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  1. coolest111

    Iphone 3gs @ 9999 only....

    Aircel is giving this gr8888 deal grab it guyzzz
  2. coolest111

    galaxy s3 @36k

    Gr88 newz Ngpay continued itz 10% off offer till 30th june Galaxy s3 available @39990 so after 10%discount itz just 36000 Best deal so far grab it in just 1 day frm 43k to 36k
  3. G

    Need to grab the lowest price deal on hd 5450 / hd 6450 !

    hey guys help me ! i need to grab da lowest price deal on HD5450 / HD 6450 ....:mrgreen:
  4. Gauravs90

    yourname@india.com GO and GRAB now!!!!!!!!

    Go and grab Your email id yourname@india.com at India.Com - Proud To be India | Get Free Email, Latest India News, Cricket Updates & Tech Reviews now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. S

    led monitor within 7k

    i want to buy led monitor within 7k bucks. but i would like to know the difference between HD and non HD monitor. also the function of HDMI in monitor. and will i be able to grab one with the above mentioned features within my budget?? thnx in adv :)
  6. J


    :))For Sale ! •Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Intel •Expected Price: Rs 6000/- •Time of Purchase: JUly 2010 •Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes UPTO JULY 2013 •Reason for Sale: PURCHASE SABERTOOTH X58 •Purchase Invoice Available: Yes •Product Condition...
  7. T

    Stream media grabber

    Please let me know which are the best streaming media grabber software to grab images/video/audio from internet thanks and advance
  8. Ethan_Hunt

    Tomb Raider Underworld PC Demo

    Silent release but what the hell. The next installment of Lara Croft demo is out now. Grab it from: http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/underworld/demo.html
  9. A

    utorrent 1.8 final released

    the lightweight torrent client utorrent version 1.8 has been released...grab it now Change Log: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=44003 http://www.utorrent.com/
  10. chesss

    Suspended animation

    maybe an overdone subject.. Real cool this - U wld immediately want to grab a print of this :D http://blogoscoped.com/files/stripes.html - remember to do it s-l-ow-ly EDIT: may not work in exploder

    NOKIA E50 for sale....any of you can grab it.

    I am going to sale my one month old slimy silvery nokia E50.multimedia business class phone. Mainly used for netsurfing, Wants to upgrade for a new one, checkout nokia site for specs,search threads for more comments. Location: Noida/Delhi Grab it now! Rs 7000/- may be high for few...
  12. Gigacore

    Grab ur Solaris 10 DVD now!!!

    Well this is a limited time free shipping of Solaris 10 from Sun.. I ordered Solaris 10 OS as my first option.... Grab it before, stocks last.
  13. P

    Rs 500/- = your own website

    Here is a special offer for digitians... Pay rs 500 and get 100 mbs windows hosting and a .info domain (www.yourwebsite.info) name with 5 email ids.. Hurry up.. Grab now... For first 10 persons only... For details mail me to alcomkashmir@gmail.com or call 09419412721 www.askashmir.com
  14. sridatta

    Hurry Up To Grab Windows Vista E-books

    No piracy, please.
  15. Vishal Gupta

    NEWS: Windows VISTA RC1 Goes Public !!!

    gr8 news guys! :D Windows Vista RC1 is available now on Microsoft site. :) Hurry up and grab ur Vista copy. Link : http://download.windowsvista.com/preview/rc1/en/download.htm
  16. desertwind

    Sony Handycam MiniDV USB Capturing in Fedora Core 4

    So today my friend bring my home his Sony Handycam DCR HC42E MiniDV asking me to grab the movie he shot. First step ? I plugged the USB cable (I've no firewire or TVTuner Card). Now what? which application? I started Kino and selected the capture tab. nothing happens. except fo one message...
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