when will dollar rate stabilize??

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hi guys,
Actully i have not much of an idea abt economics and commerce..
But still if any one can explain in brief that y is rupee gettin so weak agaist dollar??
And when it is expected to get back to normal?? Like when the conversion rate will be less than 50??


Maybe When FDI gets into place. We might expect some stability.

The conversion rate is getting high these days because there is less amount of foreign inverstment in to India. So the value of INR is declining gradually.

This is going to affect us a lot . Imported items are becoming expensive day by day.
However the industries that rely a lot on Outsourcing , etc are getting big time benefits from it.


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luckily yesterday 1 dollar came down to 54.2 Rs from Rs55 .....it actually makes some difference


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Dollar rate will hover around 52-53 for short term now...may go down later...dollar had touched 53 levels too before going back to 54 levels...FIIs inflow will help in reducing the rate in the long term..will have to see...political factors also play a roll..with the recent tmc withdrawal from the govt(..Foreign investors might take out their money too which may increase the dollar rates(That is if the govt falls)..so only time will tell...


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Actually it is already stable at Rs 54-55. :p

Don't expect much change short-term.


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i do actually foresee falling it to 50 levels...assuming everything is stable with regards to govt...might happen soon...will definitely test those levels...


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Those who are working in client locations (onsite) are lucky in these days.
I think, Wal mart is going to be the first one to step into India thro FDI.


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I feel within the end of the year dollar will be back 47-52 range

As rupee has already become at a 4 month high...correct me if i am wrong!


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My assumption is it wont go below 50 even after the start of 2013!

I guess, this is a good sign as $ value is coming down.



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1 US dollar = 52.8250 Indian rupees

Came across this informative data here:

57.2189 INR on 24 Jun 2012.
Average: 54.6252 INR over this period.
Lowest: 51.0364 INR on 05 Apr 2012.
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