1. Ronnie11

    Router for mtnl Broadband - Budget 1500-2000

    Hi Guys, i am looking for a router for an mtnl broadband connection(guessing adsl??). Need good range too since it has to cover about 400+ sq feet area. Could you guys please suggest me a wifi router compatible with mtnl broadband.Budget is around 2000. May not be able to go above.
  2. Jim Kirk

    Need a broadband connection in Delhi

    Hello, I need a broadband connection with good download and upload speed. I strictly need a good upload speed bcoz I will work for files upload on my website. I have looked for mtnl plans for Trib Unld. 749 which gives 768 kbps upload speed. Is it good ? Also, there is a term - MTNL...
  3. Pein

    wifi router for mtnl 2mbps broadband connection..

    hello guys, i have mtnl 2 mbps broadband connection..with mtnl wifi modem 450tc1[ range 30 to 40 m ]. the modem is on first floor and i live on second floor,till now i was using asus wireless adapter n10 and it worked flawlessly. but there is no wifi range on 3rd or 4th floor.i called mtnl...
  4. ssdivisiongermany1933

    Very Low ping and internet speed

    Hi Iam using MTNL delhi broadband 999 combo plan which gives speed of 1 mbps but for last 10 days Iam getting painfully speed of around 225- 750 kbps even at that speed many website will take ages to open ... my ping which was usually in range of 100-150 is now 14-20 I tried every...
  5. nikhilsharma007nikx

    MTNL TriBand Query.

    I just got a new Telephone connection, I applied for TriB UL 999 Combo. Its supposed to give me 1mbps speed but shows not more than 0.52mbps. At the start of the test tho, the pointer strikes at 1mbps for a sec and then returns to 0.52mbps. I had a local net connection for the same...
  6. Jim Kirk

    Need a new internet connection/broadband in Delhi for 500-1k

    Hello, I need a new internet connection for both my PC and laptop. I am not a big downloader, what I want is fast speed while surfing especially the stock market websites and platforms. I have seen MTNL as well, but reviews are little disappointed. Please suggest me good one in South...
  7. J

    Which provider offers fastest 3G upload speed.

    hi friends, i often have a need to upload large file for my work, right now i have a mtnl broadband and a mtnl 3G plan but the upload speed is simply pathetic, it takes over an hour to upload 100mb file. how is the upload speed on reliance/ vodafone/ airtel 3G? I am located in New Delhi
  8. Desmond

    Govt. planning to shutdown Air India, MTNL and HMT among other Public Sector Undertakings.

    Synopsis: Five public sector undertakings (PSUs) will be closed down by the government, which has included some of the best known state-run enterprises like Air India, MTNL and Hindustan Shipyard, in the list of 65 sick PSUs, Lok Sabha was informed on Tuesday. Source: Govt to shut down Air...
  9. F

    Reliance Pro 3

    Has any1 tried the new 999 plan??? I am currently planing to buy it for Onlinegaming... MTNL keeps getting disconnected... How is the speeds in Mumbai Suburb area???
  10. tanmaymohan

    Ads popping up on MTNL Delhi BB

    I am really unhappy that from now MTNL has started hijacking browsers and adding ads to the page of websites. What actually the problem is that those ads take a whole lot of time to load from the mtnl's ip so I am unable to browse sites(with adblocker enabled, still). Is there any...
  11. C

    MTNL Mumbai FTTH

    Hello peeps, I would just like to know.. Is anybody using MTNL FTTH unlimited plan.. How is it? Do you face any problems? I currently have MTNL 8mpbs plan.. refer to my another thread..
  12. amjath

    MTNL redefines broadband speed at minimum 2Mbps

    MTNL redefines broadband speed at minimum 2Mbps - The Times of India is this true??
  13. C

    MTNL 8 Mbps unstable connection

    Hello all I was using 2mbps plan of MTNL on which i used to get stable connection since i shifted to 8mbps plan of MTNL.. I'm getting frequent disconnections.. Tried all settings .... Tried MTNL ip address n DNS server.. Tried changing ADSL setting to G.dmt.. read about it in some blogs...
  14. C

    unlimited 3g plans for mobile phones and laptops

    Guys I am looking for an unlimited 3g internet plan for my phone and the best I have come across is the one offered by mtnl mumbai.I moved to Trivandrum from Mumbai months back and Ive an mtnl sim through which I activated the unlimited plan worth Rs 1199.Around 150GB worth data can be...
  15. sandynator

    Suggestions required for rewiring of MTNL Telephone line with ADSL Broadband

    Hello guys, Recently faced some noise issue through my MTNL telephone line when it rained heavily & some frequent disconnections in my broadband too. So I have decided to replace the old wire line which comes to my home from MTNL Box. One of the MTNL customer care personal suggested me to...
  16. A

    Youtube is not working helpppppp

    Youtube is not working. No videos are loading. In the quality options it only shows 240p irrespective of the video played. Everything loads on the you tube page except the video. Its just a black screen with noise or at time it just keeps loading. I have cleaned all cookies. Flash plugin is...
  17. A

    Dumb MTNL.. Help needed

    I went to MTNL sanchar haat today (Nehru Place Exchange). I wanted the 3g connection mtnl jadoo 1650 plan. Interesting they had no idea what jadoo is. they said sir dolphin milega jadoo pata nai kya hai. Finally after talking to the manager i was given a Dolphin sim. As far as they plan is...
  18. F

    mtnl wifi extension

    i am using mtnl wifi router which works fine but the problem is with the low coverage area. i have a spare tplink W740n, can i connect the two router wirelessly to extend my wifi range?
  19. N

    About Broadband/FTTH in West Delhi

    Hello digit'ians, I have been with MTNL since last 12 years. started with 599 plan and was somehow getting speed of 1MBPS instead of 512kbps. Was overjoyed and did high downloading for last 5-6 years. However they came to notice this fact and reduced my speed to original. Now MTNL does not...
  20. Ironman

    Sorry to Post this again !

    Kolkata - Broadband - Again! Being a Heavy Downloader in Kolkata is VVVV Tough in a BSNL I have been considering to take another connection But today i read about the MTNL Thing in the other...
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