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Which is the Best Unlimited Broadband in Delhi for Rs 1K ?


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if anyone is in delhi get spectranet .. fantastic pings .. 160-170 to european countries like germany etc


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^although , nobody from pacent has come to me yet from past 7-8 months to ask for bills for any charges...... I am getting free internet service from them....

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How can I get this service? . XD XD

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Reliance has good plans. But the problems with reliance is discussed in previous pages.
Anyway, now embed your image link under tags.[/QUOTE]

[IMG] http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/3504196305




mY vIEW : The speed is very fluctuating. I am on a 2mbps plan and speed varies from as low as 1.8mbps on test and as high as 3-4 mbps. Although above is one such incident of 5 mbps. Torrent download speeds are good. In 3 days since installation I've downloaded around 25GB Data, and that too in intervals(I mean not 3 days regular usage).
There were instances of power failure in our area when the net was working buy simple removing the wires and re-connecting worked for me as suggested by the salesperson that came to my home. Also when I checked during the morning there was no connectivity, i thought there was some issue from the server as such. Because without any complaint when I connected it after 3-4 hours it got connected.
What do you think?

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Put the link of the image under IMG tags. Like this:
http://www.speedtest.net/result/3504196305.png[/ IMG]

Also, hide your IP address.


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Hi all! First of all congratulations for such a great forum! This is my first post though I am reading from this forum for some time.

Now to come back to this post, I am also searching for an unlimited broadband under budget for some time. MTNL, Airtel, Reliance all have some problem as discussed by all previously. I live at Madangir, South Delhi so no Spectranet. I am still waiting to get a call back from Hathway and everyone tells me to keep away from Tikona. I read about Pacenet on this page itself and it got me interested but their Delhi no. is not working. The customer care people of Pacenet seems to be in Mumbai and they also gave me a no.which does not work. If Vyom or any other member in here who are customer of Pacenet please share the Delhi no. of Pacenet I would like to enquire them about service in my area.

Thank you so much! Much appreciate the good work all of you do here! :)

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Oh I forgot to add, the email I sent to the two email ids of Pacenet for Delhi was also bounced back, saying they are not working. I am starting to think Pacenet do not exist in Delhi! :lol:

stay FAR FAR away from TIKONA, they are so horrible. I got my connection on ist week on april and it works ~2-3 times a week , most of the time it doesn't even connect. Now i think MTNL is so much better.


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Atleast the companies are scared of us consumers this way, scared that we spread information that may ruin their business

Nah. I disagree. We can't ruin any one's business. We don't even have a right to do that. We can only give them feedback and hope they improve their shortcomings. Else, people will leave their service, and won't recommend others to join too.

It's about feedback. Companies may get customers easily. But to retain them companies need to provide continuous support too. No customer would like to be hanging around if they can't use Internet for too long without even so a proper explanation and a ETA for the services to restore.

I would like to give Tikona a try. I may try it soon within a month. For now, I am trying to struggle with such replies: [This is Hathway]

Date: Tue, 20 May 2014 11:17:46 +0530
From: subscriberdelhi @hathway.net
To: vineet******@gmail.com

Subject: Fwd: New Broadband Enquiry

Non Feasible area....

----- Forwarded message from webmaster @hathway.com -----
Date: 20 May 2014 11:08:08 +0530
From: BroadBand Enquiry <webmaster @hathway.com>
Subject: New Broadband Enquiry
To: subscriberdelhi @hathway.net

Name: Vineet
City: New Delhi
Area: *******
Contact: 9*********
Email ID: vineet*****@gmail.com
No Of Computer: 1
Purpose: Residential
comment: I want to know the availability of Hathway in my area. My
address is in *** *** ***, Delhi
Plan: Speedway 5

Just a one liner. :(


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Wow! They replied!! :lol: Broadband in India is a sellers market and the companies are taking full advantage of that. Most don't even care, they know there isn't much option of affordable hi speed internet which is also reliable. Spectranet, Hathway....didn't even bother to pick up my call!! Now I am also thinking of getting the MTNL 3G@Rs1650, will use it for one month and the next a 1 GB pack...what else to do! Vyom how is your experience with MTNL 3G? I live at 4th floor. it that be a problem?

No offence to Tikona executives but I have doubt about their service. Heard much from friends and acquaintances how their installation charge was taken upfront and they waited months even the service was not provided! And it is not some novice people who didn't know procedure, Tikona takes the installation fee days before they actually install as mentioned in their website. May be the local operators are the ones who are scamming but that is why people want to chose a company where local operators won't be able to cheat them! What is the use of going for a company otherwise unless they will deliver their promised service!


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Can u give me current status how is internet connection going till now any issues?

Still the speed of torrent lie between 1-2 Mbps,, and after POST-FUP between 40-70 Kbps,

i experienced only one downtime in a month, that remain for 1.5 hrs, and then it returns. Otherwise there is no problem, even I play BF4 on that, and it doesnt provide any lag in that.

From speed its awesome, and for gaming POV, I give him 1 point above satisfactory.


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So today I moved to a proper Broadband after using MTNL 3G for a month.

The ISP is ANI Network. The plan is 1 Mbps Unlimited plan @ Rs 1000.

Speedtest results:

In Delhi good ping!

From Delhi to Mumbai, good ping:

From Delhi to Washington, acceptable ping:

In torrent due to local peers sometimes get speeds of upto 2.7 mbps! :D
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