1. D

    [Opinion] Budget PnS relevant?

    To begin with I'm not a camera expert, but I generally want to know do you think Point and shoot camera's under 20k or so are even relevant for photography except for the optical zoom? Casual or otherwise? I have a Galaxy S7 as my phone and to my surprise I discovered that it took much better...
  2. Ronnie11

    DSLR for newbie, Budget around 30-33000

    Hi Guys, So finally i would like to take the plunge from a point and shoot to a DSLR camera. I am a newbie in DSLR as i have never owned one but would like to learn a great deal on photography and play around with manual settings. I will be using it mostly for landscape photography and a...
  3. R

    Photography tips?

    Hello Everyone! I love clicking photos. and now i am interested in making it my profession. please guide me as which camera i should start with? and any other related photography tips
  4. krish_techie

    Wedding Photography

    Okay so this might be off topic. But i can't find any other place to post it.Please feel free to divert this to any other relevant place.So we are looking for some wedding photographers for a wedding in August. So do you guys know any photographers in and around Hyderabad,Chennai or Bangalore...
  5. S

    Career in Photography & Multimedia location kerala pursuing degree in IGNOU

    How can i built a career in Photography & Multimedia Can anyone guide me :-?
  6. T

    High quality SD cards for daily clicks.

    Everyone is a photographer, some are professional and some are enthusiast. When it comes to high-end and cutting edge photography, with the amount of Facebook photography pages you'll figure there is no scarcity and apparently this is a section very much talked about. But how about a regular...
  7. P

    Nikon d3200/d5100/d3300 budget 30k including prime lenses!!

    Hello guys i want to buy a dslr and have budget of 30k including a prime lens. Models considering: d5100/d3200/d3300 (all with kit lens) Requirement: I don't know much about dslr but want to learn and my primary requirement is excellent image quality both indoors and out doors!!Good low light...
  8. mitraark

    Safe to buy DSLR from Paytm ?

    Have to get a DSLR before 24.04, was waiting for prices to come down as people said it will because new models have been released. Prices have not really come down much. Trying to get the Nikon D3300 , it's Rs 30075 on Paytm, with 7000 cashback, so effectively 23075. Flipkart is selling it at...
  9. mitraark

    New to photography, camera within 10k

    Hello everyone, I'm looking forward to buying a camera, budget is 10k. Camera will be mostly used to shoot outdoors, sturdy camera preferred as I'll be using it while backpacking, local trains, dusty off roads, damp forests etc. The Nikon Coolpix L830 is available for Rs10578 at PayTM...
  10. sudhir_3193

    best sony camera under 9000rs

    kindly suggest a point and shoot camera for basic photography. I want to choose between sony w830, wx60, wx50,wx80. My requirements are low light photography and full hd recording. I had very good experience with my sony w270, so again going with sony.
  11. W

    Get Featured in DGT!

    Hey, people. Seeing the number of budding photographers on the forum, here's your shot at being featured in Digit's supplement, 'DGT'. Our Click section has a segment called 'Click'd' where we feature a new and talented photographer every month. If interested, respond to this thread or shoot an...
  12. bkpeerless

    good mirrorless camera under 30 k

    Hi I am looking for a good mirrorless camera to replace my bulky DSLR d5100. What r my options and which one is the best. I generally use my camera for photography. and occational video. OO And i expect the camera to work well on low light condition.
  13. ashs1

    Nikon D3200 or Canon 1200D or any other ??

    Hey everyone !! I need yet another help from you guys as i have zero knowledge on DSLRs/ :) My friend is planning to upgrade from a P&S to a DSLR. He's not into Serious photography, but would like to keep it as a hobby. He has some experience with his old crappy P&S, but i am afraid its days...
  14. A

    Should I go for AMD R9 270X ?

    My PC config 1. Intel i5 2500K @3.30Ghz 2. Corsair Vengeance 4gb Ram (will upgrade to 8gb later) 3. Corsair gs 700 PSU 4. Asus p8z68 v-pro Planning to get the Asus DC2 R9 270X My purpose: 1. Playing a lot of FIFA 2. Any new FPS at decent level 3. Photography related work 4...
  15. S

    Buying a DSLR

    Hi, I am a complete amateur in photography and have never owned a DSLR or an advanced P&S. The last camera I owned was a Sony Cybershot DSC W-350. My brother owns a DSLR and he takes some really fascinating pictures. I like photography but never took it up as I needed a good camera first. I...
  16. sujoyp

    Khajuraho photography tour

    Guys planning to join some group of photographers at Khajuraho as a photography tour. Anyone interested to come. we are 5 photographers comming there a 3 days tour. from 16 march to 18th march ...its a very budget tour...mainly monuments and landscape you can check this for more...
  17. $hadow

    Camera for low light photography

    What's your budget? Rs 10,000 max Camera type? Point and Shoot Body Style? Compact How much zoom do you want/expect? more than 10x or more Do you care for manual exposure controls? yes if possible What will you be shooting with this camera? Nature Photography and Family Photos (picnic...
  18. vishnov

    Planning to buy a new windows mobile! Need advice...

    Help me with this guys! Budget-15k (16k at max.) Display-No preferences. Camera-Yes (Important). flash, yes. And good secondary camera. OS-Windows Connectivity Option Preferred-3G. Primary Use-Multimedia, Photography, Browsing and occasional gaming. I need to buy a new windows mobile...
  19. G

    Good Camera( Point and Shoot) Under Rs.10,000

    What's your budget? Rs 10,000 Camera type? Point and Shoot Body Style? Compact How much zoom do you want/expect? more than 10x or 15x optical zoom. Do you care for manual exposure controls? yes but not necessary What will you be shooting with this camera? Nature Photography and Family...
  20. frostbite


    Hi guys. So my family had bought a point and shoot "Canon a3300" about 3 years back which has been my friend while venturing into the photography world. But I've long surpassed its potential and lack the money to upgrade to a DSLR. So I am planning on getting a semi-DSLR. Would that be any...
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