1. A

    Seagate 1TB Internal Drive @3290/-, Should I be worried?

    I'm getting Seagate 1TB @3290/- @Amazon.in THE ABOVE drive isn't "Seagate Barracuda", it's only Seagate. Does that make a difference? The 'cuda drive is on sale for ₹3649/- 1. Should I be worried about anything? 2. Should I prefer WD over Seagate? 3. What are the failure rates of this drive...
  2. bkpeerless

    What to buy ps3 or xbox

    This summer I am planning to buy a PS3 or xbox not (ps4 for xbox one because its out of budget. Plz sugest what to buy. the only thing i am worried about is the life of this console after the launch of next gen. plz help ..
  3. gameranand

    Crystal Disk Info Analysis HDD Advice

    Hey guys I install this software and it shows Yellow. Here are the images. Do I need to be worried or something ?? Please do tell me what that yellow color is saying. :)
  4. Prongs298

    accidental delete

    i accidentally selected all the stuff in the downloads folder of my win 7 computer. as it seems nothing has been deleted, as i cancelled it when the "preparing to delete/recycle" box was on display. Now i cant remember whether it was shift+del or just del. I am worried that some stuff has been...
  5. ritvij

    laptop cpu temp 73C

    my dell xps 15 is running at 73 C in idle mode.. should i be worried?
  6. TheMost

    I Bricked my phone ??

    I Have a GALAXY NOTE ... I rooted it ... While trying a new ICS ROM --- updating kernels via odin ... I started to get a yellow triangle at boot ... Is it normal ?? What have i done ??? Can't i restore that without a jig ?? Worried!!
  7. S

    LG2360v or dell Dell ST2420L

    is lg 2360v is good for 10k or is their any better monitor for this price range and how is the performance compare to samsung px2370 ? ty or Dell U2311H but it response time is 8mm i really worried about that and no hdmi for 14k so which one is best
  8. rahul_c

    Battery Life Finished?

    My 3 yr old Dell Vostro 1510 is showing a battery error, even though battery is functioning normal as of now but backup has reduced to ~1 hr. I am worried about abrupt shut downs. Should I change the battery? Till how long will the battery last?
  9. R

    Norton Antivirus downloading huge updates

    Dear Friends, In my new HP laptop I have installed original purchased norton antivirus, as i have bsnl night unlimited i keep automatic updates off and once in a week or 10 days i do manual update of antivirus. But whenever once in 10 days i do manual update it downloads around 110- 114...
  10. A

    Screen flickers while shutting down

    Hi My windows 7 screen flickers 3 to 4 times while being shut down. I had no problem previously like this. I am worried, Does this mean something?
  11. K

    Reliance Broadband in Mumbai

    the Wired connection is it any good .. the speeds seem to be good, but how is the reliability Airtel has little to no downtime , but the FUP is getting to me My speeds have been capped 7 days into the new billing cycle. So i am thinking of switching to reliance soonish . How is it...
  12. heartripple

    Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 activation related queries.

    I have Kaspersky Interne Security 2009 with 2 users pack. Recently my Windows XP got corrupted.So I have reinstalled it.And now I have instlled KIS 2009.Its asking me to activate it.But I am worried that if I use the activation key then I will be counted like I am using it on another system so...
  13. N

    worried about career..

    i am doing b tech in computer science( 3rd year ) and i am worried about my career afterwards.. i dont know whether i m going to be placed in a company due to economic slow down.. can anybody suggest something to be done in the meantime..
  14. din

    Strontium (Hynix) laptop memory - Any problems using it ?

    I was in a hurry and bought a strontium memory for my laptop today. Of course a mistake form my part as I didn't enquire much. After buying it, I am lil worried. I have never heard of this company (http://www.strontium.biz) or used their memory modules. The one I bought is 1 GB DDR1 PC 2700...
  15. R

    Vodafone ad

    yesterday in a tv channel some gentlemen were discussing about cruelty meted out to the dog in the vodaphone ad. They are worried about the dog's suffering during the shooting of the ad, sitting before the designer tables in an a/c room. There are so many rituals, which are being done in public...
  16. Vivek788

    Windows Recycle Bin Doubt

    Recently I saw tat 10% of each drive is reserved as maximum for recycle bin.I have a 160 gb hard disk with quite big partitions...so I am worried if all those gbs of space are just 'reserved'. Is the space allocated permanently or just used when needed?
  17. X


    Is it wise to use dual core processors in laptops? (i am worried about the cooling arrangements)
  18. F

    Wordpress Exploited

    Today i checked my blog http://www.freakitude.com . There were 2 new links in my blogroll. The link text was my blog password and it was linked to http://admin I have not added these links...how is possible....is there some wordpress exploit of such kind... i am really worried... please help..
  19. H

    Using other's id in Dataone

    Hi . I have been using other's id to download . Till now i have used 4 peoples id. I want to know is BSNL capable of telling customers who have been using their id? Tell me as i m bit worried.
  20. H

    too much rains in bombay, office computers under water !!

    Help ! my office computers in Andheri are under water What will happen ? I hope they work after I dry them out Mostly its the data I'm worried about.... Any help please !!
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