1. wwwescape

    Manufacturer refurbished phones

    Are manufacturer refurbished phones safe to buy? Anyone have any experiences with a manufacturer refurbished phone?
  2. T

    Mobile insurance

    Hi, I am planning to buy Samsung Galaxy S7 or a mobile around the same price. I have had a very bad experience with screens breaking, theft etc and want to be totally insured this time. Any advice and personal experiences regarding mobile insurance? It will be a lot helpful to not...
  3. A

    new member

    I'm a new member.:-)Nice to meet you. This is my first post on the forum. I hope to share experiences, and learn together with you.
  4. Champ

    Suggestions needed for a good microphone for screencast

    Hi Guys, I need a good microphone to record some screencasts Any suggestions / personal experiences would be appreciated Budget is around 2K Regards
  5. T

    What is a good isp in Mumbai, bandra (world net? )

    I am looking for a new isp with a stable network for a 2 mbps unlimited plan. Dc/lan sharing service is preferred but not necessary. I will not use you Tele, mtnl or Hathaway... Friends have suggested against them.. Also, bad personal experiences. I am looking to switch to world net right...
  6. 1

    Post your travel experiences here. (Out of india mostly)

    Some joker has closed this thread *www.digit.in/forum/random-news/189594-india-obama-visit-yes-we-scan.html That's why I am inviting you all to share your experiences in traveling abroad especially. Even if its within the states of india, you are eligible to post it. I mean what type of...
  7. Cyberghost

    SBI card credit limit?

    Hello digitians I got a card from SBI against FD.They said that my credit limit will be 90% of the FD.But after getting my card. I have seen that the credit limit is 74% of the FD. Is it is some mistake do I want to call customer care for this.If u have similar experiences please share...
  8. R

    [Query] Seagate Internal Hard Drive RMA

    Hello, I have a 500GB Seagate Hard drive that's almost going to die (+100 bad sectors).. So I want to RMA it. Pls guide me through the procedure if anybody has experiences with them. P.S. I have the bill but not the freak'n electrostatic bag it came with. Can I RMA it? Thanks
  9. Cool Buddy

    Is infibeam good

    I wanted to buy a camera from Infibeam coz I found a 10% discount code. But I found a lot of negative reviews of Infibeam on Mouthshut.com. Now I don't know whether I should buy from there or not. Has anyone here bought from infibeam? please share your opinions and experiences
  10. vishnubabu

    Toshiba c640 x4012

    I'm planing to buy Toshiba c640 x4012, but i find many users complaining about toshiba's battery and services etc. My friends also had bad experiences with it. I just want reviews. How good is Toshiba ?
  11. vishnubabu

    Toshiba c640 x4012

    I'm planing to buy Toshiba c640 x4012, but i find many users complaining about toshiba's battery and services etc. My friends also had bad experiences with it. I just want reviews. How good is Toshiba ?
  12. sygeek

    Share your Memorable Experiences here

    Ever had a "I will never forget this day" moment. Too Excited to share it? Well do that here.
  13. B

    Laser colour printer within 10k

    One of my friends want to buy a colour laser printer within 10k. He is not quite sure whether he should go for canon/hp or something else. He previously had a hp deskjet and didnot have quite good experiences about it. Please suggest some worthy printer. It will be mainly for home use.
  14. S

    india online dealers experiences

    hi guys there are a lot of online shops which sell technological products. plz use this thread to share ur experiences with them. let us know who are gud and which are bad.
  15. K

    Why Indians don't buy online ? Why I don't ?

    It was fun reading this article in Feb digit. Deep Insight of Indian buying behavior was much more fun. Now..... My experiences. I wanted a third external drive. I searched online. Details like Month and year of Mfg, month of Import, OS support etc were missing. I went to a Store. Found out that...
  16. G

    Tata docomo[3g e stick]

    hello friends...If any one using tata docomo 3g estick..plz share their experiences regarding speed and connectivity..im from punjab.. regards
  17. Zangetsu


    Today the US$ 237million is releasing in India...so post your experiences about this movie....trailers were awesome :hyper:
  18. R

    suggest handycam

    Please give me some idea about handycams. I have a budget of Rs.25,000/-. Pour out all your experiences, suggestions, ideas, brands, etc.
  19. Cool G5

    Weekend Photography in Mumbai - Need Participants

    I'm passionate about Photography. Till now, its only me & myself who has been doing all the photography alone, reading articles on photography & enriching my knowledge on my own. But as you know it can get very tiring for a lone person to go out & click. So I would like to invite you all to join...
  20. INS-ANI

    The Photography Thread

    "Got a cam? want to use it? DOn't know how how to? sitting IDLE..." Well..thats how you identify a potential wanna-be-photographer. Many of us will be having interest in photography and here's an opportunity to share our experiences. I am soon going to upload some of snaps i took and these were...
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