1. ramakanta


    I need a best blacklist software for my Nokia N73 mobile . I have try lot . but not satisfied due to caller can know !! please help me . thank you.
  2. ramakanta

    Block Specific Number !!

    How to block a specific number in nokia N73 Mobile . please help ????? :cry: :cry:
  3. ramakanta

    Flash as a torch

    I have Nokia N73 mobile . I want to use my camera Flash as Torch when ever required at night . is it possible . please help me. thank you.
  4. V

    Nokia n73

    hi guys, i still have NOKIA N73, and want to install WHATS APP in it...but it shows the message "ur phone is too old" so not able to install... can any 1 guide me to install if it is possible......HELP :)
  5. ramakanta

    Nokia N73 software

    is any auto Schedule ON OFF software available for Nokia N73 mobile phone. please help me. thank you. :confused:
  6. R

    Nokia n73 firmware upgrade

    Can i upgrade n73 firmware v4.0736.3.2.1 to latest version without internet connection
  7. S

    Nokia N73 Music edition & Creative Inspire 5.1 T6100

    I need to sell My Nokia N73 Music edition.. Bought at 15th august 2008.. Its working fine now also.. I did not have headphones.. Datacable,charger and 2GB Memory card is available.. Anybody interested please PM me... I am expecting 4000 Rs Reason for selling : Going to buy new android phones...
  8. L

    Urgent French-Eng Dictionary Required(Nokia n73 s60v3)

    Please guys help me.I want a French-Eng & vice versa full free dictionary for Nokia n73 s60v3.....Can u please provide me link.. THanks in advance
  9. hskpunjabi

    should i change n73 M with Nokia 5230??

    hi friends,my n73 was giving some problems(call reception volume was slow,then suddenly it gone blank n'does not tarts after that....then i hav to take it to nokia care,they charged 450 for call reception problem n' 600 for phone not starting problem(change software+ says some comonents were...
  10. hskpunjabi

    how to update my n73 software at home

    hi friends,i have nokia n73 and its warranty is over,so here are no free software refresh from nokia care, my phone is running very slow,i have spent Rs. 300 for refreshing software a month ago.....and i don't want to spend any more money.......i have tried updating my phone few months...
  11. A

    Nokia N73 for sale

    I am planning to sell my nokia n73, brought from a friend. Reason for selling, want to go for a better N series model. Condition : The body of the phone is in good condition with scratch guard on the screen. The functions are working properly etc... Price: 7500/- only mumbai buyers...
  12. A

    .flv player for N73

    Please recommend a good Free .flv player for Nokia N73 Music Edition. It should be able to play my already saved videos on the Memory Card. I tried out mobiTube but it does not read already saved Videos. It only reads those videos which i downloaded through it. Tell me quickkkkk...
  13. P

    n73 errors!!HELP!

    m in a fix yet again..i own an n73 music edition..d thing is i store mi msgs on d fon memory..n it sez d memorys full though i stil got bout 23 mb free!!plus der r many oder errors on d fon..nw i wanted 2 format d cell as a whole inc both fon memory n mem card!thing i wanted 2 know is if ders...
  14. N

    1 year old nokia n73 for sale.

    1 year old nokia n73 for sale with 2GB memory card. Price down to Rs 5200 including shipping. its from chennai.
  15. maddy_in65

    Used Nokia N73

    I have 1 and half year old N73 and wants to sale it. The reason behind sale is i am going to purchase new N 5800XM. I will buy it in next 3 days. I am located in pune, any one intersted please reply. Expected price 7 to 7.5K.
  16. M

    Please Suggest Softwares for my New N73 ME!!!

    Please Suggest Softwares for my New N73 ME!!! Hi Friends Need some help. I am Newbie to Symbian OS and I am getting Confused a Lot. Kindly help me with the following points: Note: I didn't installed any additional thing in the N73 ME, it's as it is, as I bought it :D * My Keypad doesn't...
  17. A

    wanted n73

    hi all i need to buy N73 if anybody selling this phone please post. location: patiala, ludhiana.
  18. Amir.php

    Lock code of n73

    I want to reset a second hand n73 mobile. But it ask for Lock code. Is there any utility or method to recover lock code? It is very urgent
  19. a_k_s_h_a_y

    N73 Me still rules ?

    As i know N73 Me is really old. My dad wants to buy it. is it a good idea to for n73 Me ? Any other phone at a budget of 11-13k ??
  20. S

    Please suggest a Phone between 10K-15K

    Hello friends! I was using an SE w810i since last 2 years. Unfortunately, it failed a few days back and could not be repaired. I would like to buy a replacement. Pl suggest me a good allround phone from Nokia/Sony ericsson in the price range 10K - 15K. My priorities are * Durability *...
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