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  1. izzikio_rage

    Reliance WLL phone - where can I get it replaced

    Hey everyone Needed some help. I purchased a Reliance WLL phone (that landline type device) way back in 2005, the plan that I got was one that allows me to place free calls to all Relicance CDMA and GSM phones throughout the country. Now the problem is that after all these years the WLL...
  2. Disc_Junkie

    WLL Internet problem.

    I am facing a problem nowadays. I have got WLL Internet. My UPS doesn't give enough backup for which when power fails I am unable to shutdown properly. When I restart the WLL fails to establish a connection and makes a connection after much time. Why does this happens and how can I correct the...
  3. M

    Wll XP Professional support 4 GB RAM?

    Wll XP Professional support 4 GB RAM? Can I get XP Professional SP3 installed on XPS 1530 when buying through Dell?
  4. skghosh44

    Internet Connection Through Bsnl Wll

    My friend has a BSNL WLL(wireless land line) telephone connection in his home, now he wish to take net connection either Dial-uo or Dataone BB. Is it possible to provide internet connection through WLL ?? On query to BSNL people, they said OK it is possible. But I have some doubt. Will any one...
  5. Akshay

    Use WLL n LAN at d same time?

    I m using a LAN connection which connects 2 desktops & 2 laptops. Now I want to set up WLL as well on d 2 laptops. I assigned diff. IP addr then LAN on laptops for using WLL. Both laptops cud detect each odr and signal strength was excellent. But I cannot transfer files. Whnevr I open "My...
  6. nitish_mythology

    Why shd I b allowed to install Linux?

    HI Guys, I am a student of Mayo College Ajmer. We hv lots of comp with one of the best IT infrastructure! The whole of over campus has 300+ comp but jst the servers running Linux! As I am one of the biggest Linux fan, i want Linux to b installed... For this I need to take ther permission...
  7. S

    wll services in india

    what are the various wll services in india and which company are offering it
  8. S


  9. spironox

    AMD system

    Hi people waan knw wht config goes with a AMD32 processor ie i need to get a detailed config of it as i approached some dealers and was utter disaapointd by the answers so i would request you guys and gals to gimme a good config My pc need be in to hard core computing like some of...
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