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There are no converters available but you can cut the plug and include a stereo jack if you can!

You need the firmware/FS of the region which supports Greek. Where did you buy the phone from? A different region?

Sorry, no RealMedia support for k750i.


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sanket1425 said:
hi guru. how do i rename captured video files in my k550?i
You can't rename the file while it is in Camera Album. So to rename it you have to move it to the Videos folder. After renaming you cannot move it back to Camera Album however. If you have to move it to Camera Album, you'll have to rename it MOVXXXXX (replace the xxxxx by any five digit number). The camera Album can only have video files named in this format. If you use a pc, rename the files and then move it to the camera folder, they'll not show up in the phone.


Here is something, i want u to help me out.
1. what is the use of My Friends option in messages.
2. what is use of remote control option in Entertainment. its bluetooth remote control and so how to use it. any more software needed?


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^^^ As per the remote control in your entertainment section is Bluetooth Remote COntrol. First you need to pair it with a laptop bluetooth, or any BLuetooth dongle. And then the permission or authentication to always allow.Then again you can go to your Remote control and after searching for few moment it will show you paired networks then you can select and can continue using your Remote Selection.


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I have k750i>w800i. I want Hindi language in my mobo. There is a custpack called India on Topsony's site. But this custpack is not available anywhere. Where can i get this and how to enable hindi language on my mobo?


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if m nt wrong cybershot is a technology used by sony....they used it in their digicams now introduced in cellphones(SE)....so wats d good news abt flashing it?


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Is is possible to flash my w810i to bring cyber shot in it??? if so can u tell me how can i do that..?

Don't worry of flashing it to cyber shot.The camera of SE W810i is equal to SE k750i in terms of quality.*gigasmilies.googlepages.com/4.gif


krazyfrog. said:
warrior, are you by any chance using Airtel NOP? Cause it doesn't work on nop.
Here m in a big trouble…. m using MO and all stuffs are going fine. Following 2 culprits are trying to screw my happiness …

1 When I tried to connect gmail (email client) its saying Server Not found. I have tried many times but no resolution. I have also installed the certificates (as per few blogs in net).

2 When I tried to use update service its showing searching for updates and after a while it gives Device Mgmt Sony ericsson connection interrupted

** what is device mgmt what where do I get the settings for that …


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^^ I hope you're using the right settings. Go to Settings>Connectivity>Internet Settings>Settings for Java, then select the setting for Mobile Office, and then see if the GMail app works.


yes... all are going fine xcept the above mentioned problems... im able to get my mails thru gmail application... what went wrong


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i have se w810i ...1)i think my phone has less sound
2)my ir is not working (no detection)
3)how to install .jad & .jar files
4)suggest me site where i can find 'anything'
about SE


hi guru...

am in a confusion between buying k790i and k810i

which one is good.... by means of music and cam
technichally both has same features like 3.2mp cam..


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both of them are same buy k790 as k810 keypad is a bit uncomfortable and k8100 is costlier than k790
i have k790 and i love it
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