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Want to change to ZEB shivaji cabinet


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I decided to change from my existing PC cabinet to ZEB-shivaji cabinet since my existing one gave troubles to upgrade or add extra HDDs....
So far i have no experience on PC hardwares except installing DVDwritter and sound card..

Is there any important points need to be considered while effecting this change?

amruth kiran

I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them
like you mentioned,
space for further upgrades
space for present components
cable managements
size is important too. ( mini atx mobo's dont need big cabinents)
mid tower cabi's is more than enough for general pc's


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Why do you want Shivaji only? You can get CM Elite 310 for 1.8k, else mention your budget for better suggestions.


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Congrats buddy.
But if you had spent Rs.400 more, you could have got Zebronics Reaper and Zebronics Aviator for Rs.600 more.

BTW what's that VX-430 in your rig? That's either CX-430 or VX-450.


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Its CX-430....

Zebronics Reaper and Zebronics Aviator is not available here at coimbatore...
Initially shopkeeper told me that he did not have any zebronics cabbies.
But i found shivaji from cartoons stacked outside his shop.....

my new cabinet zeb-shivaji



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^^ Thanks for the pic .. so it comes with one 80mm rear and two 80mm side panel fan pre- installed - only thing lacks here is a mounting option for a front intake fan .

The cabinet looks well built, Cables are long enough though a little cramped but asking for lots of things under 1.1k may be to much but still this cabinet is a little less features eqippped compared to zebronics Bijli. Anyway, Congrats to Op for his purchase of the cabinet.
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