1. D

    Friend/CAller Location

    Dear All I'm using Asus Fonepad. I'm looking for a App. which can show me the callers location ( on MAp.. same like google map). There was on App before in my Nokia Lumia. but I couldn't Remember.. Sorry for my poor memory.. Anywys. Can anyone help me with a Free App which can show me my...
  2. S

    Need a laptop for engineering student under 35000INR

    Hello techies , I wanna buy a laptop near 35k INR . PROCESSOR: Intel core or if performance comparable then i dont mind AMD. RAM-4GB . GRAPHICS: I play gta 4 , sufficient one would b helpful. Battery 3hrs min . Considerable display. Please help me out guys . I'm poor family guy , i've taken a...
  3. A

    game quality

    I recently formatted my laptop and then i installed all the drivers provided by my manufacturer(sony vaio -from their site) and also installed the latest nvidia graphics driver. But my game quality is very poor. The game performance is good and lag is minimal but the image quality is very poor...
  4. R

    Negative Experience Snapdeal poor service and customer care is pathetic

    If you value your money don't ever purchase anything from snapdeal. Their So called "Trust Pay" is nothing but a trap. 1. I have ordered a SD card (order number 1277188613) on 23-09-13 which was sent via bluedart (waybill 69037603692) on 25th Sep. 2. The Tracking ID of bludart has been...
  5. N

    Regarding Digitlite Motherboard

    I got a digilite motherboard when I purchased an assembled desktop year ago. Now, I regret prompting for Digilite instead of Gigabyte. The processor is AMD Phenom X II. Even if I upgrade the processor now, I needed to change the motherboard. Digitlite's support is poor. No upgrades...
  6. CommanderShawnzer

    Why doesn't nintendo have an official presence in India?

    Why?Do the Japs in Nintendo think that India is a poor country where people can't afford games!? :x
  7. K

    Which is better from Sony SRS d9 2.1 vs Edifier C2 2.1 for LED TV ?

    The TV is mainly used for normal cable watching from stb and movies from USB. No gaming. So which of the two is better. The LED TV inbuilt sound is poor. Which has more bass among the 2 ? Do the tweeters in the edifier make any difference to overall output?. Please help.
  8. C

    Quality of 10" Budget tabs in India

    Hi all. New here. Been searching for a 10" budget tab for a while now. I can't seem to find ONE DECENT 10" budget tablet (Indian or otherwise) in the under 20k range. Thats US $360 - I would have thought thats a decent enough price. It doesn't matter if its from China/Taiwan - wherever...
  9. buddyram

    CSS3 Progress Bar!

    There is progress bar within the linear line. I want to replicate it in the circular line. Am not sure what exactly to be done there as am poor in CSS3. Can i get some hints on this please....
  10. K

    Advice on Nokia Lumia 920

    Hi Guys I want to buy a new phone,when i checked the features of this Nokia Lumia 920 mobile ,feel like buying one but some are saying the audio quality is poor .what u guys think whether to go with it or not.
  11. D

    Video not playing smoothly in amy player

    I tried to play video with VLC, WMP, MP classic, TVP, but in all cases the video quality is very poor. too much of colours and darkness in video. Any suggestion ? Note: Same video playing smoothly in my desktop.
  12. freshseasons

    Rs 600 per month enough to feed family of five: Delhi CM Sheila Dikshit

    Source: Rs 600 per month enough to feed family of five: Delhi CM Sheila Dikshit- Politics News- IBNLive Has the government of this country really left with some perception of Reality ?
  13. J

    Viao or HP?

    I am heavily confused in choosing between Sony Viao E series SVE15116E and HP pavilion G6 2016 TX....Both seems to have same conifugaration such as i5 processor,4 GB RAM, 500 GB Hard Disk...I am a little bit inclined towards Sony.However, people say that Viao laptops have very poor battery and...
  14. Tobuscus

    Why is Indian Animation/Cartoons so incredibly bad?

    The title says it all.This is a hate thread:wink: I watch a few cartoon channels (or rather i'm forced to by my little cousins),and everyone of them features at least one Indian cartoon which sucks really bad. For example, Chota Bheem, a relatively better cartoon. The cartoon has very...
  15. Ronnie11

    Need help with hatchback choice

    Hey guys,i am planning to buy a car soon...am looking for a small hatchback.....i narrowed down to the following options 1- Hyundai I20 2012 Model 2- Ford Figo 3- Suzuki swift(Ruled out) 4-Honda Jazz(Bought on 3rd July) won't be running much...so i am looking for a petrol car...i need good...
  16. S

    BSNL pantel IS701R review

    After 24 hours of getting the device in hand, i will sum it up for you. Cost of the product was 3385/- including shipping For specs: http://pantel.in/product19-tpad_is701r.aspx Initially, an HDMI output was part of the specification but was not included. Verdict: 1. Cheapest in India - but...
  17. TheMost

    Poor performance with SG Note

    I Recently bought a SG Note and I was initially happy for 2 days ... Once i started customizing ... I started crying ... Very poor performance from my side after installing Golauncher EX,Handcent SMS etc... I can hardly scroll through the music menu after installing these .... So much of...
  18. rezurect007

    Poor Jokes Thread

    PJ's anyone: Collection of some of the most pathetic poor jokes Q.What's a PJ ? Answer: Obviously "a poor joke" Question: What's a (P + i J)? Answer: "complex poor joke" But why don't people laugh on a "complex poor joke" ? A. Because the joke part of it is imaginary. Q.What did...
  19. ico

    Power supply blacklist thread for newbies

  20. N

    dell u2311 price hike (DELHI)

    Hi guys last time when i visited nehru place,i found that the dell u2311 was selling at 14k,back then i didn't have that cash so i decided to buy later now when i visited nehru place to finally buy the dell u2311 they are asking 16k,now that sucks,i though price drops,so if any of you guys know...
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