1. Ssangeet

    Alternate PSU suggestion needed

    I bought Corsair CX550 2 years back but suddenly it is dead so i send it on RMA on 6th oct(through KAIZEN) I am not sure how much time will it take ? so thinking about buying 2nd PSU as without main pc work is affected.Do people really buy 2 PSUs? PC config GPU - GTX 1660ti CPU - R3600x MOBO -...
  2. A

    Cheap UPS required

    Guys , I have antec vp650 Power supply, GTX 1080 , ryzen 1200, 16 gb ram, 24 inch monitor.. Assume nothing is overclocked. Also have a su kam cosmic inverter. In case of power outage, my pc reboots everytime.. I need to buy a UPS for just a singular purpose , i.e to keep my pc from rebooting...
  3. Nishandh

    How to check PSU is performing good or not ?

    Hi, is there any way to check your PSU ? weather a reputed PSU is showing any signs of failure on any of the 5.5/12V/3V outputs ? I have a multi meter, and knows to start a PSU by shorting green and ground cable. Is it possible to check the ripple filtering levels and power aspects, without...
  4. Shade97

    horizontal line artifacts and low resolution screen on POST/BIOS Splash screen

    my problem basically was after PC is shut down(as in the main power switch turned off) for a long time(always the next morning,because it stays off for 7-8 hours while i sleep ) it used to,and still does some times the following shows how the problem has got progressively worse to its current...
  5. sukesh1090

    Bios reporting very high Vcore, Vram

    Hello, I am having a AMD phenom II 955 BE running on a Gigabyte GA-880GM-USB3 motherboard and my PSU is Seasonic S12 II 520W. Today I booted in to Bios and I noticed that its showing vcore of 2.00v instead of 1.4v, Vram of 2.3v instead of 1.5v and PSU 12v rail at 16.17v. I have attached a...
  6. iittopper

    [Praise] [Accel Frontline and Tirupati enterprise] Fast RMA for seagate HDD and seasonic psu

    Both my PSU Seasonic s12ii 520w and Seagate 1 TB was not working. For HDD, I located the centre in Nehru place, new Delhi and submitted my HDD. Within 3 days I receive the message that my Seagate replacement is shipped from Chennai and I received it in 2 days in my home. So the entire process...
  7. savithk

    Entry-Level PSU only

    guys iam planing to replace my current old PSU 450 unbranded to new one please suggest me which is suitable for PC motherboard ASUS M4N68T-M V2 M4N68T-M V2 | Motherboards | ASUS Global
  8. rakesh_sharma23

    600 Watt budget PSUs Battle

    600 Watt budget PSUs Battle Corsair VS650 - vs - Cooler Master MasterWatt 600 - vs - Antec VP650 I have reviewed few PSUs in past two years or so mostly all were higher end expensive computer PSUs and I am constantly asked by many to suggest a budget gaming PSU or review one. I have few...
  9. J

    New psu needed under 4k

    I need a new psu of 500watts under 4k Pc specs are as follows Amd fx 6300 Gigabyte mobo 6 gb ddr3 ram Gtx 680 2 gb gfx 500 gb hdd
  10. A

    PC Freezing when playing games

    I have purchased a new assembled PC two weeks back with following configurations - Processor I5 6402P MotherBoard H170M D3H Graphics card : Zotac GTX 1060 3GB Ram : Corsair Vengeance 8 GB PSU : Cooler Master B500 500W SSD : Sandisk SSD 240GB Cabinet : Coolermaster Elite 330 Windows 10...
  11. A

    Help with assembling new PC

    Hello! I'm trying to assemble a new PC. I'll answer the required questions first, and if I feel anything's left out,I'll mention that later. This is my current Configuration: AMD FX4100 ASUS M5A78L-M/USB3 Corsair Value-Select 8gb RAM DDR3 WD Caviar Blue 1TB Zotac GTX 750Ti GPU. UMAX 700W PSU...
  12. D

    PSU has crashed ? Corsair GS 600

    Hi, I have a corsair gs 600 which i bought some 3 years back, I recently upgraded by graphics card from 650ti boost to gtx 1060 6gb. When i switched the graphics card , i noticed that the inbuilt fan in the case wasn't working, and was planning to look it over the weekend. PC worked fine...
  13. D

    [Query] Which psu, motherboard, hdd has best service

    I am planning to buy a basic system using Intel G3xx series processors and H81 motherboard. I am yet to finalise a PSU and HDD. Which PSU would you guys suggest under 3,000-4,000 rupees having a good replacement warranty? Or should I go with a generic PSU? Should I go with 1 TB WD Blue or...
  14. A

    Upgrading PSU

    Hello people, I am upgrading my graphic card, I will be buying GTX 970 or 1060 3gb, I currently have Antec VP 450 psu .. So which psu would be good for me. I dont want to spend too much. Below 5k would be good. Config: Amd fx 8320 Cooler Master Hyper 212X Gtx 970 or 10603gb 1Tb WD Blue...
  15. B

    Planning to upgrade my current rig

    Current specs : - RAM : - Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1333 MHz 8 GB CPU: - Intel Core i3, 2120 3.3 Ghz Gfx - GT 520 Motherboard : - MSI H61M-P20 (G3) (MS-7788) Hard drive : - WD Green Cavair (1 TB) Toshiba 160 GB (Its 10 years old I think and still works well) PSU - Not aware what...
  16. Vyom

    [Ordered] Card for my i5-4570 PC, Games: RL, GTA V, Racing games, Bioshock Remaster, Budget: ~15k

    I upgraded from a Pen 4 PC after 7 years. Now am using a Core i5 4570 PC since 3 years. And been gaming on integrated graphics ever since. I was not much of a gamer, but since Jan 2016 Rocket League have consumed my life. It have made me a gamer again. And with the advent of other games like...
  17. ranjitsd

    Buying psu today, need suggestion

    I'm buying new psu for Rx 480, which I bought yesterday. I have antec bp450, my rig is i5 4460 and normal pc parts. My budget max 4/5k. Buying it today evening.need suggestion urgently. Using mobile in office, so can't use basic format for asking suggestion.
  18. Vensanga

    Need new PSU

    My Seasonic S12 II 520 has died recently and I need a new PSU, I checked the local market and they have Corsair CX500 for Rs. 4700 and Antec VP500 for Rs.4000. I don't play games anymore so I sold my GPU as well so I won't need much. Please suggest from the two listed. 1. Corsair CX500@4700 2...

    PSU Restarts when UPS Switches.

    Hello, Since few weeks my PC is unexpectedly restarting or hangs and I'm unable to figure out the fault. Of course mains is not stable these days but it always happens when the UPS switches from battery to mains when the power is restored. Even if I manually switch OFF and ON, the PC restarts...
  20. P

    Just Gaming motherboard

    Hello to all, First, see what I have- 1.Gigabyte h61m-s2pr3 motherboard(Worse motherboard ever I think) 2.I5-2500k 3.Asus r9 270x 2gb 4.Iball 550w peak PSU(Not so good I think) So, I want to change Processor, Mobo, and PSU(will stuck to the Graphic cards for few more...
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