phone under 21k ...


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I want to buy a phone for gaming under 21k....
which one is best??? galaxy s advance
2.motorola atrix 2 sola
which is good for HD games???
what is the price of HTC sensation ( not xe)?? in flipkart it is discontinue.
can I buy this from local store???


HTC Sensation is highly recommended apart from that you can also have a look at Xperia P.
Sola is good for people looking for a phone in a budget of 18k


Atrix 2 is better but service is going to be a real problem as motorola has shut down its operations in Asia Pacific. Hence not recommended.


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Like others mentioned i'd reccomend sensation too other wise go for xperia sola . And if you can extend your budget another 4-5k go for xperia P or even GS2 !


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^^no.. battery is really poor.. my frndz is using.. half day if he listen music, casual messaging using whats app, and 2hr call maximum..
no zoom in camera..

i think sensation and Xperia P are betta than S advance..


Was also planning to buy a phone in this range. My only requirement is that it has a removable battery (which will allow me to carry an extra battery) and expandable memory (which rules out most of the sonys). The HTC one V is good but it has a single core processor compared to the dual core of the rest, how will this affect performance and its futureproofness


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I am also thinking of upgrading my phone (I have an old Wave 525 :p). I had a look at HTC One V, Desire V/VC and the Samsung Galaxy S Advance. The Galaxy S Advance seems to be better than the two HTC phones spec-wise, but lags behind them in terms of looks - I can sacrifice looks for performance.

Then there is Xperia P also @ 22k, but a friend of mine said its battery is not good, plus my budget is strictly 20k (not a penny more).

So which one should I go for?
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