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Post your Speedtest results


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^ No idea about exact location. But i know he has broadband from a company called US INTERNET, which announced 10Gbps packages last year.
Anyways, will try to post the speedtest results links.

1403rs per month, no limits
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Re: Post your Speedtest results [ Beam users are not allowed :D ]

yep for home bb i am using excitel paying 649+tax for 4mbps unlimited

speef doubles in night @8mbps


Indian Railways - The Vibrant and Moving INDIA
My Speedtest result for !dea 3G network :--->:twisted:

It is running in my new Datamini TWG10 (2-in-1/hybrid) device ,and sim is 3G (PREPAID)from Idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- - - Updated - - -

^Of course the above data was inside my Office Building.

Currently after returning Home and ran Speed test :---> Results as of now :)



Indian Railways - The Vibrant and Moving INDIA
Result of prepaid AIRCEL 3G sim,accessed from within Huawei E173 USB 3G Data Dongle,attached to my DELL Inspiron 14 5447 laptop :--->

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