1. I

    Posting Issue/s

    Hello everyone. I am having an issue while posting a message within the forum, such that, the emoticons do not get displayed. I have attempted to post message(s) using Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, but the issue prevails across both the web browsers. I have provided screenshots below...
  2. Desmond

    The Best Web Browsers of 2016

    Looks like Firefox beats Chrome again. Source: The Best Web Browsers of 2016; Internet - Product
  3. K

    Where can I advertise my Web Hosting plans in this forum?

    Hello, I am from India and Its really hard to find a forum which allow advertising web hosting plans in their forum. Can I post my offer thread in this forum and If yes then where? It will be really good If digit.in allow web hosting advertisement. My company is not rich like others who...
  4. garnationpengu

    Whatsapp can be used on desktop now.

    Like WhatsApp web we can whatsapp on our PC/laptop using whatsApp desktop. This will work as same like the WhatsApp web. Currently suitable for Windows 8 and higher as Mac OS X 10.9 and higher. Download desktop version WhatsApp :: Downloa
  5. M

    Why should web application software for recharge?

    web application should be helpful for recharge business for growing earning, find sources where can develop own business web application for recharge, eCommerce etc
  6. wakkun

    Need Laptop for Work Purpose - Web Dev, Programming.

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? Ans: Mostly just for Web Design, Programming and Web Browsing. 2. What is your overall budget? If you can extend a bit for a more balanced configuration, then mention this too. Ans: 20,000 INR...
  7. W

    Looking for best web hosting in India

    Hi, I am looking for reliable web hosting provider with excellent customer support in India. Actually I am looking for web host which can handle 25 to 30k visitors per month. My budget is Rs.400 per Month. Any ideas will be very helpful.
  8. D

    Should I Go For This Job As A HTML Developer

    I am Computer Science fresher. I want to make career in software development or web development. I want to work on multiple technologies rather than one, at least in future if not now. But as of now, I have received a job offer as a HTML developer. It includes developing only static web pages...
  9. happy17292

    Mobile to replace ipad mini (pdf, ebooks, websurfing) under 10k

    1. Budget : 10k max, although would prefer something under 7.5k if possible. 2. Display type and size: biggest possible. 5.5-6" would be great if possible within my budget 3. Dual sim: doesn't matter 4. Preferred choice of brand: any brand as long as its reliable. I wish to use this mobile...
  10. T

    do btech/law or start business

    Hi , i m from bihar .. passed cbse 12th board with 59% marks this year. took normal graduation admission in university.. Now willing to take admission in btech or law.. or should i start business here some type of wisp provider,having a computer shop too.with things like web designing etc.. Or...
  11. G

    single URL for multiple sites

    Hello, we are going to create unique web server across 3 sites which has to be release as single URL to end user. e.g. we have 3 web server deployed as site-1.x.com, site-2.x.com and site-3.x.com. We need to release one portal to end user we use the link as, unique.x.com/Test, which has to...
  12. Neo

    Budget : ~70k, Laptop for college

    1. Budget is flexible, can extend upto 80k. Would like to see all options from 50k to 80k 2. Screen size : 13/14/15 3. Usage : compiling, web browsing, dota2, CSGO, movies, other college stufff 4. Screen : 1080p or above, i have used a 720p screen and it sucks big time 5. Battery : 5hours+ with...
  13. A

    can't open web page via wifi on mobile phone

    dear friends, i have strange problem. i can connect my galaxy note phone with wifi but can't open any web page. it already show me got connected but can't use internet. i have tried changing hand sets but nothing happen. i have tp link w8901n modem router. please help me how can i use...
  14. A

    Which Programming Language to Learn?

    In today's date career of web programmer or web developer is on peak, but at same time there are many programming languages which are coming to market and web programmer need to keep himself/herself up to date with latest technology. So i wanna ask if one has to start fresh career in web...
  15. ritvij

    WhatsApp Web Client is LIVE (only on Chrome as of now)

    The webpage has instructions to use the latest version of WhatsApp on their Android or BlackBerry or Windows devices and to goto the WhatsApp Web option. Sadly, iOS users may have to wait a wee bit longer but that was expected as Apple is always the last to recieve WhatsApp app updates...
  16. D

    Help buying a mobile phone within 12k - need quick sugestions

    My criteria are as follows- 12k max >= 5 inch, 5.5-6 inch (if possible within budget):wink: >=1.5 GB RAM (2 GB or more better) Dual sim :GSM - 850, 900, 1800, 1900; UMTS - 2100 (very vital) Classy Look, Good build quality. edged corner (not rounded):-( Accurate GPS (with magnetic sensor)...
  17. Anorion

    Which web sites do you check daily?

    Not allowed > gmail/fb/quora/reddit/4chan/twitter/forums/imageboards
  18. P

    Offer - 1 year Free Web Hosting

    Get 1 year free unlimited web hosting at Total Web Hosting Solutions, Domains, Shared Linux Hosting, WordPress Hosting & Reseller Hosting - HostingFever (Only first 10 customers). Register for 30 days free trial and then raise a ticket to claim the 1 year hosting. Hurry up! Grab it now.
  19. P

    Anybody wants free web hosting ?

    Hello friends, Anyone interested in Free Web Hosting ? Message me.
  20. Vyom

    Mozilla developing a browser for web designers

    Mozilla has announced that it will unveil a new browser on November 10, which will be “built by developers for developers.” Developers can sign up to receive an email update as soon as the browser is available. The new browser is based on Firefox and will have debugging capabilities and...
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