1. ILoveTech

    Google’s advertising revenue up 18% to $23 billion

    EPS dropped to $5.01 from $7 last year, despite a 21% rise in revenues. There was a 52% annual growth in aggregate paid clicks, while aggregate cost-per-click dropped 23%. Alphabet’s Other Bets division remained in a loss.
  2. J

    What is the reason why Google is tackling fake news, and why it should not do it alone?

    Hi According to the recent update google is removing the fake news. What are the ways Google can deal with fake news. How t can be done?
  3. E

    Which is the best mobile apps for news gathering?

    Hello All, I like to know, is there any good mobile apps for news gathering and sending purpose. I found many in internet and little confused with its technology, can anyone help me to find the best and technology behind it.
  4. Cyberghost

    BSNL BBG Combo ULD 1199 to offer 2mbps Unlimited & unlimited local/std calls for Rs. 1199

    Source: Realtime News
  5. dashing.sujay

    Five apps you can't live without

    These days people are almost obsessed with apps. App for this, app for that. A typical smartphone has countless app these days but the ground reality is that we seldom use those many. So I'd to know your feedback on let's say you have a brand new smartphone (irrespective of OS), and you're...
  6. Cyberghost

    Earthquake Shakes Afghanistan, Pakistan, India; At Least 11 Dead

    KABUL — A deadly magnitude-7.5 earthquake hit northeastern Afghanistan on Monday, and was felt hundreds of miles away in Pakistan and India. The temblor struck at around 2:10 p.m. (5:10 a.m. ET). The quake came just days after rain fell in many parts of Afghanistan, making mud-built houses...
  7. T

    How to become a paid political party troll?

    Whichever Indian news website i go to, there are thousands of trolls over there which post obnoxious replies to each news item. For eg. News headline: Rakhi Sawant gets plastic surgery. Troll 1: This is AAP conspiracy. Troll 2: Modi shd ban this plastic as it pollutes ganga. Troll 3: (copied...
  8. M

    Technology News

    Do you know any recent technology news that have like an impact on society or something. Its for a school thing, but the only news that i can find relates to gadgets and stupid stuff like the iphone and something about tata car i would appreciate it if you send the link too
  9. ajayritik

    Five held in the Rape Republic of India

    Saw an article which is available in the Google news section. I don't know how a Pakistan News website can take liberties in posting these kind of sensational Headlines. Source:Five held in the Rape Republic of India - Daily Pakistan Global
  10. warfreak

    Unreal Engine subscription is now free

    News Unreal Engine 4: Unreal Engine 4 is free for everyone Awesome news for budding game developers out ther :-)
  11. prehistoricgamer

    Lenovo Users! Beware.

    I know this isn't the right sub forum to post this. But I thought it might help out a couple of unwary Lenovo users. As a potential Lenovo customer, this saddens me. I was about to buy a Lenovo Z50-70 in the next week. I may have to rethink my decision due to Lenovo's practices and shady...
  12. sksundram

    One Plus One and mi3 available on Amazon

    OnePlus One and Xiaomi Mi3 now available on Excerpt : If you were planning to buy the OnePlus One handset, here is some good news. The OnePlus one and the Xiaomi Mi3 are now listed and available on for Rs. 34,500 and Rs. 37,450 respectively.
  13. quagmire

    Facebook Manipulated User News Feeds To Create Emotional Responses

    Facebook Manipulated User News Feeds To Create Emotional Responses - Forbes
  14. snap

    Spider silk is is finally poised for commercialization because of recent technological breakthroughs

    Should this go in technology news or here :chinscratch: Source: Spider Silk Poised For Commercial Entry | March 3, 2014 Issue - Vol. 92 Issue 9 | Chemical & Engineering News
  15. ithehappy

    Nokia Lumia Icon India release, when?

    May I know when the above mentioned device will release in India? It's been out abroad for more than two weeks now, yet there's no news about it's release here. Anyone knows the same?
  16. D

    Android app for news

    Which app you use for news specifically news about India - TOI, HT or any other?
  17. Allu Azad

    All India Radio launches free SMS news service

    All India Radio launches free SMS news service | NDTV Gadgets
  18. T

    Steve Ballmer to retire in 2014

    Such big news yet to find its own thread (correct me if there's already one) on TDF while relatively very little news make their way in this section :lol: Formerly, he was to retire in 2018 but , may be, he overstayed his planning. Ballmer has been with MS since the launch of Windows XP times...
  19. flyingcow

    Where do I get latest game trailers and news?

    Hi guys, I have decided to open a new youtube channel where i will post trailers as of now. I want to know from where can i get the latest game trailers? I mean which sites get updated the quickest? Also I want to know where can i acquire latest gaming news in the form of written...
  20. R

    Bug Reporter Denied his Award after Reporting a Bug that could let you post on Zuckerberg's Wall

    Khalil Shreateh, a self-professed IT expert from Palestine tried reporting a bug to Facebook which could let you post to anyone's wall even if you aren't on their friends list. He stated that he first tested the bug on Sarah Goodins and then he reported the Bug through the Facebooks Whitehat...
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