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Suspended animation

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Wise Old Owl
i think i can manually make something like that :|

but ull need to do lots of geometry work. At any givn time, parts of a full cheetah shud appear thru the vents, and u shud make atleast 4~5 different frames like that with the vented window at diff positions.


The Thread Killer >:)
The stripes are not moving. Should I start with the first stripe or all the stripes move together? I tried it on Opera 9.5, IE 7 and FF3. I'm doing it slowly :(


mera kutch nahi ho sakta
all the stripes move to-get-her(I luv saying this :D)
U hav to click and hold left mouse button on the stripes image on the extreme right(your right) then move mouse over the image in the center of the screen..
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