1. ssb1551

    Cheapest 24" Monitor with more than 100Hz refresh rate

    Hi Digitians, I am back again with a trivial query haha but couldn't find any such threads. I couldn't find any 24" monitor with more than 100Hz refresh rate cheaper than this : Amazon.in: Buy AOC G2460PQU 24" Ultra Fast Gaming Monitor 144Hz VGA, DVI-Dual Link, DisplayPort, HDMI...
  2. B

    Command/way to change rate % in excel

    Hi Guys, Please check the screenshot. *oi66.tinypic.com/1zcepo7.jpg How to change the rate of service tax to 15% from 14.5%? Thanks
  3. S

    Crash rate of android and iOS

    Android 2.3 Gingerbread has the highest total crash rate, at 1.7%. Other versions of Android — Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, and KitKat — have a crash rate of 0.7%.iOs 7.1 has a crash rate of 1.6%., and the rates for iOS 7.0 and iOS 5 are 2.1% and 2.5% respectively. So android is better than...
  4. Allu Azad

    HLL poisoned village issue. Indian redditor hits frontpage in Reddit.

    Help, ideas needed. HLL poisoned my village with mercury. There have been 250 cancer deaths in just 5 years in just my tiny village. Se[r]ious replies only. : india
  5. D

    Is 37k a good price for YHT 2910?

    Hey guys, I am looking out for a HT system for my sony LED tv. Is YHT 2910 best available HT around 35 to 40 k ? I know sound is subjective but how would u rate it ? Is there any other model in this price range to look out for ? Thanks
  6. A

    Frame Rate does not cross 60 irrespective of Quality setting

    I have an R9270x GFX card. Im currently playing MotoGP 2013 game in my 1080P DELL monitor(refresh rate =60hz). I used MSI afterburner with On Screen display to measure the FPS .With ultra settings @ 1080P , the game FPS is 52-60 range with a second or two going to 61. The game was perfectly...
  7. Gollum

    Asus Xonar DG 5.1 vs Realtek ALC 887 7.1 - Which is better?

    Specs: ASUS Xonar DG 5.1 Output: Bit Rate: 24-Bit, Sample rate: 96KHz, SNR: 105dB Input: 16-Bit, 48KHz, 103dB vs ALC887 7.1 Output: Bit Rate: 24-Bit, Sample Rate: 192KHz, SNR: 97dB Input: 24-Bit, 192KHz, 90dB...
  8. N

    Shure srh840 cheapest rate.....

    Where can I find shure srh840 at th cheapest rate, till now I could get it down at ₹.10k Please help I would be very gratefull Thank you
  9. S

    Getting only half speed on MTNL Delhi 1MBPS plan?

    I just got an MTNL Delhi 1MBPS connection last week. I did the modem configuration stuff myself (by following some blog post... actually everything was automatic... I just set the VPI/VCI thing) since the technician had no clue how to set things up in Linux. But my speed has been consistently...
  10. A

    Best Router for my NAS

    Hi, I'm using Trend-net TN-200 NAS, Currently using NETGEAR N-150 router, which is giving transfer rate of 2.5 MBps. Is there any chance of increasing the transfer rate by changing the router. If so, suggest best router which can give transfer rate up to 20 MBps. My budget is around 2.5K.
  11. seamon

    monitor overclock.

    Has anyone here tried to overclock their monitor's refresh rate. I just read that a refresh rate of upto 100Hz is possible on the y500. But I guess that will reduce the lifespan of the screen.
  12. Cyberghost

    Paypal currency conversion option???

    Hii Digitians, Anyone know how to change the paypal's default currency conversion option to " bill me in the currency listed on the seller's invoice". I want to change it because paypal's conversion rate is high than bank's foreign transcation rate. Please help indian paypal users.......
  13. A

    Transmission Rate of Modem

    What is the transmission rate of modem?
  14. rero

    Recommend ONLY mobo + cpu + ram for 1080p playback

    Need ONLY: 1] Motherboard 2] CPU 3] RAM for smooth/continuous 1080p playback using PotPlayer @ 1920x1080 resolution, Win7 32bit. What I already have: 1] Corsair 750TX 2] Zotac GT610 2GB Syergy Ed. 3] CM Hyper 212 EVO HSF 4] BenQ G2222HDL 21.5" LED monitor Budget: As low as possible :D...
  15. saz

    Need Help! External HDD related issue...

    Hi, I have a 500GB WD harddisk, which has two partitions...as I used it for downloading thru torrents via segate dockstar. On one partition Debian (Linux) is installed, the other partitions is used for storage and backup. Now the problem is that the transfer rate from HDD to PC becomes very...
  16. C

    Router for HD streaming to atrix 2 or any other android device

    I have asus rtn13u router and a desktop pc with netgear dual band wnda3100 usb adapter. I use es exploer on my atrix 2 to access my pc files wirelessly. The problem is I just get 600KBps when transferring a file from pc to my atrix 2. So the 720p and above videos just stutter on my atrix 2. So...
  17. samudragupta

    slow usb3.0 transfer rate

    i recently got a WD 1tb hdd. the transfer rates are ridiculously slow. when i copy paste a file the transfer rate starts from 160mbps and then gradually drops to 30-40mbps... this happens with both large and small files. any help would be appreciated.
  18. H

    Xolo q800 vs lava iris 504q vs mmx canvas hd116

    To all xolo,lava an micromax users Please guide which company's build quality is great and durable for 2 to 3 years Considering only mt 6589 chipset not 6589m Q800 @ 10000 Rs Iris 504q @ 11500 Rs Canvas hd@ 13000 Rs Which company is better Budget only 12000 The only thing I want to ask is...
  19. A

    Any Video file To MPEG

    I have Sony Bravia, and want to play Movie on it using Pen Drive. My TV Supports MPEG format. Problem is that when I use convertor like Free make Video Convertor and others, by the specification mentioned below, the sound of the movie is not audio-able at all, but the movie plays. Frame...
  20. amjath

    Watching 1080p movie in 16.9 Aspect Ratio

    Hi guys, I always wanted to watch my very favorite Hollywood Movies in 1080p in 16.9 Aspect ratio. I don't want to pirate my favorite collection instead want to own them in Blu ray DVD's. But few questions in my mind which I want you people to answer me especially who owned Blu Ray's. I...
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