1. rohitshakti2

    Earning money from Ali Express dot com

    Hi friends, I have seen people sharing referral codes of on many forum. Can anybody help me how is it useful to them and is this a method to earn money or buy products from for free. Other than that, how is the delivery of products (free) to India? regards
  2. B

    Cordless Phone

    Hello Friends, I need to purchase a cordless phone. Can anyone suggest a good value for money phone? Thanks
  3. Zangetsu

    The Best DTH in India

    Hi Guys, Hope many of you are using DTH services (Dish,Airtel,Videocon etc) And would like to hear from your POV. which are the best and worth of money in DTH services. as Many of us have Full HD sets at home so lets start with best DTH HD services in India.
  4. Zangetsu

    Best headphones in 2016

    2016: 9 best headphones we reviewed | Gadgets No 1.Bose QC 35 - Rs 29,363 2.Sony MDR 1000X - Rs 30,990 3.Sennheiser PXC 550 - Rs 29,000 4.Audio Technica ATHSR5 - Rs 12,990 5.Audio Technica ATH WS550iS - Rs 5,860 6.U-Jays - Rs 15,999 7.Sony MDR 100ABN - Rs 21, 999 8.Bose QC25 - Rs 25,200 9.Sony...
  5. D

    Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes pulled out of circulation immediately: PM Narendra Modi

    Currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 denominations will not be legal tender beginning November 9. This was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a special address to the nation on Tuesday evening. He said the move was aimed at curbing the negative impact of fake currency, black money...
  6. A

    anyone wants to exchange credits?

    hey all, recently i bought a pair from and i returned it as i wanted something else, in return that gave me credit money which i can you only on their the product i want is available on amazon but i have money stuck on headphonezone. if anyone wants to buy a...
  7. B

    Value for money VR Android

    Value for money VR Android Phone Hi Guys, I am looking for a value for money Android VR Phone. It should have VR+the specs should justify the amount, again value for money. Any suggestions? Thanks
  8. Skyh3ck

    Full HD TV + Android Smart TV Box for Music, Videos and Light Game --- Need Suggestion

    Hello Guys The summer is on and school will close soon, I have two kids age 9 and 5, we never had TV in home ever, even i grew up without TV. We only bought second TV just to watch Cricket World Cups and once its over, it was sold again, this continued every time. Now I wish to have a Full HD...
  9. E

    Help me with my career!!!

    Hey guys I was supposed to clear class 12th this year but my plan didn't work out.Actually by some means it was planned that I would clear class 12th without apearing for it.If you want to know how and have some money and time to waste text me.Trust me I will always be helpfull:laughing_NF:I...
  10. vedula.k95

    [Want to Buy] A college backpack

    Hey guys as the title says I want an online deal for a college backpack,meanwhile I am saving money for a new smartphone so all I need is a mediocre type backpack around Rs 500. Thank You.
  11. S

    VU 43 inch TV Should i go for it??...Urgent

    Guys i saw this tv on flipkart (Buy Vu 43D6535 109 cm (43) LED TV Online with BBD Offers! at best Prices In India) and its being sold for 25k instead of 28.5K things which i noticed was they claim they have IPS A+ Grade panel( This is some actual term to grade panels or its just their unit...
  12. TechnoBOY

    You can earn money and play for free!

    Get cheap games here:*
  13. Ricky

    BSNL RTI campaign - its public ltd. company and we need to fix it

    Hello Guys, I am not sure if we really need this kind of thread here or if it even makes sense. However, it is for sure that it is because us ie. the Citizens of this country that we see wastage of public money always. If you are BSNL BB subscriber then you must be following post like this ...
  14. Ricky

    Motherboard for i7 3rd gen

    Hi, I am looking to replace a motherboard for 3rd generation i7 processor. Looking forward a board which is gives most bang for money however, want to keep it to mid range though. Kindly advice.
  15. KDroid

    Is MI Piston 3.0 a major upgrade on Soundmagic ES18?

    I've been using Sennheiser CX 180 for the past year. Unfortunately, The left earpiece has started giving me distortion problems. It's under warranty, but I've lost the bill. Also there are only 4 service centers in India. Before that, I used to have Soundmagic ES 18. It was absolute Value for...
  16. S

    is dell inspiron 15 7000 series worth buying

    Hi all I have been using a dell laptop xps studio 16 1645 model for last 7 years. Now I wish to change my laptop and shortlisted one dell laptop - inspiron 15 7000 series - 7548 The link to the details are undermentioned: Inspiron 15 7000 Series Details | Dell India However, I am not...
  17. P

    Fair Usage Policy Removal : Sign This Petition

    Source: * Why internet needs to be limited while we are paying enough amount of money to these mobile companies. Mobile companies had limited everything.They simply want to earn...
  18. I

    Tired of PC Gaming Arms Race. How can it be improved?

    Hi all! I have recently been thinking about wasteful the PC Gaming arms race is. We end up buying expensive hardware just to realise that they are outdated in a few years time. As compared to consoles where optimisation is heavily carried out to gain amazing results(considering how weak the...
  19. tkin

    Positive Experience Proaudiohome/Pristinenote Customercare Improved

    Update: Got refund from Ebay after 3 weeks. After some calls to the seller I found out that it was ebay's fault. The seller wasn't responsible for the fiasco. Then I purchased the unit directly from the seller's website. This time the delivery was fast and accurate, though I ended up paying...
  20. justme101

    New motherboard needed!

    My motherboard recently changed it's status to dead when it's cpu power connector stopped working. It already had a dead RAM slot. I posted in the hardware section for suggestions but not getting any responses. So, i have zeroed in on these two motherboards as replacements, because it's month...
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