1. aaruni

    Nebula emulator

    Hey Guys, I downloaded Nebula emulator and X-Men Vs Street Fighter Rom. Can anyone help me as to how to add the rom so the emulator recognizes it???:cry: I got it, just drag the rom file into the rom folder. I was unzipping the file untill now. So, somebody please close this...
  2. K

    How to Download a DVD Movie into a Mobile Phone !

    Hi Guys, I want to install a Movie from a original DVD. Can anyone please tell me a way to how to do it. The DVD does not have a ready to play format like MPEG,MP4 so it is not as easy as one can imagine like Drag it from the DVD and install it in the phone. No it is not that simple. Any...
  3. ritesh.techie

    Share what you read @ Facebook

    Many time you read a nice article on the net which you want to share with your friends but the sad thing is the site doesn't provide any social bookmarking option. Sharing with facebook just need a one click, lets know how first go to http://www.facebook.com/share_options.php There you...
  4. garfield_56

    nfs: UG-2 : help in drag race!!

    just started playing nfs - ug2....nd i won the races rachel gave me...all but one ::: drag.. I cant figure out how do win this one...if i increase the speed...my engine blows...if i dont, then i am left behind nd ultimately every1 else completes d race, while m stuck!!!! I am running a mazda...
  5. chesss

    Suspended animation

    maybe an overdone subject.. Real cool this - U wld immediately want to grab a print of this :D http://blogoscoped.com/files/stripes.html - remember to do it s-l-ow-ly EDIT: may not work in exploder
  6. Gigacore

    Its Show Time (Show off ur GUTS, with this game)

    Ok ok.... this is the game that kicks ur AS* The Game is Called "Survial Game" This is a 19 KB HTML game made out of java script that runs in your web browser. The instruction is given in the game. Still i would like to say about it.. You have to click and drag the RED Box at the center...
  7. gxsaurav

    Concept UI for Windows JumpTab

    You can also read this on my blog Windows Explorer has drag & drop for files & folder. You can drag & drop some files or some folders in another folder by just dragging onto the folder you want to move the files to & drop it. But what if you want to drag it in a folder, inside a folder...
  8. krates

    Create a drag mask (flash)

    i found a link which tells u about how to create a drag mask like a picture is not displayed but when u roll over the mouse u will see it http://maskingflash.blogspot.com/
  9. ax3

    download from rapidshare ! ! !

    ppl downloading a file from rapidshare through IE & FF ....... which 1`s fastest ? does tunning FF make a diff 4 this or untouched IE does it the best ....... PS: dont drag this thread into BROWSER WAR ........ just simple ans wanted .....
  10. rajat22


    I just found a awesome new browser while its still based around Firefox code it is the most innovative project I have seen in awhile. It integrates heavily used sites into the browser. It has integrates flickr, photobucket and in the latest developer edition they have added youtube. They use a...
  11. N

    How to disable tab drag?

    I have Firefox 2.0 Now problem is whenever I shift tabs by clicking on a tab instead of shifting the tab gets picked up by mouse and comes in drag mode...this is very irritating...I want to disable dragging of tabs in different positions. Also I think it is just a useless feature. Any Idea how...
  12. K

    web designing tool??????????

    hi friends is there any tool which enables 1 to make a website just drag & dropping images,editing text and flashes?????????
  13. M

    How does google do it...

    hey guys...i am sure all of ya'll must have seen the new personalized home for google... I was wondering how can i make such kind of framing for my project this year... i guess u must have got wht i am talkin bout...the frame tht pulls out from the left hand side when we click on add...
  14. mobilegeek

    Moto ROKR E1 available in India??

    Anyone Check if Motorola ROKR E1 with i-tunes available here or not .. Shared Memory 512MB, 3D stereo speakers, Apple iTunes compatible, MPEG4/MP3 player, iTAP, Organizer, Drag and drop up to 100 songs I havnt seen it in market .. If anyone know its availability here in India ...
  15. jay4u

    Drag & DROP - Encoding video files

    Can you people suggest a Drag & Drop one click encoding solution to convert mpg files to divx / xvid / avi without bothering about the bitrate just setting the quality of output file and the program automatically sets the parameters..... i have used POCKET DIVX ENCODER and it was pretty good...
  16. NikhilVerma

    Changing Faces

    Changing Faces -------------------- Photoshop Knowledge required : Medium External Plug-ins required: None (Before starting reset your workspace by Window ---> Workspace ---> Reset Palette Locations) This is a fun tutorial which will teach you how to change the face of a person into...
  17. NikhilVerma

    Wood Texture

    Difficulty Level : Medium Photoshop CS You will find some tutorials for making wood texture over the net. But this one is slightly different and provides better results. Start off with a file 600*600 pixels and white background. With RGB color setting. Goto Filter --> Render --> Fibers...
  18. saROMan

    Firefox again...

    hey i resently d/l some themes for firefox.........but dont know how to apply them????? in 1.0 u just drag them to themes...window..but how u do it in 0.93????? can any 1 help me????
  19. S

    Serious Problems with Windows Xp sp2

    ever since I installed windows xp service pack 2 I can neither right click on any file, nor delete or copy it directly. I have to drag the files. So I cannot access the file properties. Other than that Windows XP runs beautifully.
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