1. H

    Installed new RAM on my HP dv6121tx and my screen flickers and system shuts down

    Hi, I recently purchased a new 4gb Ram this one >> (Corsair Memory — 4GB DDR3L SODIMM Memory (CMSO4GX3M1C1600C11)) and I have a second ram (Corsair Memory — 4GB DDR3 SODIMM Memory (CMSO4GX3M1A1600C11)) previously installed. As soon as i installed the new ram... my system starts off well ...
  2. bkpeerless

    Not able to get display after installing new GFX card helppppppppppppp

    I just bought 1060 graphics card from EVGA. As this card dont support vga. I bought new hdmi cable. now when i installed it . Every thing was fine but after driver got installed and machine restarted , i am not getting display any more. Sometime display comes but till windows is loading then...
  3. K

    How to find out?

    Hi Guys, How to find out the place in which the drivers of USB stick, USB WIFI MODEM, MOBILE have been installed and how to uninstall them?
  4. kg11sgbg

    Help: Unable to uninstall dcbd package in Ubuntu-16.04

    I inadvertently installed the package "dcbd" in Ubuntu-16.04. Actually it was not fully installed nor removed. Now I am facing immense difficulties whenever I am installing/uninstalling a package in Ubuntu-16.04 Please help Friends,regarding the successful uninstall of this app/package...
  5. S

    Unable to retrieve installed service status (service not recognized) in Ubuntu

    I have a jar file running as service in system(logged in as root user). But unable to get the service status(running/stopped). "sudo service <service_name> status" returns "<service_name>: unrecognized service". "service --status-all" does not return installed service name in the list...
  6. aal-ok

    apk install problem

    whenever i try to install any of the gangstar game, it says app not installed, why? do i need to root in order to install them? and i have zuk z1.
  7. B

    GTA V not starting

    Hello Friends, I have installed GTA V in a Windows 10 system but the game is not even starting. Few questions, first I have also installed Social club from the setup present in GTA V folder in program files. Now the installed RG folder in Program Files has two executable files subprocess and...
  8. T

    Pc restarting during gaming only

    My system specs are 1. Gigabyte motherboard 78lmt-usb3 2. Fx 6300 3.zion ram 1600hz no heat sink 4 gb into 2 4.antec vp650p 5. sapphire nitro r9 390 with back plate 6.One hdd rpm 5400 of Seagate 7. Ups apc of 450va(not sure). 8. Cabinet is 8 yrs old colorsit. Its congested...
  9. Baker

    whats app upgrade issue

    Today i opened the whatsapp and i got a message saying , whatsapp need to be upgraded , then i clicked on the upgrade button. it downloaded one apk file , but installation for the apk is unsuccessful with out any valid reason. so i went to settings-->apps and tries to uninstall the whatsapp...
  10. A

    Black horizontal lines hovering all over my laptop

    Hi , recently i did installed a fresh windows 7 on my laptop, I did installed all the drivers.But now i am facing a problem that sometime few horizontal black lines come on laptop and blinks everywhere suddenly.Sometime these lines come and go after few seconds.And sometime these lines stays. I...
  11. S

    Damn Silly Bug in LA Noire game install

    So i recently purchased the retail version of LA Noire game.i was so excited to play it.i installed the game and started the game.The loading screen comes up and few seconds later vanishes.Again double clicked the icon,same thing happens.then i thought may be its an graphics card problem as it...
  12. IronCruz

    Wierd freezing issue while gaming...

    Recently i bought a new hard disk as my old one had too many bad sectors in it. Then installed it with fresh copy of Win 7 (obviously). Installed fresh copy of Dota2 and Fifa 14. Downloaded the latest driver from NVIDIA website and installed it too. But when i play the Dota 2 game, there is a...
  13. D

    Frustrating windows 10

    I formatted my entire hdd and installed windows 10 on my laptop. But at random instance the taskbar, startmenu freezes and i have to hard restart. Normal restart would just led to infinite loop. Everything is updated. Sometimes a notification appears "Microsoft process is not...
  14. sling-shot

    Android launcher with most used or recently installed app drawer sorting method?

    Basically I am looking for a launcher replacement app that allows me to sort the app drawer into ascending, descending alphabetical, recently installed, most used ways. I like Nova Launcher but it does not seem to provide this option. Could you suggest anything?
  15. T

    Ubuntu Not Boot Loader Vanished.

    Hello, My PC Specs are in Signature. I had Win 7 SP1 Installed on the SSD. Then Installed latest Ubuntu Version. Worked fine for 2-3 weeks then the boot loader vanished. System boots in Win 7 Directly. I have the boot Disc with me. Kindly let me know how to fix and What may have...
  16. M

    DX12 on my old HD6570?

    I installed windows 10 insider preview on my secondary pc with an HD 6570. When I ran dxdiag, I was surprised to see DirectX 12 present there. On further investigation, I found out that Mantle drivers were installed for this card. So, will dx12 work or is it just a luck-by-chance error which...
  17. A

    Questions about windows installation

    Hey Guys Today I got a notification about windows 10 availability on july 29 and to reserve my free upgrade to windows 10 from windows 7. I have a few questions about windows 10 installation I have three laptops of which two came with windows 8 installed. But after some time I uninstalled...
  18. A

    not able to get drivers for "PCI Simple Communication controller" for Laptop HP 15 r205TU

    I bought a Laptop HP 15 r205TU model no: K8U05PA I downloaded and installed all the drivers listed on the HP website for this model no. although there was a lots of confusion about which driver being applicable for my lappy.. I downloaded all the listed ones. most of the drivers got...
  19. @

    [For Sale] Dell XPS L501X (comes with OS X installed)

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Dell XPS L501x Expected Price: Rs 40,000/- Source and Time of Purchase: December, 2010 Reason for Sale: need them monies. RMA/Servicing history: officially serviced by dell for yearly cleanup. Product Condition: 5/10...
  20. B

    "storage Space Running out" Despite a lot of Free space

    Hello all, So yeah, The dreaded "storage space Running out on my Xolo Q3000. I guess this is a widespread issue and forums are flooded with concerns, however I could not find a way around. But First some facts about my Phone- 1) The Phone Is Properly Rooted and I have Access to Root explorer...
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