1. bukaida

    PC component prices quite high now

    The PC component prices( specially RAM and Hard disk prices) are quite high at this moment. Is there any possibility of reduction by January 2014 ? Is it due to fall of rupee w.r.t Dollar ? What do you guys suggest? Wait or buy it now?
  2. H

    Will the Rupee hit 70 before august end?

    Basically the title. At 68.5 right now with a few more days to go so it seems plausible.
  3. shreymittal

    Mobiles, TVs to cost even more on rupee fall

    Rupee plunges again, opens at 65.22 vs US dollar Now its 65.70 vs US dollar Source
  4. ramakanta

    Indian Rupee Symbol !!!

    I have MS Office 2007 in my pc. i can't add indian rupee symbol, when i want to writing something in ms office word and excel . please help me how to add rupee symbol in word and excel . Also my friend have a new Dell laptop having a shortcut Rupee symbol in the keyboard's one of the key...
  5. I

    when will dollar rate stabilize??

    hi guys, Actully i have not much of an idea abt economics and commerce.. But still if any one can explain in brief that y is rupee gettin so weak agaist dollar?? And when it is expected to get back to normal?? Like when the conversion rate will be less than 50?? Thanks..
  6. Faun

    Rupee value depreciation

    It's nearing 50 rupees per dollar :shock: Prices increased on PrimeABGB site and for other commodities. What is the reason behind rupee value depreciation ?
  7. ico

    Pakistan Broadband

    DSL Home Packages - Micronet Broadband PTCL Broadband Tariff LinkDSl - Tariff 1 Indian Rupee = 1.9 Pakistan Rupee. hmm Unlimited 3G for Rs. 2000 - PTCL Evo 3G
  8. iitmanojit

    New Open Source Indian Rupee Font

    I have created a new open source font for the support of Indian Rupee symbol. Read more at here TechFat: New Open Source Indian Rupee Font
  9. A_n_k_i_t

    Use Indian rupee symbol in your MS word

    Now use India Rupee symbol in your MS word. Foradian Technologies gives you the font to use the new Indian rupee symbol. the attachment and copy the font in c:\windows\fonts. MS word and start using the font. 3.use the key which is just below the ESC button...
  10. pauldmps

    Indian Rupee gets a symbol

    source: Rupee gets a symbol, may take2 years for widespread use - Hindustan Times India finally got a symbol for the Rupee on Thursday, denoting the strength of its economy, and joined a select club of countries whose currencies have a unique identity. The cabinet approved the symbol - an...
  11. F

    Govt to hold competition for Re symbol ( Winner will get 2.5 Lakhs )

    The Indian rupee could soon get a unique symbol, with the finance ministry holding a public competition for a design, just like the US dollar ($), the euro (€), the Japanese yen (¥) or the pound sterling (£). Symbol for Indian Rupees: ȼ? While it was not immediately clear what prompted...
  12. ╬Switch╬

    Should Indian rupee be devaluated?

    The price of dollar is inflating like anything, so why doesn't the government devaluate the currency to something like 1 Rupee = 1 pound like it was earlier? And keep it fixed. Or are there more problems involved in it?
  13. gauravsuneja

    Vodafone India responds to complaints by lowering iPhone 3G pricing

    Vodafone India responds to complaints by lowering iPhone 3G pricing Sat, Aug 23, 2008 | by Robert Nelson 3G iPhone, Global 3G Carriers, iPhone News Vodafone India responds to complaints by lowering iPhone 3G pricing Perhaps spurred on by the widespread backlash due to the iPhone 3G...
  14. ╬Switch╬

    Paypal currency conversion.

    I have a few dollars in my Paypal account, but now as the dollar is falling compared to the rupee, I'm afraid of loosing a lot when I eventually convert it to rupees. So is there any way that I can convert the Dollars to any other stable currency like Euro or Pound? If yes then is there...
  15. rahul.ims

    Stronger Rupee = Stronger India

    Let me ask a question first. What type of economic strength is preferable to India? A) A strong Indian economy fueled by its cheap labor due to a weaker rupee against dollar, where the Indians end up working in shifts, late nights, whole nights and what not… only doing low profile jobs which...
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