1. K

    Audio Technica anc33is reviews and IM 50 like IEM suggestions

    Hi Ppl TL;DR: My old (4yo) and awesome audio technica IM 50 was stolen. Now I am searching for another similar IEM with, may be, better noise cancellation. I generally code in office and put on my earphones all day to turn away noise from an open office. I listen to epic music or movie scores...
  2. X

    IEM around 2.5k

    Hey guys I'm looking for a new IEM since my XB30 died. It should have decent treble and bass not too much of either and it would be nice if it had a mic. I am considering the following options: XB55 RHA MA390 Smokin Bud 2 (only because of the mic) If there are any other models I should know...
  3. .jRay.

    IEM to wear under helmet

    I want to buy a good pair of iem that blocks out a lot of wind noise to wear under the helmet, it should have a very low profile so it doesn't come out when i wear the helmet. I liked the Mi Capsule earphones. Couldn't find more for such price. Budget is around 1.5k. PS: My helmet has a...
  4. Zangetsu

    Need IEM under 1~2k

    Hi Guys, Want to buy a new IEM please suggest. so far I have shortlisted SoundMagic E10c at 2.2k Buy SoundMAGIC - E10C In-Ear Headphones Online in India - Headphone Zon let me know if any other IEM fills my purpose. I want : 1.Crystal clear sound clarity with some Bass (not Boomy Bass)...
  5. S

    Audio-Technica ATH-IM50 personal impressions

    *Constantly editing* Place of purchase: Amazon Price when purchased: ₹4100 Playback devices: Ipad Air 2(primary), Galaxy S7 Edge, Dell Precision 5510 Source: iTunes purchases and Apple Music. Backstory: I was looking for a replacement to my Sennheiser CX-300ii and Sony XBA-H1, until a few days...
  6. mikael_schiffer

    IEMs around 1-2k ..with Playback Controls needed

    I used a Mi Piston earbuds which could control the stock Android music player(forward backward) apart from volume controls.(On my LG G2) I dont remember the exact make and cost of that IEM . I bought it long time back. Can anyone point me to that earphone, or give me an alternative IEM which...
  7. D

    Need a new IEM around 2-3k

    I require new irm for my ipod n redmi 1s. Budget : Rs 2000-3000 Genre : pop, rock, hiphop, Female vocals. no extra bass required. I m considering Vsonic Vsd3s, Tpeos popular, Tpeos tank , soundmagic e10s..also pls explain abt build quality Can u also tell me where can I buy them...
  8. C

    Want to buy a good iem

    Hello, I want to buy a good IEM (In Ear Monitor) which costs below 1.5 k but is has a sturdy built and has good sound quality. I would prefer small headsets but please not with bluetooth at all. Thank you, Caltrop
  9. A

    Are SoundMagic E10S a good upgrade to the ES18?

    Got them today, but most of the threads seem to suggest they're not much of an improvement over ES18, so should I return them or keep them, and if I do return which IEM should I get for around Rs. 2500?
  10. vishnov

    In-The-Ear Headset confusion below 2000Rs

    I've used my Philips headphones (SHO3305) to its limit for past one year. I've always had a thing for bass and I listen too all kinds of music. The headphone i have now is kind of cumbersome sometimes (read discomfort to listening while sleeping and portability issues). I'm planning to switch...
  11. A

    IEM for Samsung Galaxy S3

    Hi guys!!! I need iem for Canadian Galaxy S3 @1000 . 1. Should not be bassy n have a balanced sound. 2. I mostly use laying on the bed. 3 Should be available on Flipkart. 4. Should loud enough. Plz help me to choose.
  12. D

    iem within Rs 800

    i generally listen to trance music so can you guys please suggest me an iem within Rs 800 with good bass and sound stage
  13. H

    IEM\Headphones Budget 5-6K for Sound Clairity

    Hi, I am looking for a extremely good build earphones/headphones with good sound clarity. I had the Audio Technica clr100 which i used to adore for its clarity but it stopped working after 4-5 months :-(. Quite a amazing earphones for its price. Audio Technica refused to repair the piece since...
  14. S

    IEM ,s needed for edm music

    hey friends i m currently in search of earphones and i have a max budget of 1500 rupees strict. ( if it comes in 1000 rs then its even better ).....I mostly listens to edm songs of tchami , oliver helden , tiesto , david guetta etc etc bass is my main priority along with good sound...
  15. Revolution

    IEM under 1K

    Hi All, I want to buy a new IEM within 1K for listening music on the go through mobile phone/PMP. Sound/Build quality must the best in the price range as well as Noise Cancellation cos Kolkata Metro Rail/Buses are very noisy. Sadly my one and half year old PL11 not working properly. Sound not...
  16. S

    Decent IEM (with Mic) under 1k

    Hi friends Please suggest a decent IEM with Mic. I have consider cowman EM1. Piston 2 is been out of stock for long time. Will be using it mostly to listen classical and bollywood songs and watching videos on my mmx a117 while traveling in bus. Budget is strictly under 1K.
  17. T

    Need IEM like Soundmagic E10 2 to 2.5k

    Hey guys, I had an accident and broke my 1 year old Soundmagic E10's jack and now I need a new IEM that has a similar soundstage as E10. I loved everything about the E10s. The feel and the sound output and they are very well balanced as they are not bass heavy at all. I need a similar IEM...
  18. sam_738844

    IEM with Heavy Bass within 5K

    Guys, You already know this, done before. Just help me out once again, Need a durable IEM with heavy bass (not compromising clarity) within 5000 Rs. Thanks in advance :)
  19. flyingcow

    Earphones for 1.5-2.5k

    want good earphones for around 2k, any kind will do, music- no specific type, any the best iem around this pice category, thanks :)
  20. D

    new headphones for 1k

    hey guys i am thinking about buying a headphone within a week or two.i am looking for an iem with decent base and sound stage so any suggestions ?
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