Initially i thought ill remove it manually. However according to instructions Stop VirusResponse Lab 2009...
  11. Gigacore

    Yahoo Creating Lab in Bangalore

    SUNNYVALE, Calif. — Yahoo Inc. said Tuesday it is creating a laboratory in Bangalore, India as part of its research and development effort. The Web portal company named Rajeev Rastogi as vice president and head of the lab. He was the founding director of Bell Labs India...

    help:How to install flash player without administrator privilege

    i cant view any videos in youtube without flashplayer in our systems in lab. also i cant install becoz i dont admin privillages. Any body help to install flashplayer
  13. Gigacore

    AMD launches 2nd India learning lab in Hyd

    As part of its 50x15 initiative, founded in 2004 to bring affordable internet access to 50% of the world population by 2015, AMD Inc, a global player in processing solutions, launched its second learning lab in the country at Hyderabad today. The first such lab was opened in Bangalore in...
  14. nileshgr

    Stardust virus lands on OpenOffice

    Read the rest of the news here- http://www.news.com/2100-7349_3-6078475.html?part=rss&tag=6078475&subj=news
  15. Kiran.dks

    Kaspersky Lab Discovers First iPod-Specific Virus!!

    Kaspersky Lab Discovers First iPod-Specific Virus Russian computer security company Kaspersky Lab announced on Thursday that it had discovered the first virus designed specifically to infect iPods. The catch? You actually have to put it on your iPod-and your iPod needs to have Linux...
  16. nitish_mythology

    Why shd I b allowed to install Linux?

    HI Guys, I am a student of Mayo College Ajmer. We hv lots of comp with one of the best IT infrastructure! The whole of over campus has 300+ comp but jst the servers running Linux! As I am one of the biggest Linux fan, i want Linux to b installed... For this I need to take ther permission...
  17. anandk

    which av reacts fastest to virus threats ???

    the speed at which an antivirus developer reacts to new viruses is a crucial factor in the effectiveness of any antivirus. studies/research showed that Kaspersky Lab was the quickest in responding to new virus threats. (hey sorry i misd the link, will try to post it if i get it agn) The...
  18. killerinstinct2

    Server Blocking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can anybody hv the crack the code which our collges have blocked some sites in our IT lab.........which we can never access............as we are just able to chat with only yahoo...............and check the mail..........and surf..........plz ......help.....it's not illegal becoz we pay for the...
  19. anandk

    and now, ladies&gentleman kaspersky uses ROOTKITS ...

    "The Windows operating system expert who exposed Sony BMG Music Entertainment's use of "rootkit" cloaking techniques last year is now criticizing security vendors Symantec and Kaspersky Lab for shipping software that works in a similar manner". :lol...
  20. vignesh


    I have graphics lab this year..Can I do this using gcc ?What is the header file..Is it graphics.h ? I also have DBMS lab that uses Oracle as the database and VB as front end..Any way to use it in Linux..I know Oracle has a free version for Linux on their website..What about VB ?Will ajunta do ?
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