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I'm sure when the lens comes it'll make it worth the pain of selling the cam. Plus you are selling it to a known person so that means that you'll have one more person to discuss photography with :) . BTW where are you selling your 150-500 and for how much? How was your experience with a lens as long as 500mm


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I am selling it in Mumbai for 33k ...
My exp -
1.Good price for long reach
2.poor contrast when subject is far ..if subject is 10-15 feet away you will get best results
3.not too sharp at 500mm ..original pic may look great..but if you try to crop you will notice this
4.What ever other guys say that shoot at 450mm or shoot at f8 will not get ideal conditions will end up mostly shooting at longest with biggest aperture only 500mm at f6.3 my mind I tried to shoot at f8 but due to ever changing lightning conditions its not always possible...and since birds sit in shade and not bright light f8 is much more difficult
5.Always shoot in RAW so you have the flexibility to edit more

its opposite to what it seems ..its a big 500mm zoom lens which is 750mm at crop sensor ...but it takes superb pics of things around ...20ft max ...and not 100 meters away as people think.
For 33k that I am selling you wont get anything that reach 500mm, have OS stabilisation , HSM silent and quick motor :D and have the showoff factor since Nikon 70-300 VR is much smaller ;)


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Everyone is taking pics of monkeys... why should I be behind

* & Child by marvelprash, on Flickr


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This was shot thinking of an exercise. But the settings was different than suggested. So posting here...

Shot @ a wedding reception. The back lighting was from video camera - Flash light.


Shot @ midnight.



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you took a B&W pic on a reception ...hmm Nac they are the most colorful place I think
:) Yeah, it was colourful.

I have been trying to find time to resume the projects since August, but couldn't... I was sitting in the last row and saw an opportunity to try an exercise and people don't mind clicking photographs of them in a reception. And I used it...

May be I have a soft spot for black and white ;)


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Nice pics [MENTION=125321]nac[/MENTION] :)

I quite like both of those pics. I'd say that the reception photo is certainly more interesting than its color counterpart would have been.


how about this?
* by jaimin100, on Flickr

* by jaimin100, on Flickr
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[MENTION=11822]jam[/MENTION]in I like this B&W gives an old look ..

I shot soo many flowers with my macro lens and failed to produce a single shareable image :( I will try tomorrow morning again


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The bw image ia definitely better, but the empty space on the top leaves a kind of vacancy, or a negative space..
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