1. G

    How to change NAT type

    Hi guys, A Jio users here.I am use internet for PC using my LYF mobile, works fine - nice speed and all that sh*t.But there are some problems.The strict NAt type ! As any gamer would know, that is bad :( So, do you guys know how to change the NAT type for Jio ? If it doesn't works for the...
  2. A

    i want to change ip address to specific address like or to

    i want to change ip address to specific address like or to is this possible to change it currently mine ip address is i want to login to hub ( with ApexDC++ , AIRDC++ when i login with other ip address than...
  3. F

    Looking for an Upgrade for my PC

    My Current Config BenQ RL2455HM|AMD FX 8350|Corsair DDR3 8 GB (2 x 4 GB)|1TB WD|250GB Samsung 950 Evo |AsRock FX990 Extreme3 |Asus GTX 960 Strix|CoolerMaster HAF 912|Hyper 212X|Seasonic Gold X-750 My Motherboard is giving issues and need to be changed. Should i only Change my Motherboard or...
  4. Arnab

    Should I Invest in an Xbox one/PS 4?

    Hello, I was just going to buy a Brand new GTX 1070 Rog strix few days back, but Something stuck in my mind and I stopped! #I play Fifa and some other popular multiplayer games online where i experience Lag inspite of having a good Connection. Now, by any chance this is connected to my...
  5. P

    HP g6 2005Ax motherboard

    My laptop won't turn on, it show power on light, fan are running but no Hdd, processor activity. Nothing on screen. My battery is dead so I am running directly with adapter. Local technician said something bad with motherboard. So any one tell how much it cost to change motherboard of HP...
  6. A

    Redmi Note 3 new phone repeated wi fi disconnects

    brought it a day ago.the wi fi disconnects often even after wi fi button is put on.using MIUI update.shud i change it from flipkart or wait for some update
  7. S

    3D model/animation/skeleton/texture/vfx viewer

    Hello everyone I am a boy of 18 years old.I am fond of playing moba games and i want to request something to all of you.will it be possible for anyone to create a Create a 3D Model/Skeletal/Animation/texture/vfx viewer tool which can change the file extensions. I want the above mentioned...
  8. S

    3d tool or plugin

    Hello everyone I need some help.I want to change the file extensions of some models,skeletons,animations,vfx files from some moba games so that i can import them in 3d game engines but the problem is that there are no plugins for game engines to import them and no 3d tool to change the file...
  9. M

    Overclocking i3-530

    I have a 5-year old system, an Intel i3-530 on Intel DH55TC motherboard with XFX HD5750 Graphics card. I know the system is outdated, but it serves my purpose and I intend to use it for a few more years. However, x265 (HEVC) encoding in this system is tectonic-plate slow, which is why I have...
  10. B

    How to change DP/Photo?

    Hi guys I am new to this Forum and unable to understand Forum software? I want to know that How can I change my Display Pic/Avatar in Digit Forum? I can't find any option in Settings/UserCP. Please help :crying2_NF:
  11. R

    It's been 1.5 years since I bought a 50k laptop...

    It's amazing that for 50k, these *******s are still trying to sell me a 820m or 840m (same as mine), and a crappy 5400 rpm HDD and a mediocre 4 cell battery with a shitty 720p panel. The only change is the ****in' CPU, and god knows intel hasn't improved much. My god, has the Indian market not...
  12. P

    Windows 7 icon/thumbnail view setting always changes globally

    In my Windows 7 machine, whenever I switch a folder view setting between icons and thumbnails, the change always affects all folders, including the desktop. I make the change by ticking or unticking the box in Organize -> Folder and search options -> View -> Always show icons, never...
  13. TechnoBOY

    U.S. Supreme Court allows the FBI to Hack any Computer in the World

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) can now Hack your computers anywhere, anytime. The FBI appeared to have been granted powers to hack any computer legally across the country, and perhaps anywhere in the world, with just a single search warrant authorized by any United States judge...
  14. B

    Command/way to change rate % in excel

    Hi Guys, Please check the screenshot. * How to change the rate of service tax to 15% from 14.5%? Thanks
  15. C

    Is it necessary to change the Hard Drive for bad Health Warning from Crystal & to which One?

    One of my HDD showing bad health from Crystal Disk Info. so is it necessary to change the HDD. So I wanna Buy 4 TB HDD so which one should i choose? After googling alot i chose following two HDD's due to reliability. WD Red NAS Hard Disk WD40EFRX Seagate NAS HDD ST4000VN000 4TB im...
  16. Darshan Singh

    Can't change thread title

    I can't change my thread title. It changes the title above the post. How can I contact the mod?
  17. cyber_freak

    Changing my profile pic

    Hi, I cant seem to change my profile pic on this site.Pls,Can anyone tell me how to?.
  18. jkultimate

    Time taken to change the bb plan.?

    Just changed the plan from ULD 650 to ULD 999 from Selfcare bsnl site. Done that on 24 - 7 - 2015 last friday eve and till now no change in speed or plan. Done google search and found that some guys experienced change in 2 days and some guy's plan changed even within some hours of submitting...
  19. Flash

    LastPass just got hacked: Time to change your master password

    Password-storing cloud biz LastPass is urging its users to change their master passwords after hackers broke into its network. The intrusion reportedly happened on Friday afternoon, but many LastPass users are only learning about it now. LastPass last had a security scare in 2011. "In our...
  20. bijay_ps

    Wallpaper issue in windows 7

    Hi, I am not able to change wallpaper on my PC. Whenever am trying to change wallpaper I am getting an error saying: "This image can't be set as wallpaper. An internal error occurred." This is happening for every image I am trying to set as wallpaper. I am attaching the screenshot for...
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