1. W

    Nano Defender & Nano Adblocker removed by Google Chrome as malware

    Source: Time to remove Nano Adblocker and Defender from your browsers (except Firefox) - gHacks Tech News @omega44-xt @SaiyanGoku @Desmond David @Vyom Was using them yesterday when suddenly the extensions crashed with a chrome notification. Later when I tried to reload them I saw chrome...
  2. gala

    [Chrome Tricks]Using snippets in Chrome !!!!!!

    Have U Ever Got Stuck In a situation when u need to run a code in the Browser [chrome in this case] well fear Not because, Chrome provides a "snippets" bucket within the developer tools which allows you to manage small (or large) scripts that can be injected into a page. Scripts can do things...
  3. bssunilreddy

    My Chrome is saying "Not Secure"

    Hai, My Chrome is saying "Not Secure" when I type in digit or any other site in order to log in to that forum or mail. It's like this as below: Is it normal for everybody when they are logging into Digit or any mail id? Please tell me!
  4. patkim

    Chrome taking me to instead of

    Since today when I access google in Chrome it's taking me to instead of Internet explorer is fine. Note that I am not typing \NCR followed by What could be the issue and is there any way I can redirect Chrome & Google to by default search from
  5. Charley

    Chrome keeps refreshing tabs randomly for no reason

    Google Chrome Version : 49.0.2623.112 m Operating System: Windows XP Service Pack 3 Chrome refreshes all the tabs I have open. It gives no warning or reason. It happens each time I open a site in the new tab or check the opened tabs after 2 minutes . It's really annoying because a lot of...
  6. Desmond

    The Best Web Browsers of 2016

    Looks like Firefox beats Chrome again. Source: The Best Web Browsers of 2016; Internet - Product
  7. Flash

    Google Chrome - Image quality - Extension?

    In Opera, we have "Turbo Mode" that speeds up browsing on slow connections by reducing the quality of images. Is there any extension available for Google Chrome, to set the image quality?
  8. patkim

    Mobile Internet on PC - Does web server know the mobile number?

    Just out of curiosity I have this question. When we browse the internet using any typical browser like IE, Mozilla, Chrome etc on PC and using mobile Internet 2G/3G tethered on PC, does the website servers we connect to know our mobile number? Thanks.
  9. A

    Poor download speeds for windows 8.1 free upgrade

    how can i incraese this speed ,my free upgrade hasnt crossed 6 % so far in hours togther.using chrome on a bsnl bbnd.
  10. aal-ok

    Chrome problem

    I have win 7 installed on my laptop, whenever I switch it on and open chrome, It does not work :-x it opens but when i try opening google or fb or anything nothing happens, even the settings bookmarks or history tabs are not opening. so I have to log off and on and try to open chrome as quick...
  11. mikael_schiffer

    Chrome browser Youtube problem

    I have this problem only with Chrome All other websites work properly The thing is i hate Firefox and IE. I wanna keep using Chrome. How to fix this? - - - Updated - - - ps. Video shows as "Unavailable" Cant watch any Youtube videos from Chrome
  12. B

    Not able to login to a specific website

    Hi Guys, I have an old PC with Windows XP at home. I use this PC only to access the internet and to listen to music. Everything was working well but since the past two days I am not able to login to my account at Till yesterday when I tried to login via Firefox and fill in the...
  13. Vyom

    Decision of Google not to support GTalk: A rant

    So I got this mail today: Now, I have got such emails from Google before and I didn't particularly got bothered by it, until today my GTalk blocked me completely from logging. Google tells me to try this new shiny Hangout app for which I need Chrome. I don't want to use Chrome. Neither I...
  14. ariftwister

    How to remove a specific website url suggestion in Chrome address bar?

    Hey Guys, How to remove a specific address suggestion in chrome address bar? My chrome is signed in with my account. I tried visiting Google dashboard and there's only history and i cant find the website url. Help please.!!
  15. stellar

    Buy N Save Pest

    IMy Browser is infected with buy n save adware. I am using google chrome and I have tried all the antimalware like spybot,malwarebyte,ad aware but still no success. After deleting in google chrome extension also it re surfaces again after after the browser is opened. Help on terminating this...
  16. TechnoBOY

    You can now run almost all Android apps on Chrome OS!

    * More You can now run almost all Android apps on Chrome OS - GSMArena Blog
  17. ithehappy

    I messed up Chrome's settings! Please help

    Well I don't what I did, and where I did, on my phone or desktop, but while searching for something the sponsored ads / links are not appearing on Chrome any more for me, when I have logged into Chrome. As long as I am not logged in, they are there, but as soon as I log in the sponsored results...
  18. Nipun

    30k, Office + Light games, reliable laptop.

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) 30-35k INR. The lesser is the better. 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? 14-15". Weight doesn't matter much provided it doesn't force me to hit the gym to travel with laptop. 3) What are the primary tasks will you be...
  19. Pasapa

    Amd driver stopped working and has recovered.

    So, for a few days i have been getting this error when im using Chrome. The screen blacks out and i get a message that the amd driver has stopped working and has recovered. I am also experiencing random BSOD's when i close Chrome and exit some games like Bf4, AC4 etc. This is annoying ...
  20. amjath

    Adware Source of Install??

    Hi guys, Today I was browsing digit using Chrome Browser suddenly Chrome crashed. It never happened to Chrome before. So I relaunched and restored all the tabs, when I tried highlighting text of posts I found some share kind of things popped up. I was shocked seeing it cause I know its a...
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