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The Photography Thread


Aspiring Novelist
The best eye photo I have ever seen in this forum. Nice one sujoy :)

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actually i try to learn how to merge 2 shots in one
I guess you have done it. Both the photos are merged in one post ;)
HDR is little simple with Photomatix, try that.


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Thanks [MENTION=125321]nac[/MENTION] ...I want to have those details inside eye..

Grr I am not geting a single insect to try :D


I am not an Owl
[MENTION=39722]sujoyp[/MENTION] : first two flowers are excellent. Excellent detail on the eye shot too :)
10k for the lens is a steal (except for the very suspicious quality of the plastic, from the pics).
[MENTION=165721]jaimin100[/MENTION]: nice landscapes. The second one will probably look better with a cropping out of the excessive blue sky.


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[MENTION=221001]Pranav[/MENTION] its a old lens of film days when the built quality of lenses were actually much better then now...I can hope that same thing applies to Tamron lenses too..but I should say the owner kept is in such nice shape that one can never say that its an old lens..


sujoy, that's an amazing eye picture ... how did you get the subject to remain still enough to get this?

Jaimin: the first one is right out of a picture postcard .. great shot

I was trying to get some cool black and white shots for some time, this is one that I really liked

Abandoned by Amlan Mathur, on Flickr


Aspiring Novelist
I was trying to get some cool black and white shots for some time, this is one that I really liked
Me too like it...
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TOI published a couple of my pics. It seems they raided the stock sites looking for my pics :D
Congrats, Amlan:doublethumb:
I could recognize the first image, as soon as I saw that. But I don't know what's the second one (guessing "apartment shot"). May be I haven't seen it before.


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There are times, when you are ready to embark on the ludicrous journey of photography. Yet, there is a faint ray of doubt at the back of your mind, stopping you from that stupendous profession. Here are some common dreads every photographer goes through!


Please read this guys and do comment on my post. I have worked hard to write this and im sure all of you know appreciation for hard work is loved by all being artists and hard workers yourself. It can prove useful to you too.

Every little helps :)
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