1. rhitwick

    [VR]Sony PS VR with camera in Flipkart

    Not sure where to post but IMO gamerz should know this. Online Shopping India Mobile, Cameras, Lifestyle & more Online @ Flipkart.co At last some decent VR games can be expected in India now (I hope) This just makes me half convinced to buy a console at last.
  2. V

    Is it worth waiting for AMD Zen?

    Guys i will be building a budget gaming pc.... i will be investing 8-10K in processor. Currently i am not seeing any other option other than FX-6300. What i need to know is i can wait for Q1 2017 so can lowest Zen series model be expected under 10K also if someone can explain that will zen be...
  3. Zangetsu

    LeEco Set to Enter Indian Television Market today

    Chinese electronics and content company LeEco has sent invites for a launch event in New Delhi on Thursday, where it is expected to unveil its range of Super TV televisions in India. Source : LeEco Set to Enter Indian Television Market on Thursday | NDTV Gadgets360.com
  4. Neo

    URGENT: Android phone, 20k budget, buying tomorrow

    Shortlisted One Plus One(64GB), Moto X(32GB) and Zenphone 2(4GB) Any idea when one plus two will be available and expected price tag? Ty! EDIT: Also getting a refurbished iPhone 5S for 22k, seems sweet. More confusion!
  5. P

    A new OnePlus 2 is coming, along with an even cheaper model, apparently!!!!

    OnePlus 2 and a cheaper model both expected in 2015! Guys am too excited!!!!!!! OnePlus 2 and a cheaper model both expected in 2015 | TechnoBuffalo Help Wanted: 25-Year-Old’s Phone Startup Seeks VC Funds - Bloomberg Business
  6. R

    Playbook, Cowon J3, Fiio E7, ATH-M50, V-Moda M-80, SA IEM, etc

    Looking for quick sale. Will negotiate if multiple items are bought. Reason for sale (for all items): Going abroad. Will buy new/better stuff. Location: Mumbai Item: Blackberry Playbook 16GB with HDMI cable & pouch. Kalemsoft Media Player license included. Warranty: None Purchase date - Late...
  7. krishnandu.sarkar

    Google Planning to launch it's own Telecom service

    Google planning to launch its own telecom service: Report - The Times of India Well, I'll wait for Google to launch the same in India. Then we will see how far this Craptel and Crapfone goes.
  8. A

    I want to buy 42 inch led tv under 45000

    help me to find 42 inch led tv with best picture quality and great sound, further it should have slim profile good looking, low power consumption and expected long service life... I don't need any technology gimmick except pure tv experience
  9. A

    I want to buy 32 inch led tv under 30000

    help me to find 32 inch led tv with best picture quality and great sound, further it should have slim profile good looking, low power consumption and expected long service life... I don't need any technology gimmick except pure tv experience
  10. vidhubhushan

    2 Items to buy - Laptop or Netbook

    First one: Primary Work : 1. Typing of Writ Petitions on MS Word (At times on Page Maker) 2. Surfing Internet 3. Listening Music (not frequently) Expected to use it for 2-3 years. Budget : Under INR30,000 (the lesser the better) What type to get? imo, it should be a Netbook. but will that...
  11. true_lies

    3 million iphone 5C unsold

    iPhone 6 Release Soon As Apple Has Millions Of iPhone 5C Left Unsold For a so called "cheap" iphone priced ~ 40K, it is expected. 20-25 K would have been a more realistic price and might have sold more.
  12. S

    hp voicetab expected price??

    what will be the price of expected price of voicetab 7 and best tab between nexus 7(2012) , dell venue 7 and voicetab
  13. B

    Need to buy a monitor - Rs.10k - 12.5k - IPS Display - 23"/24"

    Hi, I would like to buy a monitor with the below mentioned specifications: Details: Display Type: IPS Screen Size: 23" / 24” Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (Full-HD) PC Input/Output: D-Sub, DVI-D, HDMI Purpose: Office work [MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Visio], Browsing, Watching movies (HD)...
  14. SaiyanGoku

    Positive Experience Book from Homeshop18.com

    Bought Gate Guide Metallurgical Engineering by NA | HomeShop18.com books for Rs 340 Bubble wrap packaging was good and book has no damages. Ordered on sunday, expected delivery was this Friday but I recieved it yesterday itself. DTDC was the courier. Overall 5/5 for hs18 !
  15. P

    Should go for a Lumia 720 or wait for the Lumia 625 to come?

    Was planning to buy a Lumia 720 this week and heard of the new Lumia 625 coming this Q3? Any guesses about the expected time when it will be available in the market and the expected price launch? As they say it to be an affordable big smartphone, would that fit in my pocket of 18-19k? I mean...
  16. J

    Haswell availability in india

    Hey guys, By when are Haswell processors expected to start selling in india? rgds
  17. avichandana20000

    Monitor cum tv needed

    Pls suggest a good MONITOR that will work as a TV. Expected Resolution :1920*1080(FULL HD) Expected Screensize: 24" Panel Type: IPS What will the best way to watch TV Programmes in a Computer?
  18. $hadow

    New Nexus 4 expected at I/O

    A new nexus 4 may be expected at Google I/O in may. The nexus will be with 32gb memory inbuilt, 4g supported and Android 5.0 out of the box. *www.droid-life.com/2013/04/21/weird-rumor-32gb-nexus-4-with-cdma-and-lte-to-be-announced-at-google-io/
  19. H

    Leaked The Elder Scrolls Online gameplay.

    *www.youtube.com/watch?v=lg4Oawl7TVQ&hd=1 Can't say I expected anything better.
  20. abhijit_reddevil

    Iphone 4/4S prices slashed in India

    Iphone 4 8GB now at Rs.26500 Iphone 4S 16GB now at Rs.38500 Iphone 3GS will be out of production in India. Also... Apple is expected to launch iPhone 5, the fastest selling smartphone ever, in India on October 26. It was earlier reported that the 16GB variant of iPhone 5 will cost around...
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