1. S

    circumaural headphones with mic for Rs.1000

    My friend needs a headphone with mic. He is not into iems. Preferably circumaural headphones with mic. The budget is 1000 max extendable to 1300. The use is for chatting and some music ( mainly desi songs). Please suggest a good model. thanks in advance guys.
  2. J

    SRS audio Enchancer + Yamaha amplifier Vs the World

    Been a music lover i always like to carry my junk box around with me but that does not mean i am willing to invest half of my hardly eared salary into apple owed devices or similarly highly priced audio players what i would want is a device tht i can easily carry around & sever me in many...
  3. ico

    Power supply blacklist thread for newbies

  4. K

    Will BharatBerry replace BlackBerry?

    GOK.......! To provide a concrete solution for interception of data sent using Blackberry messenger, a Jaipur -based IT company has claimed to have developed a mobile communication service for all users that will work under the ambit of Indian law.:cry::shock: Ref: Bharat Berry, desi...
  5. digit i am thinking

    HP camera 'can't see' black faces !

    A YouTube video suggesting that face recognition cameras installed in HP laptops cannot detect black faces has had over one million views. The short movie, uploaded earlier this month, features "Black Desi" and his colleague "White Wanda". When Wanda, a white woman, is in front of the screen...
  6. NewsBytes

    Desi Adda: Games of India – Game Launch and First Impressions

    Gameshastra's Prakhash Ahuja, Sony's Atindriya Bose and actor Darsheel Safary launch Desi Adda: Games of India   We were invited to attend launch of a new game on the PS2 and PSP called Desi Adda: Games of India. Speaking at the event were Atindriya Bose from Sony Computer Entertainment...
  7. desiibond

    Digit. please give us a round up of desi laptops

    In Diwali special edition, digit reviewed 30+ laptops and among them, there is only one Desi laptop? I have recently tried Wipro laptops and I found them really really good and on level with major brands's. Can Digit put up a round-up of laptops manufactured by Indian brands like Wipro, HCL...
  8. NucleusKore

    John Mcain and Pailn - Promo Desi style

    I loved this
  9. krates

    Need desi torrent invitation

    Hey guys i need desi torrent invitation please can somebody send me one invitation the first one whu will reply for giving me i will give him this domain Thanks krates
  10. Gigacore

    Newton's Laws

    Have a look at this...creativity at its best. 1st Law A Desi Will Continue to Stay in USA Due To Inertia of Green card until and unless an external Force Called Deportation is Applied. 2nd Law The Force of Deportation F = ma Where m = Amount Of Money Desi...
  11. M

    Time for a desi public torrent lister ?

    There are over a dozen private desi trackers, but not one public torrent lister like There was a reason 2-3yrs back why it wasn't possible i.e internet b/w was low in India & therefore most people just downloaded & didn't bother to seed. But now the condition has improved.
  12. tanush_89

    desi torrentz ( not a request)

    Hi guys, I have a account on desi torrent. Can anyone tell me how to get a invite ??? So that I can give other guys
  13. F

    please send torrent invitation

    Can somebody send me any desi torrent sites invitations such as
  14. tanush_89

    desi torrentz invitation

    Hi guys I want desi torrentz invitation. can any one give me???? Plz help me. Can do anything in return whatever i can do.
  15. blackleopard92

    Desi Multiplayer servers

    Due to lag of triband connections, it is impossible to play on international servers.Are there any good desi servers of good games?
  16. C

    Is there any fLOSS equivalent 2 Tally ?

    Any fLOSS implementation of Tally etc. (with desi VAT support) available yet :?:
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