1. P

    One S vs Sensation XE vs Galaxy Nexus

    Hi, Help me to choose an Android mobile. My budget is 20k. I will not play too much much games. Requirements: > Prefer 4.3 inch Screen for portability. Can consider 4.7" if it is really portable. > Decent Custom ROM Support. > Decent Camera for indoor & outdoor > HDMI for TV Out...
  2. S

    Best android device within 22k

    Hello guys out there. I am looking for an android phone for 20-22k budget range. I am looking for Must have been upgradable to android jelly bean al least 4" screen with 250 ppi pixel density at least 1 GHz dual core processor at least 768 MB of RAM preferably 1 GB best audio quality can...
  3. M

    Headphones under 4k max

    Hi guys... I am wanting a buy a good headphone to connect with my HTC sensation xl (beats not working anymore :'( ) kindly give me gud suggestions.... Thanks guys....
  4. swiftshashi

    HTC Sensation XE or SOony Xperia P??

    Which one should I buy for around 25k??
  5. kunalht

    phone under 21k ...

    I want to buy a phone for gaming under 21k.... which one is best??? galaxy s advance 2.motorola atrix 2 sola which is good for HD games??? what is the price of HTC sensation ( not xe)?? in flipkart it is discontinue. can I buy this from local store???
  6. sanithkk81

    Which is the best Sense 4.0 rom for sensation xe

    Hi Folks, I am tired of waiting for ICS release in India for HTC Sensation XE. I have decided to root my phone and flash new rom. Please tell which is the best Sense 4.0 rom with minimal or no bug. Thanks in advance
  7. X

    which case is better tpu or crystal??

    hi guys i am planning to buy a case can some one tell me which case is better tpu or crystal for htc sensation??
  8. S

    Android for 22k

    1. Q: Budget? A: 22K I was basically looking for cheapest android device which has 4inch screen but increased budget as dell venue is running froyo with virtually no custom roms. If there is any other device please let me know 2. Q: Preferred Form Factor(flip, bar, slider)? A: Bar 3. Q...
  9. A

    HTC One V or HTC Sensation?

    Between the HTC One V and HTC Sensation, which is the better phone, The features important for me are 1. Battery Life 2. Audio Quality 3. Build Quality of phone 4. Camera, Comparing the above points which would be a better choice?
  10. S

    Icredible S @ 16.7k vs sensation @ 20.8k...which one to go for

    Hi! i have an ebay coupon for 10% off till 24th april....i am stuck between incredible s @16.7k and sensation @20.8k (post discount). my budget is around 20k only if its worth the extra money. I have never used any smartphones primary use will be multimedia, internet only...
  11. 5fusion

    xperia p price?

    when is the new xperia lineup getting launched in india? what will be the expected price of xperia P? will it be worth it to wait for it or shall i go with htc sensation now.
  12. V

    Online mobile purchase query

    Hi, Recently i decided to upgrade my mobile ans I as usual went to flipkart and narrowed down my choice to HTC Sensation Then i googled the prices for this phone from other online retailers. I found this online retailer named whose prices were way way cheaper than anything I...
  13. X

    Sim card not detected in my new HTC SENSATION

    guys i bought htc sensation 2 days back and I am facing some issues already.when i insert vodafone sim card it says NO sim card but bsnl is working fine please help me in this regard
  14. X

    New to Android,I bought Sensation ,help me in finding some good apps

    Hi guys i bought htc sensation and I dono anything about android,If u can please suugest me some good apps,games,themes and any other stuff that I can do And also the do's and dont's if there are any.please help me guys
  15. E

    htc sensation vs motorola atrix 2

    hey guys i want a new phone and i have shortlisted two phones one is sensation and other one is motorola atrix 2.i will use the phone for calling,watsapping,watching videos both on device and on youtube,surfing the net and listening to music.i like sensation but in some reviews it has stated...
  16. S

    Budget 24k.. Advice needed !!

    I started off with a budget of 20k and was left with no good options. Now i have painfully raised my budget to a max 24k. I would like to know which is a better option between these two ? (1) BB Playbook + Htc Explorer = Rs. 23,000 (2) Htc Sensation = Rs. 24,000 My requirements : (1)...
  17. sanithkk81

    Smartphone vs PMP

    Hi All, I want an ultimate entertainment device. First I thought I would exchange my W995 and buy HTC sensation xe. But I thought again and found out that what I really need is a device which has got the best sound quality and media playing capability of any formats. And I also want...
  18. I

    Purchasing an Android cellphone

    Hello Friends, as the thread name implies, I intend on buying an Android cellphone. :smile: My personal options include Samsung Galaxy S II Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II) White - SAMSUNG UK - OVERVIEW HTC Sensation XL HTC Sensationâ„¢ XL with Beats Audioâ„¢ Product Overview - HTC Smartphones...
  19. S

    [Digit Contest] Participate in devWorks Junkie Contest to win HTC Sensation

    Take the devWorks Junkie Contest by completing three simple steps and win exciting prizes like HTC Sensation, Amkette Wireless Mouse and Cowon earphones and more. Participate here!
  20. socrates

    HTC Sensation XE Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade confirmed

    HTC Sensation XE Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade confirmed | News | TechRadar
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