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godzi_85 said:
hmm ... i only called em up once when my triband wasnt working.. and they said they`d look into the matter and nothing happened for two days... that was the only downtime i had.. and well it seemed as if only i had a downtime.. so i gues there was a problem which mtnl could have fixed i think.. other then that i never really had to call them up anyways...
and well ya i hope the Cc has improved .. which is good news..

anyways nothing has gone wrong with mtnl triband as yet ... for me.. billing is ok, np with it.. downloadin speeds consistent.. so that is good news too :D..

i like triband for its stable connection.. and wouldnt go for anything less then this..
Meh, I was talking about BSNL's CC. I don't know about Triband.

BTW, does anyone know of tools that measure the exact amount you've downloaded for any ISP and not just Dataone alone.


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i use du - meter.. it is good enough to calculat how much i have done in a day , week , month year !

oraange nettrace is another one which is good too .. i thnk its freeware too


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Is there any 512kbps unlimited in Airtel? How much it costs?
I read that they have doubled the bandwith :D


Airtel Have the "DSL 10,995" scheme by which you get unlimited @ 512 kbps for 10,995/month which is quite cheap in comparison. But you have to pay a huge amount as Security Deposit, mind you!


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Ya that can be good if you are using in the office for business .. but i was asking for home use .. there is 256kbps unlimited for 999.


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Can someone tell me why there's such a big price difference between 256kbps plan and 512 kbps plan? Do they use different technology or is it demand and supply forces at work? Or something else?


Actually if you see in other countries, there is very less difference between schemes @ 256 kbps and those @ 512 kbps. However, here our so-called ISP Majors want to advertise 512 kbps as something GODLY and so the difference. The speed is doubled and you can expect the price to be so too.


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Double? That's 11 times so that's why I'm baffled. OK the business plan has extra features like many email ID's and 2-3 more such ones. nothing more. They do not even offer a web site hosting which is so common with many ISP's abroad. My friend in canada says his 5mbps line is a standard thing there and affordable too. He can't afford expensive ones as he's a student.


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And what my friend told me .. his cusion is in usa .. they have 1.5 GB download limit .. but it is per day :wink: he he :lol:


Okay , now I don't know if this has been mentioned in this thread before but anyway...

In Pune Hathway Broadband offers a plan where you get -

Connection Speed - 256 KBps
Time - 8 pm to 8 am

Cost - A fixed Rental of Rs 400 / month

Download/Upload Limit - None :p

Practical Download Speed - 32KBps constant throughout the 12 Hours .

Now what do you guys think of that ? :)


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Yeah that plan seems real good. But, have you tried measuring your speed? I'm on hathway 256 unlimited too but speed I get is a bit lower than 256 say around 210 or thereabouts, the highest download speed I get is 25-26 kbps.


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Tataindicom broadband has also updated thier tariffs from today.

New Infinity - 64kbps cost = 500

New Infinity - 128kbps cost= 900
New Infinity - 256kbps cost = 1600

i liked that 64 kbps since it's not a bad choice @ 500 Rs.
if someone used this indicom tell about their performance.

is it better to switch from 2nd B-fone (bsnl)dial up for unlimited plan to such 64 kbps unliited ?

source -


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Suggestion wanted

Can any one suggest me a good plan to go ahead in Rs. 1000/- in Cochin. I would prefer a connection with good download speed?


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Sify IS Best...Im In Hyd...i PAy 1500 Per Month

the downloadin..speed is 358 kbps... i can download 1 Gb in 75 min...huh..

This package is only fo private userzz...for more me

Daily i download 4 Gb of Stuff...
:lol: 8)
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