1. Anorion

    Humans not smarter than animals

    Humans not smarter than animals: experts - Indian Express Mobile
  2. Desmond

    Aaj Tak reporter faces eve-teasing while reporting on Delhi gangrape case

    Well, I don't think Delhi is any safer with such wild animals roaming around. I mean, look at the b***s on these guys.
  3. Faun

    Egypt orders slaughter of all pigs over swine flu Bunch of idiots ! Swine Flu is spreading from Human to Human contact now. Whats the use of killing all these pigs ? Kill all humans instead, asslols.
  4. R

    Vodafone ad

    yesterday in a tv channel some gentlemen were discussing about cruelty meted out to the dog in the vodaphone ad. They are worried about the dog's suffering during the shooting of the ad, sitting before the designer tables in an a/c room. There are so many rituals, which are being done in public...
  5. skghosh44

    Abandoned Animals

    Hi guys, My son(Class -viii) has been given a composition on the above topic from his school, may I seek your helps in this regard. I google the content but no suitable answer was found. So I need your help. Only few lines about "Why animals abandon ?" is sufficient, rest he will complete.
  6. blackpearl

    The Strangest Disaster of the 20th Century.

    On the morning of August 22, 1986, a man hopped onto his bicycle and began riding from Wum, a village in Cameroon, towards the village of Nyos. On the way he noticed an antelope lying dead next to the road. Why let it go to waste? The man tied the antelope onto his bicycle and continued on. A...
  7. blueshift

    Should stray dogs be killed or not?

    It's bad days for Bangalore dogs Today only on CNN-IBN I saw how mercilessly they were killing the dogs. Ofcourse human life is more precious than animals but still how the dogs were treated is definately unethical and condemnable. I don't blame dogs...i blame the government and the...
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