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:machinegun2:I have a 256 Kbps (night speed 512 kbps) connection, so its pretty decent. I dont use these distros much so I just install it and change it every three months, I am okay with downloading the whole distro dvd as I have a storage capacity of more than 2.5 TB (including external and internal hdds), so even that is not an issue, plus I have a dedicated system just for downloading stuff from the internet 24X7 :smile: in short I did rather spend the Rs.150/- on something else than Digit...I anyways dont buy it each month and ever since last month (after the Subscribers Special Issue), I have totally stopped buying it.

This man:hammer: is bashing digit last month for not providing the extra content and ready to pay Rs 200.00 and now ............:shock:


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i received my May 2010 Subscriber's copy :-D yesterday evening (29th April) & frankly i was very surprised to receive it before April end :C_surprised:

Since i had to rush back at the hospital where my uncle has been admitted, i hurriedly opened my package (always do that ever since subscribing to it..:oops: ) & to my disappointment once again, i noticed that the top left portion (where the price is printed) is torn, not a big concern though because cellotape should come to my rescue. i have not checked the DVDs yet as i am at my cousin's place right now, will do so tomorrow.

i had received my April issue in a very damaged condition & conveyed my distress through a phone call to the Digit helpline & e-mailed the Editor, to which both duly replied with an assurance to send me an apt replacement, which was done without any hassles :thumbs: Thank you Team Digit :smile:

i do not intend to be a complaint box but i request the Digit Team to kindly look into the packing & dispatch process. i take good care of my magazines (& text books :oops: ) & do every bit to maintain them.

i hope i will not have a reason to be distressed when i receive the Anniversary Special Issue of next month. ;-)


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@Anorion, I have 5 G-Data Internet Security Key (Valid for 6-months ) which got from a G-Data Polland promo site, and i want to share them with the members plz tell me the procedure for the same .


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I was expecting camcorder test

Hi, the test was actually dropped because of a number of reasons, the most significant one being nearly all manufacturers were having a product line refresh, this being the end of the financial year. So stocks are recalled from everywhere. New products will be launched in the coming months. Brands do not like to sell products that are EOL, nor would we like to test something you won't be able to buy in two months.

You can, however, write in to us @ for personalised buying advice on camcorders.


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what was so great- could you elaborate it..........

I liked the DirectX- 11 demystified article, DIY on making a Piano,
The GTX 480 and GTX 470 , Hyper-X T1 reviews were nice,
Just Push Pause article, the Media player test was also good...
But that's just me !!!
^ ok thanks for the update, as I've not got the mag yet, anyways would try evening and have to just throw away that beta dvd- waste of hard earned money:-(


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Only some developer tools this time like Netbeans 6.8 and Eclipse Classic

But I expected J2EE version or the web development tools versions of these softwares.
Anyways at least something useful in this DVD out of the bunch of useless third party software.

Hope to see some good stuffs in the anniversary issue of the magazine.
ok got the mag, not yet checked the dvds- if they are faulty this time I would go for replacement.............. as the beta crap is on both dvds, if it would have been on one dvd, it would be easy to just throw away...........:)

why now a days the mag is only meager 120 pages:-x


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where are the remaining lectures of david .j .malan's intro to com. science.
i was really disappointed not to find them on aprail issue and now not in may .......:-(
why not provide the entire course on one go just like you guys did on aprail issue by giving MIT course .
and one more thing the cd with aprail issue is not working.....................
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Re: SHAMELESS PPL @ DIGIT (R U listening?)


It's very odd that you haven't received your April issue, but don't you feel you're going a little overboard with the criticism and name calling?

There's a helpdesk number 022-40789612. Tomorrow, please do call after 10am. There'll be someone to help you out. At least, you'll have an idea of whether your new address has been registered or not. If not, then the change will be made.


Thanks for CorelDRAW X5. Very useful. Next time, give in Photoshop/Premeire CS5 Trials.


hey can you please put in some the videos in sd or standard definition please coz dey dont run in my utterly shitty pc
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