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Those are some awesome speeds :shock:

I so wish I could afford an SSD but like everyone waiting for a price drop (HUGE price drop :-D )

Congratulations everyone for your purchases. Another G S2 nice. Those pouches you have seem to indicate you are a roda warrior, sriharsha_madineni.


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Congratulations everyone for your purchases. Another G S2 nice. Those pouches you have seem to indicate you are a roda warrior, sriharsha_madineni.

Thank you Sarath :)
Hehe yes I do ride a lot, carrying all those is becoming an issue, hence bought separate bags for my beloved Gadgets & their accessories :D


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@sriharsha_madineni- Great purchases,the golla bag and wildcraft zero are real cool :) BTW what was the total damage? I guess ur dad is having a big time earning n spending on his kiddo :)) ;)


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@ constantine: congrats, nice rig. But i7-2600K with stock cooler? :shock:
@ sriharsha_madineni, virus007: congrats for the respective purchases.


@Sri: Congrats...

@Virus007:Nice Upgrade dude, from which shop u got those ??...

I got a new Computer table....Older one was feeling small in front of my upgrades...

Pics tmrw after a complete 5's....


its quiet...too quiet....
Thanks everyone!

@d6bmg- stock cooler , i know but not for long , waiting for H60 price to come down. also The rig is incomplete cause of the cooler and my KB - gonna get the Sidewinder X4(should be here in a few days)

And prices -
i7 2600k - 14.8k
Asus p8z68 v pro- 12.5k
MSI HD 6950 TF III PE- 14k
NZXT Tempest EVO - 6k
Dell U2311h- 13.5k
Creative T3130- 2k
APC 1.1 KVA- 4.5k
LG DVD RW- 0.8k
Lenovo P950 Gaming headset- 1k

Gskill Ripjaws - 16GB - 154 $
Seagate Barracuda - 1TB - forgot the price but somewhere around 2.3k when converted from dollars
and Logitech g400 - 64$
but these three items were a gift. :p

PS include 5% Tax in all .


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Received Transcend 8GB Memory Card from flipkart for my Optimus one @ Rs. 460...

Getting about 3.9MB/s when copying files from computer to it.... :p


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Hello guys. My friend bought this rig for 36k.
Core i3 2100 + DH61WW
XFX HD 6770
LG LED 20"
and rest of the components. The prices are too high I know but where he stays, is only take it or leave it. Apart from this I hope this is a good rig.


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Thanks guys.

After my SSD upgrade I did not have any connector left for new peripherals, so it was
time to upgrade to a new power supply.
Tough decision, as lots of options, then finally went for the best.

Corsair AX1200 Power Supply - 15100/- inc tax.

I was using cooler master 600 watt PSU for past 5 years, had a tough time hunting for it
at SP Road as it was not in stock and overkill for those days PCs.
Inspite of very very bad reviews for CM 600 PSU, mine served me for loads of
i7 2600k @4.5Ghz, DDR3 1600Mhz, GTX 470 OC, 2 Black, 1 Green, 2 SSD, DVD, FC 7 fans,
Cathods, continuously running for months.
Never broke down and still working, just out of connectors now :-(

To maintain effective efficiency, will soon upgrade the GPU :grin:
Enjoy the show now:

Common manual for 80+ PSU.


Tough packaging v/s HAF-X

Bag with lots of cables


Same velvet cover and packing for all GOLD PSU.

My good old and Tiny CM600

With CM600

No change, even with AX1200. Will clean it over weekend :-D



^^ Oh gosh that's a serious hefty upgrade. Congrats on your Latest Purchase.

OT: I hate your Cable Management, even though you got such a nice cabinet.


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@virus007.. congrats on your purchase.. but I think that your SSDs are giving you less performance.. Because, I read on Anandtech that OCZ Vertex 120 GB is giving them 150 MB/s write speed that too in non-RAID mode.. So your's should be much higher.. either your SATA connector or RAID chip is outdated or there is something wrong.. Here check out this review..

AnandTech - The OCZ Vertex 3 Review (120GB)
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