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yesterday in a tv channel some gentlemen were discussing about cruelty meted out to the dog in the vodaphone ad. They are worried about the dog's suffering during the shooting of the ad, sitting before the designer tables in an a/c room.
There are so many rituals, which are being done in public, make the animals to suffer. For example in Tamilnadu there is one festival in which the poojari fully drunken state, bites the neck of the lambs offered by devoties and drinks the blood. Also whenever they offer the animals to the god, they cut the throat with a crude knife. It is really pathetic to hear the voice of the animal at the time of death. There is one place wherein you cannot enter the temple without your feet being covered with blood. It is really blood river.
My question is "Are they really worried about the animals or just talk about it to kill time and earn money?"
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it was actually the person from AWBI (Animal Welfare(really?) Board of India). he was saying that the ad creators made the dog run too much. duh!

wat we see on tv is small parts. the actual ad is combined of all of these. also awbi is not happy showing the dog running behind the bus. they say its derogatory to the dogs.

they also say that the company had not taken the required permissions to shoot the ad. but in the next statement they said the company had taken a preliminary permission only.

in short, they themselves are not clear what they are against.

i guess they dont have anything creative to do in life.


Derogatory to the Dogs!

WTF, I mean too much of physical work and extreme risk of injury is one thing but derogatory!


I don't want IT
My friends and family say, I should not enter such conversations...
but still, if there is any one non-vegetarian out here showing their sympathy to dogs and cows..., I accuse him of trying to get cheap publicity and wielding pathetic double standards. I hate people who keep their dogs on their shoulder and laps but keep their babies on prams. Eat fish, and goats(it's not meat but a dead goat for god's sake) but think about cruelty on animals. I would like to know how many celebrities support PETA and are vegetarians...(for that matter how many PETA officials are vegans)?


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What is the vodafone ad exactly? I'm having university exams now so cant watch tv much, can someone describe it here?


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I don't like that dog anyway :D After so many ads, these guys have got a chance to speak about cruelty now??? Gimme a break!! That moron would be happily gorging on chicken and mutton and would always be going for genuine leather goods. He got his 15 seconds of fame. Ch*t!ya awright!


the ad is gr8...the pug looks cute too but i feel a labrador or a St bernard or a dalmatian wud have looked cuter...never really seen a pug with a happy lookin face

Naresh Kadyan

Hahahaha.....where is the cruelty towards animals in this add, not at all ?- my dear so called animal rights activist please go to the Kerala to save the dogs & cows from open slaughtering like cows in West Bengal, adopt some stray animals for treatment, care & shelter. Let me update your GK, there is law called Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, 1960 to protect animals from un-necessary pain & sufferings in India, under section 38 there is a Central Govt. notifications for registration of a performing animals with the AWBI , in this ad there may be violation of this central Govt. notification & that is responsibility of the AWBI, but let me clear it also- the violation of the section 38 of the PCA Act, 1960 is the non-cognizable offense with minor punishment. Please do not use animals as a publicity tool, DO SOMETHING FOR THEM........& WORK TOWARDS AMENDMENTS IN THE PUNISHMENTS


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These animals actually have a great life. Compared to street dogs that Vodafone pug would have a nice cozy place to live, good food to eat, proper medical treatment if something happens to it, people to take care of him and his needs and stuff like that. In other words, it is living a great life. And all it has to do in return is lick some stamps and run after a bus. I wish I had a life like that. In our country, forget the animals, even some humans don't live such a good life. These animal rights guys should pull their heads out of their ass once in a while and think for a change. Jerks.


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what the hell. How many teachers beat children in schools. Does that mean an act of cruelty. Let those activists join music schools, especially for tabla etc under the guidance of talented ustad. They will know how many beats they will receive on their fingers if they do not learn properly.

It's all part of teaching. They should STFU and take it in a better way. cheapo publicity.


Legen-wait for it-dary!
Excuse me? desiibond, you mean teachers beat children as a part of teaching? Man thats the worst thing I've ever heard! I dont mean to threadjack, but corporal punishment is the worst kind of punishment ever, and I must say you have a really weird way of thinking. Will you beat up your son or daughter to teach them something?


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i will surely beat if my son or daughter is going wrong . . a child needs to be beaten at times . . . coming back to add . . its a beautiful one . . yes , some cheap publicity thats all . damn these guys, dont have anything else to do


Bond, Desi Bond!
Excuse me? desiibond, you mean teachers beat children as a part of teaching? Man thats the worst thing I've ever heard! I dont mean to threadjack, but corporal punishment is the worst kind of punishment ever, and I must say you have a really weird way of thinking. Will you beat up your son or daughter to teach them something?

Sometimes, yes. There are times when your sibling don't want to listen to what you say and your lovely talk or peaceful talk has no effect. If you know that they can do what they have to and that they are feeling careless or lazy to do that, you have to give them little warning and if they don't care that one too, only thing left is to give a little bang.

And yes, 9 out of 10 schools in India use the stick or scale to bend those lazy students reluctant to study.

I am not saying that they should be beated till they faint. A slap, a bang on the back which only hurts them a little and make them do what they have to is necessary sometimes.


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Yup kids need to beaten. That sends a clear message to them that who's the boss in the house and that its the parents who are incharge and not them. I've seen kids of some people always demanding something or the other and crying their throats out if they don't get it. Their parents then go out and get them and spoil them further. The kids then think that they can get anything by just crying out loud. Also they don't respect their parents and for them they are just like slaves. Also if the parents tell them something to do, they just say "NO". These are the same kids who grow up and treat their parents like crap in their old age. If my kids do something like this I'd kick the **** out of them. Or worse, throw them out of the house. One night out in the cold should do the trick. I'm not letting a small kid steer me around and do whatever they like. It's my house and they'll have to listen to what I say. Or move out.
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