Which web sites do you check daily?


Wikipedia for random stuff when I'm bored.


Right off the assembly line
There's this very interesting website I recently chanced upon called Upworthy which culls different types of interesting content from all over the internet and puts its up with eye-catching headlines, even articles related to current events and politics. Many of them spark debates and talk about social issues which need to be brought into the limelight.

Take Part is another good one which has an amazing section called 'Take Action', where anyone can sign a petition or add their voice to a worthy social cause. From news to lifestyle to opinion pieces on various issues, this site has something to suit everyone's palate. Then there is this website where I have a couple of 'dragon friends' as I call them. Based on DreamWorks' movie series, it also has some very exciting dragon games like these which I play for at least half an hour everyday. It may sound a bit childish but I have to admit it's fun and I make it a point to spend some time on it daily.

My favorite site which I have to visit many times in a day is this one called Huffpost Good News which makes it easy to see that there are positive things happening in the world everyday,unlike the newspapers which are adept at sensationalizing bad news of all kinds. From sweet puppies to heroic rescues, the Huffpost covers a range of uplifting and inspirational stories.
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