Power supply blacklist thread for newbies


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thanks for the thread. :)

but explain me something, i have been hearing many negative views regarding cooler master, but check my sig..... the cooler master served me 3+years without a single issue, even when games are run for long times like 2-3 days continuous or even upto 2 weeks with 2-3 hours rest a day (kept my MMO games running even when i was off). i agree it's efficiency is low, but what other than this could cause such bad reputation?


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^^ You are just one of the lucky users. And also one can't expect only 70% efficiency and poor ripple from a PSU made by good brand such as cooler master.
And the main reason is: many users lost their valuable PC components due to CM's extreme power series.


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Their Silent Pro series is pretty decent in terms of build quality, IMO.

Low end products are horrible, however. Like, Extreme Power Plus, or GX series.


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I can second that both iBall and Intex PSUs are crap. I have been through both of them. But I have used a CM Extreme Power Plus PSU with a low powered graphic card (HD4670) and it served me well for 2+ years. It is now in my father's computer and I am pretty sure it will serve him for a really long time. I don't know if it makes a difference but I always had a stabilizer connected with it.
Another thing I have seen with local brands is that they are really light in weight as compared to quality units. It is a (really) rough indicator of the quality.
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Good thread probably am gonna need this

I had read this somewere way back say 5to 6 years back.

If u have to buy amongst the crappy one and have to choose from amongst the ones with equivalent power wattage go with the heavier ones :D

Its got something to do with heatsinks ... More powertransisters / components need bigger better heatsinks hence better power:D

But with brands like antec etc available for as low as 2k its worth spending that extra i guess :)
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I see some people vouching for iBall, zebronics etc. Trust me, iBall is really really bad and Zebronics ones that cost 1.5k are also useless. If you are spending that much, better spend 500 bucks more and get FSP or Corsair.

And saying that fitting a 2k PSU in a budget PC is difficult is silly. Now the situation has changed slightly, but earlier people would not go for AMD instead of Intel saying they'd never heard of. In those times, C2D combo cost around 4k more than slightly lower performing Athlon, but people were ready to buy C2D.
But if told to buy a good PSU by spending 1.5k extra, they suddenly started facing a budget crunch. It was crazy, it still is.
Just 4 months back one of my friends was ready to buy i3 when it was costing 23k total. I made him buy Athlon II X4 640 coz of 880G's graphics performance. It cost 21k. But he still did not buy a corsair CX400 PSU which I suggested him.
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oh wow...Xenforo!!!
Ignoring the substandard power supplies, its important to know if a product is replaced or repaired. If its repaired, the question arrives: Is it repaired properly by the proper people with proper tools and proper replacement parts and if they are tested properly!!

I think what we need to do is if people have power supplies that are RMAed, we could keep a track record of how many gets a fresh replacement, refurb or repaired. Most of us have Corsair units anyways, who have a good track record by giving a fresh replacement.


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Another brand to add to the list

Tech Comm

yes. Its crap. And by good proportions. Sam has bought one of these power supply as a internim Psu. Rs.450 for 450w unit. The box had things like lightning proof and ultra durable. Also it was written in proud letters 66% efficiency which I highly doubt.


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68% efficiency. weights half that of my FSP & maybe a quarter if you compare to Corsair/Seasonic stuff. absolute crap.


I should have read this beforehand. I was convinced to buy a PSU. the company name was HuntKey. any one here heared about that company? is it good?
Is it better I change the psu? Because i dont wanna loose my other components.
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