1. patkim

    earphone for w810i

    I am looking for a good quality compatible earphone for SE w810i. Sony world showroom showed me one for rs 2300 !! Is it so expensive? As such I don’t want to go for those duplicate earphones available for rs 200.
  2. patkim

    W810i and GPRS

    I find very poor internet connectivity with Sony Ericsson W810i handset and Airtel GPRS. Sites takes more than 5 – 6 mins to download or eventually die out. I tried upgrading the software on phone but I guess it’s no longer supported. Any thoughts…could this be handset issue?
  3. F

    Sony Ericsson W810i for SALE.

    Hi Friends, I want to sell my beloved cell phone - Sony Ericsson W810i along with its box, external speakers. I have bought it 14 months ago, it is in pristine condition. There's not a single scratch on the display, for that matter anywhere on its body. I have used it very carefully n with...
  4. sourishzzz1234


    I Own a sony ericsson w810i for about 1 n half year...i use it frequently for internet both pc and mobile... i also change sim's daily... from last day i am seeing odd problems...1st after changing a sim the ph refuses to start... when it started then it automatically shut down while starting or...
  5. S

    Please suggest a Phone between 10K-15K

    Hello friends! I was using an SE w810i since last 2 years. Unfortunately, it failed a few days back and could not be repaired. I would like to buy a replacement. Pl suggest me a good allround phone from Nokia/Sony ericsson in the price range 10K - 15K. My priorities are * Durability *...
  6. ninad_mhatre85

    phone suggestions : budget 19K

    Hi ppl i want to buy new phone my budget is 19K. i dont change for to often once in 2-3 years. Requirements : 1 ) 3G enabled. 2 ) good cam & music playback 3 ) decent looks 4 ) Sturdy & robust ( i am not good with moto phones i always think i m going break this thing ) 5 ) NO TO...
  7. N

    Sony W810i or Moto ROKR E6

    hi frnds.. i am too confused about which phone to buy. i have a budget of 10k. i have narrowed my search to there too cell phones. in my phone i want a good music quality. so plz help me in deciding which one to choose. also advice me bout ny other good phone in the same budget.
  8. J

    Music phone with sound quality BETTER than W810i

    Hi Friends, Please guide me in getting a phone better than W810i (sound qualitywise) and also has A camera as good as N82. My Budget is 25k.And please NO NOKIA vs SONY ERICSSON war. I Want you guys to be extremely honest in advising me. Please don't promote a phone brand or model...
  9. hard_rock

    w810i stopped working after disconnecting from PC!!

    Hello Guys, Yesterday I was charging my Sony ericsson w810i mobile via USB. I turned the PC off. But after sometime when I turned it ON again(With mobile connected to PC through DATA cable).. CHKDSK utility ran during booting of PC. I thought it was scanning hard drive...
  10. Ranjya

    W810i on Mandriva2008.1

    I would like help in mounting W810i from SE on Mandriva spring. Not being detected.
  11. S

    Compare sony w810i and nokia 6233

    Hi Guys, I'm new to this forum. I'm looking to buy a phone with a good camera and music player. I've heard Sony w810i and nokia 6233 are good. Also read a thread about comparison between these two. But that post was a year old. With all the upgrades and patches available today, which...
  12. K

    Assain ringtone in SE w810i

    Please help...I have a Sony Ericsson w810i, I wud like to know how can i assign different ringtones for callers, Is it possible in this phone, If not is there any website from where i can know which all nokia phones will support this feature, Thanks
  13. keshavasiva

    MPEG4 in w810i

    Can we play MPEG4 encoded videos in w810i... I saw it in the specifications in SE site....Please tell me...
  14. krates

    W810i VS N73ME VS 5700EM VS MOTO ROCKR E6

    Tell which one to buy for my mom @!!!@ W810i VS N73ME VS 5700EM VS MOTO ROCKR E6 or Z6 Thanks krates budget 9k - 11K
  15. diffuser911

    Help: Nokia 6233 or SE W810i?

    Hi Guys, I am looking for a good music solution in the range 6-8k. I know W810i is far better, being a Walkman phone, but is the 6233 worth a buy? The only reason pushing me to W810i is audio quality, but the price deters.. Please suggest, especially 6233 users...
  16. PCWORM

    Hacks for SE W810i?

    Are there any hacks available for the SE W810i? like Firmware updates, Acoustic driver updates,etc?
  17. CadCrazy

    Voice Chatting Application for W810i

    I need a java based voice chatting software for my Sony Ericsson W810i. Plz suggest any good IM client with voice chatting through mobile.
  18. G

    Add camera frames to w810i

    Hi friends, I was wondering whether i can add more camera frames in my sony w810i. If yes then please give me the link for it. Thanks in advance.
  19. raksrules

    Price of SE w810i, J230i and w710i ???

    whats the price of w810i, J230i and w710i ??
  20. patkim

    Few queries on SE w810i

    I have SE W810i. I find that when the phone is idle for a few seconds, display goes blank. Can this be avoided i.e. I wish to see the display though I won’t be touching any keys. I couldn’t locate any suitable option in settings that would relate to this. Also is there any way to copy the...
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