Please suggest a Phone between 10K-15K

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Hello friends!

I was using an SE w810i since last 2 years. Unfortunately, it failed a few days back and could not be repaired. I would like to buy a replacement.
Pl suggest me a good allround phone from Nokia/Sony ericsson in the price range 10K - 15K.

My priorities are

* Durability
* Excellent Call clarity
* Battery backup
* Quality music player
* Camera (at least 2MP)

I have the following in mind.

1. SE W810i ( again )
2. N73 ME
3. E51
4. 6120 Classic
Or any other

Is the music playback in N73 ME comparable to SE W810i.
(I have a spare SE HPM-75 headset though)

Suggest any other mobile also, not only among these.

Thanks n regards,
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N73 Me is my personal favourite always. But other options i would suggest is... N78, N81 8GB, Nokia 5610, W890i, K810i. Can't think of anything more right


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Get the Sony Ericsson C702. It is durable, has a good camera and sound quality and also has GPS. You can use your HPM-75 headset with it. It costs around 12-14k.


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Yup C702 is good *

if u want good walkman phone then W595 is good have stereo speakers and 3.2mp cam *

U will love the new SE interface called A200...its beautiful:wink:


i like the w595 ... it comes wid very good earphones (even better than the hpm-70 that u got wid ur w810)..

how bout the samsung i450 ... its a killer fone at just around 12k

but both these fones are sliders ... so dunno how durable they will be


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^^^ get N78 it will kick a$$ of i450... or if you are going to buy something like w595 get ZN5...


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^^:grin::grin: N78 just got disappeared from market...It could have been a good replacement for N73..

w810 is quit an old model now...go for newer SE models...they got New UI..better screen and some new features like geotagging,3.15mp cam,accelerometer,sense me,shake control,newer walkman player (3 or 4)


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I will say go for ZN5 5MP + 3.5 audio jack option. its 2nd best 5MP camera phone after N82 considering camera features. And has good multimedia (it is better than N82 considering overall features and price) most importantly is available in 15K range
Posted again:
we do not see many phones in the market easily
motorola Z8 and Z10 are the best sliders, never saw them in any store.

do not think of N73, if you want search N78, its newer fone and is faster than N73.

and I forgot to mention ZN5 does not have 3G
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Okk..Just figured it out. The W705 is available in India for just 15k. Its one of the best sounding phones in the market with wifi. the cam is only 3.2 mp tho, with flash.
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