1. D

    A faint sound coming from my new Asus Tuf A15

    I got a new Tuf A15 a few days ago and yesterday I noticed a faint sound coming from it. I don't know how to describe it. Maybe like an insect chirping? I don't hear it on my older laptops. It isn't loud. I can hear it in silence during the night or if I put my ear on the chassis during the day...
  2. ramaswamy ganapathy

    Best budget gaming headphones?

    i am currently owning a kotion each it does its job decently, but im thinking of an upgrade, i need advice whether its worth the upgrade? hyperX stinger any good?...etc. This is a follow up to my previous thread, P.S ive got FIIO dac its amazing stuff, i think headphone is tearing up if i try...
  3. ramaswamy ganapathy

    Realtek inbuilt HD ALC887 vs Asus Xonar DGX PCIe

    Guys i think its not always about having the best headphones, ive seen a lot of pro's buy sound card for gaming purposes, i was thinking this could be one of the solutions, as i feel my onboard is shit, ive used the same headphone on a different system which sounded much better. IVE GOT A...
  4. mang

    HDMI to Stereo Rca will it improve audio quality.

    I have power dvd with realtek alc887 which is not supported in power dvd for high Def audio output. But I have radeon HD 6450 which hdmi outout, I don't use hdmi port for either video or audio out. Question is If I'm using hdmi for audio out with hdmi to stereo adapter will I get better...
  5. C

    How do Amazon Basics in-ear earphones sound?

    Has anybody heard these? AmazonBasics In-Ear Headphones with universal mic: Electronic how do these sound?
  6. patkim

    Sometimes I hear a single click sound from it normal?

    I hear a single click but noticeably audible sound coming from my HDD of my desktop PC. It's not repeating. Just a once a while event after starting PC, that too not every time. It's an old 320GB HDD, despite 5 - 6 years old its SMART parameters are still good. No bad sectors at all. Otherwise...
  7. S

    Sound system under Rs 10000.

    Please help me to buy a speaker system for my living room to listen music(mainly old melodies, gazals and semi classical) only. I have a 4.1 HT but it's sound or bass is not clear or perfect.So, I want clear sound and perfect bass even in very low volume. I am confused between floor standing...
  8. anirbandd

    HiFimeDIY Sabre 9018 USB DAC Review

    The biggest surprises come in small and unassuming packages. The Sabre 9018 DAC from HiFimeDIY comes in the smallest and the most unassuming of all packages. And it delivers the biggest surprises. Review unit for this review was provided by Pristine Note. The views in this review are...
  9. B

    32 Inch LED TV With Good Sound Quality

    Hi Friends, I'm looking to buy a 32" LED TV with good picture and sound quality. 1. Budget --25k ( can be +/- 2k for good option) 2. Display type and size - LED 1080p 32" 3. Primary use of Tv - As a TV 4. Ports Required - Mandatory:HDMI,USB Optional: Ethernet, VGA 5. Preferred choice of brand -...
  10. D

    Clicking sound from UPS

    Guys i have a iBall Nirantar UPS 621V(600VA). Whenever the light goes the UPS start make clicking sound. It clicks very fast "click click click click click click click click click" like that. I bought this UPS few months back from amazon. Is there some defect with the UPS or is it some other...
  11. panacea_amc

    Sound card buying advice?

    Hello everyone, I run windows seven in my PC (8GB RAM). I use Kontakt with orchestral libraries ( East West Symphonic Orchestra, Cinematic strings) in my FL Studio (DAW) using the Kontakt plugin. I need a sound card with a low latency( using ASIO4all) for smooth playing of the music libraries...
  12. panacea_amc

    Sound card buying advice?

    Hello everyone, I run windows seven in my PC (8GB RAM). In FL Studio (DAW) , I use Kontakt with orchestral libraries ( East West Symphonic Orchestra, Cinematic strings) using the Kontakt plugin. I need a sound card with a low latency( using ASIO4all) for smooth playing of the music libraries...
  13. H

    Phone with best sound quality?

    Hi all, Please recommend a phone which delivers awesome sound quality through earphones. Earlier, I had Redmi 2 which did the job pretty good. My budget is 12k-13k max.
  14. nomad47

    Connecting Home Theater System to PC

    I am getting a SONY DAV DZ350 Home theater system and I want to connect it to my PC. This home theater system is of following configuration: The speakers are connected to the DVD player, which has the amplifier required for the speakers. The DVD player has standard RCA and TOSILINK input. As...
  15. C

    No sound when receiving a call

    I am facing this strange issue since past 2 days. I am using Redmi 2 Prime (MIUI I didn't install any new app in past 2 days. Also haven't changed any settings or installed any updates. I am unable to hear any sound when I receive any call. Even the other person isn't able to hear...
  16. S

    Budget Speaker for VU LED TV 40 Inch Model

    Dear Friends, Pls suggest me a good reliable Budget Speaker for VU LED TV 40 Inch Model. I recently purchased following TV from Flipkart: Vu 102cm (40) Full HD LED TV. Buy Vu 102cm (40) Full HD LED TV Online with BBD Offers! at best Prices In India While the TV looks ok has been 1 day s...
  17. X

    Wireless audio output

    My PC with motherboard Gigabyte G31 is getting old. Its internal sound port is not working. I.e I cant connect 3.5mm jack to my pc. I can’t install external sound card as the space is occupied by gfx card which obstructs the space. Is there another way to connect my headphone/speaker with 3.5...
  18. S

    Audio-Technica ATH-IM50 personal impressions

    *Constantly editing* Place of purchase: Amazon Price when purchased: ₹4100 Playback devices: Ipad Air 2(primary), Galaxy S7 Edge, Dell Precision 5510 Source: iTunes purchases and Apple Music. Backstory: I was looking for a replacement to my Sennheiser CX-300ii and Sony XBA-H1, until a few days...
  19. truegenius

    cheap internal sound card for window 7 64bit

    Hey there, sound chip of my motherboard got fried and thus i now need a sound card, currently i am using usb sound card but i need something little better. I need an internal sound card ( if it support front audio header then it will be better ) for as cheap as possible ( max Rs500 ) which...
  20. Flake

    Wireless Bluetooth Headphones : JayBird or CrossBeats

    I am planning to buy bluetooth headphone for running and gym. After reading a lot of reviews of different IEMs, I have selected two. JayBird X2 and CrossBeats Raga. Both are Sweatproof and have noise cancellation for better sound quality. JayBird X2 is available for around 3300/- at...
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