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yeah thats what i was about to post if you guys want just tell me what thing you need tested and i will do and post it here.

and yes, it plays HD without any lag or taking any time to process.
when i get my this month pay check buying another one :D just in case this one go kaput or out of stock :p


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Bought Cubetek Media Player Cubetek HD Media Player - Cubetek:
and WD Elements 1TB from Lamington Road (actually cousin bought it for me) for Rs. 4950/-

Same here Bought Cubetek Media Player + sandisk 16gb pendrive and delivered last evening ... will upload pics tonight

i unboxed it today before leaving Office .i Took lots of Snaps will share soon

It play all formats (FLV, mp4 ,mkv (720+1080p) ,avi div x xvid etc etc) Without any Lag BUT it just it takes time to load when Pen drive is just connected and it takes 3-4 secs to detect it

Once Detected It is like smooth as butter on Toast !!

I Played all Audio and Video Format and it played charmingly , i connected it via Hdmi and Vga (CRT) , it work awesome in both ways.

Cons (most imp to discuss)

1. Complete body is metallic, hence when i touched it to insert pen drive i got a Mid Shock (might be my house earthing prob)
but be cautious - keep away from Kids

2.Remote is very very Clumsy !! play,Pause, next ,forward , Fast forward , everything is just compressed and fitted into remote closely to each other .

we need to check remote closely to find which button is where ?

3. The Remote is IR bases so the range and the angle of response is very less , it almost make me point remote directly to Device to get it worked

4. AV Audio qty is not that just average !! although i think i need to change some PAL/Ntsc setting to make it flicker free

5. IN AV mode on CRT tv (bazooka-videocon) , while paying movie the On Screen display (menus/information) are somewhat clipped

Example : On play , next , pause etc it shows Play pause logo on tv which is clipped on top end of TV

solution : set the aspect ratio : default , 4:3 , 16:9 etc to make it proper

6. It shows Folder Explorer UI rather then Media Center UI (XBMC Ui) , hence we have to go folder by folder to search media and Play it one by one

also If your hdd or pendrive have 50-100 folders then u are dead !!! searching your content is horrible

7. there are 2 buttons as Movies , music, photos and text : so unless u click any of them you will not get the content you finding
ex: i was in one folder which contents songs and Movies and videos , it only shows movies and videos but not music after reading manual , i got it to click on Music to get Music files in same folder

so once u go in folder click on Movies ,music ,photos text buttons to get required content inf folder

8. when you play a song from any folder it loops or shuffles in that folder only , it do not shuffle songs with other folder's songs :(

all above Are just stupid Cons and no big deal about it :p Cannot Claim all above to be Added in a 2.5K device !!

So my last thought is Grab this Device asap

Pics coming soon :)

(Note : It is just like Amekete Flash TV Hd 1080p ( 4.2k rs ) : but adv of amekette are : design is nice ,7.1 audio output , Remote is big and buttons are properly arranged ,1 yr warranty , UI is Different , Plays clip of movies when selected
If you have budget of 4 k go for that : if not then CUBETEK !!)
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to solve 5 just hit the Go To button twice to remove any info that is being displayed by media player.
i don't have text menu? it shows only "File | Movies | Music | Photos | Settings |" or i will check exact and post here.
so it just that if you select movies menu it will shows only video files so i just use File menu.

i tried to open txt file but didn't work for me. simple file made using notepad.


Gr8 purchase guys... it doesn't have inbuilt storage right?

No, it has 2 input type USB (pendrive, portable hdd any that works with USB Port) it also works if you connect your cellphone through USB cable. i guess it wont read your phone memory though but can read memory card of cellphone. 2nd is MMC card sd card etc.

2 type of output CRT/VGA normal TV using those fancy 3 red white yellow cable. and HDMI (doesn't comes with HDMI Cable so have to buy extra)


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to solve 5 just hit the Go To button twice to remove any info that is being displayed by media player.
i don't have text menu? it shows only "File | Movies | Music | Photos | Settings |" or i will check exact and post here.
so it just that if you select movies menu it will shows only video files so i just use File menu.

i tried to open txt file but didn't work for me. simple file made using notepad.

Soory goof up !!

it is not text it is File !! on remote control and Menu - But i think it must be for reading text Files only !!

Even i did not tried text file opening or subtitles with video.

i have to check and come back !!

But Never mind , i will hardly read docs via media player !! i use My phone instead :p

My expectation was just ,it should read and play all videos and audio format without conversion and without lag and at low budget

It is completed by Cubetec player

i will also try to connect Multiple pendrives and Phone and hdd via USB Hub simultaneously on one USB port:p :p :p


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Finally : Cubetek HD Media Player Is OUT of stock from Flipkart :p lolz

here is pics of Cubetek HD Media Player !!

ALBUM URL : Cubetek HD Media Player Photos by suyashxp | Photobucket Player/CubetekHDMediaPlayer7_zps10bf946b.jpg

Box Piece

files supported

Cubetek HD Media Player - Unboxe

Cubetek HD Media Player - Inside Box

Cubetek HD Media Player with sandisk Pendrive - front view

Cubetek HD Media Player with sandisk Pendrive - Back view

Cubetek HD Media Player - Back view

Cubetek HD Media Player - front view details

Cubetek HD Media Player - TOP view

Sandisk Cruser Pendrive

Cubetek HD Media Player- Power adapter


Cubetek HD Media Player- AV Cables Bundled

Cubetek HD Media Player - compare with match box



Cubetek HD Media Player - Remote Control




Cubetek HD Media Player - Remote Control battery
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last time when i ordered it went out of stock too :D

and dude let me know if multiple USB's works or not that would be just mind fuc king thing :p


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i tried it no results

i made it caps as well as removed spaces and Corrected Backslash :( :(

thats because ur links open the webpage not the image alone, so can u see "Links to share this photo" on the right, below that can u see "IMG" click them u see a flash and now paste here

copy link of Direct below E-Mail & IM then wrap it in img tag like this.

didnt see u posting i was posting window :D


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Went on a shopping spree.... :p[IMG]


I was in search of a Fx-991 ES type calculator, when I got this @ Rs 667.....Absolutely beautiful...


Just couldn't make the switch to e-books yet......Maybe when I get my Xperia ZU *dreams*


Please dont look at me like that, for the headset...It is awful (not that bad, but coming from Sennheiser, its pretty hopeless) and I got it as a freebie with my laptop.



Imagine my plight trying to use this mouse after using G400 for soo long......but the keyboard is awesome :)

Saving the best for last :)




My Lenovo Z500........
dude where did u get those stickers from i want some too.....
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