1. pRieSt

    Headphone with attached microphone for Skype

    Hi all, In past, I have used multiple headphones from Logitech but it tends to get break out of within 6 months of using. I normally use headphones for calling my clients/friends who stay outside India. Does anybody have any recommendations for using good headphones with attached microphone...
  2. L

    WD Blue latest updates

    Stay tuned :)
  3. Tenida

    Camera update for Asus Zenfone2 ZE551ML 2GB version

    In low light condition too much of noise are there. Never saw worst camera like this. My LG optimus L9 camera was far better than this. Those who are planning to buy Zenfone 2 for camera please stay away. Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551 ML camera sample - Album on Imgur
  4. arnabbiswasalsodeep

    Stay or not!!!

    Currently I am on shree broadband and they offer a terrible 30KBps speed but gives 1-3MBps speed downloads on torrent and has YouTube boost server to play 1080p videos It'll also allow DC++ for downloads My question is should I stay with it or not? Cuz i'll be downloading source code and...
  5. R

    Magnetic Fan Filters

    Im looking for a Magnetic 120mm Fan Filter, i stay in bangalore.
  6. mikael_schiffer

    Scary picture..can anyone give a good scary one

    I am in dire need of scary pics. When i googled all i got was people in costumes and some funny-trying-to-be-scary pics.. Most of them are lame.. Need a pic that will scare the bejeezuz outta a girl.. Something which when she sees ensures she cant sleep at night, or stay alone in a house...
  7. avichandana20000

    Place to stay

    I will accompany with my elder brother-in-law for heart surgery in Narayan Hrudayalaya. Need to know what is the most economic place to stay near it for 8 nights. ALso as per their site there are Shantiniketan Homes from and Cauvery Guest house(cannot find it in map). How're...
  8. H


    Hello, i am newbie here.Just want to say hello to all members here.Hope u all enjoy ur stay !!
  9. C

    How to unlock tata photon

    hi guys. I have a tata photon plus, but cancelled the connection because the speed was very low (0.7-1 Mbps). Could something guide me as how i can unlock it. I stay at hyderabad, so if anyone knows a place where it can done, please let me know.
  10. justme101

    New RAM needed!!

    Hii.. SO few days ago i had a PC crashing with BSOD problem. I Wrote in the forum, tried a couple of stuff on my own and the issue was resolved. I had two RAM sticks, one of chich went bad. So i have only 1 x 2GB stick in my PC and the processing has been obviously slower which i don't like...
  11. V

    XBOX Controller for PC price hike ??

    Hi guys , I am planning to buy an xbox controller for pc(wired). I have checked out flipkart and other sites ,they are not selling for less than 2k however, in digit november edition, in the configurations section >> xbox controller for pc the price is given as 1.35k How can there be such a...
  12. prabhu.wali

    Freelance job on Umbraco

    Hey Fellas,I need some modifications to be done on a website built using Umbraco, if anyone well versed please PM me and state your hourly rates and noobs please stay away:lol:
  13. toad_frog09

    Aptitude traning at Hyderabad.

    Me and couple of friends of mine (9, total. 4 girls and 5 boys.) have decided to go to Hyderabad for aptitude and GDPI classes. I heard there is a place called Aamirpet, which is exceptionally famous of its aptitude classes and various courses. We all are engineering students, 4th year (after...
  14. Desmond

    Zombie virus brainwashes caterpillars and liquifies their bodies.

    Source Its actually older news. But, imagine what would happen if the virus somehow mutates and becomes capable of attacking humans.
  15. ico

    Power supply blacklist thread for newbies

  16. ajayritik

    Suggestions on a good spike guard

    I currently have a spike guard which doesn't look good. Most of the times when I plug in something to it, it invariably doesn't fit properly and starts coming out. I saw some thread here but it was mentioned place as Mumbai I stay in Hyderabad. I think Belkin or MX are good brands that I came...
  17. D

    kolkata vs noida, load shedding, nios

    hello friend, will you please suggest me the good place to stay, where there is less load shedding, i need electricity whole night for using laptop. i need to attend nios sr. secondary exam so want to stay either noida or kolkata on the basis of your suggestion. my stay period will be...
  18. A


    please suggets best dvd playuer under rs 4000.00- i have acess to only samsung/lg/sony models where i stay
  19. T

    best iphone/ipod dock for 8ks

    pals... needed an ipod/iphone dock... max budget is 8k. which is the best 1 i can get.... stay in surat..... needed help... thanx angel
  20. D

    Terminate and stay Programs

    hello guys i was browsing through some DOS features at some websites and came upon TSR or terminate and stay resident programs. the y sounded quite good though i was unable to figure out who they were implemented . Can anyone tell me or point to a source that can provide information on how it...
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