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  1. Flash

    Pakistan: TTP militants storm Peshawar school, 131 killed

    Source:TTP militants storm Peshawar school, 131 killed Where's the terrorism heading?
  2. beingGamer

    In-Game Stupidity

    There's a screenshot channel but creating this thread for posting pics related to the stupidity you do in games when you are bored while playing them. I start with the following- Was practicing with the controller for hitman absolution. was bored of practicing in King of China town level...
  3. R

    Techie killed, four injured in mishap

    Is this news about member here? Sorry delete it if wrong. Techie killed, four injured in mishap - The Times of India
  4. Hrishi

    Navy Seal who killed Laden , breaks his silence.

    This is very sad. The soldier who killed Laden is now struggling for his own safety.Having financial issues. :( Cam across this TOI news article. Can't tell how much authentic the news is But its from TOI. Source :Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden breaks his silence. If its true , I...
  5. warfreak

    Demon's Souls

    Anyone played it? Its for the PS3. Heard that it's like the toughest game on the PS3 ever. You can get killed 8-10 times in the tutorial level alone!!
  6. D@rekills4

    Modern Warfare 3 - The Onion Reveals MW 3

    Modern Warfare 2 is nice and all, but The Onion has the scoop on Modern Warfare 3 - the most realistic military experience ever created. Cleaning humvees and complaining about cell phone coverage? Count me in! The only thing missing in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is a feature where once you...
  7. Disc_Junkie

    Guwahati rocked by blasts again today!!

    Bomb blasts kill 7 in India's Assam ahead of PM visit GUWAHATI: Assam was rocked by four blasts on Monday in which seven people were killed and over sixty injured. The first blast occurred in Karbi Anglong, the second blast took place in Maligaon in...
  8. Faun

    One a Month, in the name of Christ !

    Religious animals should die ! They must practice celibacy and win Darwin awards. How much it takes to be good ? Reading whole Bible or just being a Human ? Government itself is a puppet to religious sects. Laws favoring such things and neutral instance. It's abhorrent that other people who...
  9. shift

    Major attacks in India since 2003

    REUTERS - India's major cities were put on high alert on Sunday, with fears of more attacks after at least 46 people were killed in two days of bombings that hit Ahmedabad and Bangalore. Following is a chronology of some of the major attacks in India in the past five years...
  10. tarey_g

    And Bluray killed HdDvd..(Proof)

    The battle was fierce, one had to die... :mrgreen:
  11. kalpik

    Benazir Bhutto killed

    In a bomb blast :O
  12. ::cyborg::

    ::sony Ericsson Guru Here::

  13. mak1012

    who killed adnan

    hi friends you must have heard about the adnan who was kidnapped in mumbai....kidnappers killed him....but what you think who really killed adnan....
  14. R

    Flash news for wwe fans over here Benoit dead.

    Flash news for wwe fans over here Benoit dead. Benoit killed his wife and 7-year-old son over the weekend, then himself on Monday. According to lead investigator Lt. Tommy Pope, of the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department, in Fayetteville, Ga., the deaths of WWE Superstar Chris Benoit, wife...
  15. gaurav_indian

    5 friends!

    This is crime story… Five friends lived in a room, Namely… Mad, brain, fool, nobody and somebody. One day SOMEBODY killed NOBODY. At that time BRAIN was in bathroom, MAD called police. MAD: is it police station??? POLICE: yes, wts the matter?? MAD: SOMEBODY killed NOBODY. POLICE: r u...
  16. 24online

    Gunman kills at least 21 at Virginia Tech

    Gunman kills at least 21 at Virginia Tech A lone gunman killed at least 21 people before he was killed during twin shootings on the Virginia Tech campus, the deadliest school attacks in United States history, CNN reports. "Some victims were shot in a classroom," it said, quoting the University...
  17. T

    14 killed at nandigram

    14 people were killed by police force at nandigram on 14 march. You must have heard about the news. So what are your openions about this incident guys?
  18. praka123

    Accused murderer peddled OpenOffice.org online

  19. B

    anybody please help

    first of all dont blame me abt playin old games and for asking "how to" but my pc cant run new games and i am satisfied with halflife and serious sam :) my problem :( game :arrow: opposing force: this is where i am stucked :arrow: http://www.bluespace4u.com/oppforce.jpg so if...
  20. kunwar

    STUCK in 2nd stage of mafia POOR cars No WEOPANS!!!!!!

    see, it is the MISSION in which i have 2 DESTROY the cars parked in the backyard of something like"lactov's party". i go there with paulie with a cocktail . when i go there, those guards have REVOLVERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i AM KILLED. helppppppppppp
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