1. B

    Weird issues with Jio

    Hello Friends, I got a Jio sim and put in my S7 along with a Vodafone sim. Jio is in Sim 1 slot and Vodafone is Sim 2 slot. If both sims are on then I am not able to place any calls from the Jio sim, I can't even call a Jio number. I dial a number and that's it no dial tone no nothing. As...
  2. S

    Am I at the risk of losing my mobile number?

    I'm studying in Delhi, originally from Patna. I wanted to port my Vodafone number to Jio. I could do in Delhi because they ask for a local Aadhaar for eKYC. I was literally forced to do a national MNP and take the SIM to Delhi. But the situation is, I've put the porting request and porting...
  3. saikibryan

    One plus 2 dual sim problem !

    Good morning folks, I am using a one plus 2 phone for last couple of months now...it was running smoothly... I was using a BSNL sim for primary slot for call purpose and a vodafone sim for data mainly which was my secondary sim. now problem started from last week... If i insert both of the...
  4. Charley

    3g - Idea & Vodafone

    I need 3g (1 mpbs++) plans for my mobile for 2 weeks usage. Any site links for Vodafone & idea?
  5. Shibaprasad

    Vodafone 3g unlimited speed after fup(64kbps)

    Please let me know the download speed of vodafone 3g after fup
  6. TechnoBOY

    Will i get 3g in vodafone via idea ??

    hello, i heard that idea and vodafone are joining to avail 3g in places where the dont have license, in my place idea 3g service is available for idea so if i take 3g in vodafone do i get 3g speed??
  7. V

    Vodafone 3G showing you are surfing from UK

    while browsing internet on Vodafone 3G datacard, i am intimated that your browsing location is either UK or US (as if i am browsing from UK or US instead of India) How is this possible ? :shock: i have never entered any such settings nor am i using proxy/VPN which may divert my location...
  8. T

    Is bsnl.co.in down?

    I have been trying to access bsnl.co.in since last week and the website seems to be down. I have accessed using two different ISPs (Vodafone, Idea) but still to no avail. I wanted to know 2G-3G common data plans for Prepaid connection.
  9. mitraark

    Whatsapp and other apps not working on Vodafone GPRS

    Last night I had swapped the SIM on my LG Optimus L9 a few times, when I rebooted with my original Vodafone SIM, a few apps aren't being able to use the 2G network it seems. Apps not working: Whatsapp Facebook Messenger Apps working: Internet browser Facebook Yahoo weather Tapatalk I'm...
  10. R

    Iphone4s working only on Vodafone

    Hey guys, Someone I know has an iphone 4s and bought it a while back. He added his vodafone sim and so far so good. Yesterday he decided to add idea/dolphin but an error was displayed. The same sim are working on other phones but not on iphone. The phone doesn't seem to be factory...
  11. izzikio_rage

    Vodafone Netcruise shuts down roaming

    I've just had a very disappointing experience with my Vodafone Netcruise connection. As usual I got it recharged this month but could not get it to work. After numerous calls to their helpline where they always promised to call back (but never did) and even a vist to their store (where no one...
  12. harshilsharma63

    Whats app on Vodafone

    Hi. Has anyone been able to use whats app on vodafone? Mine is not working. I own nokia x2 00 and whats app's faq said to use vodafone mobile connect as the access point. But I only have vodafone live! I tried getting the VMC settings but those do not contain access point. So, if anyone has been...
  13. TechnoHolic

    Resume Youtube Videos

    Vodafone behaving like a cheater, I can download youtube videos using IDM but with no resume support. Actually it's happening with all streaming media sites with Vodafone 2G Connection. (I've tested with Reliance, Everything is OK) Can anyone tell me any tricks,tweaks.?
  14. fun2sh

    Vodafone Unlimited 3G recharge in 649??

    Is it true? or just a Typo. Well we can sue vodafone for wrong info :lol::lol:
  15. mitraark

    Vodafone recharge failed

    I recharged Rs 38 on Vodafone with Paytm ( 500 SMS for 30 Days ) and I received a message that "Recharge Successful, 500 SMS valid till []" , (there was no date written, just '[]' ), and i am still being charged Re 1 per SMS. This is not the first time i used Paytm, but the first time i am...
  16. Gauravs90

    [Praise] Exellent Vodafone service

    I have MNP my no from Aircel to vodafone and after MNP I was facing a problem that I can't recharge my no. from any online recharge website, not even from vodafone.in . So I visited there facebook page and they resolved my problem in 5 days. I couldn't think that this can be resolved by their...
  17. samudragupta

    Vodafone 3g/2.5g users on android please confirm!!!

    hi all, i am currently on vodafone mumbai 3g, and for the last few days i am unable to load play store. (screen shot attached). two of my friends on vodafone 3g and 2.5g repectively are also facing similar issues. i am also unable to access ebay intermittently. Playstore and ebay loads fine on...
  18. U

    Tethering issues with 3G connection(s)

    Hi. I'm using a Galaxy S2 GT-I9100G. I have a BSNL, an !dea 3G, and a Vodafone 3G sim. when i use the bsnl sim (3G sim but thanks to BSNL speeds are limited to 1x) tethering works fine via hotspot. but when i use the idea or vodafone sim in the phone, tethering does not work. the...
  19. S

    Beetel Zte mf190 Usb modem not detecting ONLY Vodafone Sim

    Hi guys I have this modem since two years. It has been working until I handed it a new vodafone Sim i recently bought. It refuses to detect the sim and claims there is 'no sim inserted'. I tried another Voda sim ( which I have been using personally from months) and it did'nt budge again. The...
  20. D

    My old sim on android doesn't go the 3G way.. only shows H instead of E(2G)

    I recently activated a 3G plan on phone and also activated 3G before getting the plan.. Now mobile network connected shows as H(i guess hspa) instead of E(edge) it used to show previously when I used a 2G data plan. Since I have activited 3G I should be getting 3G logo for data connection in...
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