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PC Buying Guide 2013 - Q4


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Re: PC Buying Guide 2012 - Q1

@ Jas

In the 85k rig, how about using a single 7950 instead of a 6850 cf??

Great idea!!:mrgreen:

Could me modifed like this:
Sub 85k (High end gaming)

Component | Make | Price Processor |Intel Core i5 2500k |13000
CPU Cooler |CM Hyper 212 Evo|1900
Motherboard |Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3R|12200
RAM |G-skill Ripjaws X F3-12800CL9S-4GBXL|1665
Graphic Card |R7950 Twin Frozr 3GD5 |??
HDD |WDC 250GB Blue WD2500AAKX|3766
DVD Writer |ASUS 24X Sata Black DVD|1150
PSU |SeaSonic SS-850AT|6300
Case |CM 690 II Advanced (USB 3.0 version)|5500
Monitor |Benq G2222HDL|7600
Mouse |Razer DeathAdder Black|1950
Keyboard |Microsoft Sidewinder X4|2300
Mouse Pad |Razer Goliathus Fragged Alpha L - Speed/Control|900
UPS |APC 1.1KVA|4300
Speakers |Edifier C2|3200
| Total |65711+ ??

Hey, I can't find the price in any Indian website. :-/


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Re: PC Buying Guide 2012 - Q1

^ Ah! they it is absolutely not possible to add in 85K rig. :-(
Cause, you can't subtract any part other than graphics card from this rig.
Jaskanwar Singh

Jaskanwar Singh

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Re: PC Buying Guide 2012 - Q1

You are right.HIS HD 7950 3GB DDR5 is available with Tirupati Enterprise at the price tag of Rs 27500/- +Tax

hmm..thanks for link bro.

Check this new Gaming Combo set from Logitech.
Keyboard Feature:-
The smooth, quick-moving mouse and quiet, responsive keyboard with highlighted gaming keys give you complete control.
Mouse Feature:-
A 2500 dpi optical sensor and on-the-fly dpi switching give you precision targeting and deadly accuracy.
Its available at Flipkart @Rs 1579/- only

time to add this.


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Re: PC Buying Guide 2012 - Q1

Once kepler shows up, prices will surely fall. Ya right now 7950 is pricey but it performs better than a gtx 580. So the price tag is justified in that respect. Then you have the default 3gb framebuffer.

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Re: PC Buying Guide 2012 - Q1

Right now high quality 8GB sticks are hard to find. With that kind of a setup you want 16GB (4x4GB) mate. Plenty for now.

Note that OCability reduces with an increase in the number of sticks.

You want to watercool? You need to buy the parts online and import them. No shop keeps stock of custom parts here. I had to take that route with my setup.

Remove that 3960X and switch to a 3930k. Replace GTX 580 with 7970 CFX or Kepler.

Get a Cosmos II case or a HAF-X at least. The 932 is a dust magnet. I know because I own one. You could also import Danger Den, Mountain Mods or XSPC cases.

1/2" ID 3/4" OD tubing> 3/8" ID 5/8" OD tubing. You need to choose some decent radiators to cool the GPU and CPU. I recommend 2x XSPC RX360. The CPU-370 is a good choice. However you want to change the waterblocks because getting 580s at this day and age is stupidity at its worst. You also need a pump. Although a T-line usually suffices, it is good to have a reservoir to bleed the loop and get rid of air bubbles. Use distilled water with some 24k silver to prevent micro-organism growth in your loop.

I cannot stress enough the necessity of heavy research before spending even a Paisa on watercooling components. Get the core components first. Then plan your build on paper and maybe some computer rendering. Design the loop and how you plan to set the flow.

According to your post, you decided that slapping on waterblocks and tubing completes the job. If that is the case, do not spend anything on watercooling. Spend the next two months educating yourself about it and then come back with fresh queries.
If that is not the case, I'm sorry, as I was going by your post.
Jaskanwar Singh

Jaskanwar Singh

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Re: PC Buying Guide 2012 - Q1

will a vx 550 handle that his 7950? whats the minmum power needed if not?
and how much is the best 4x4gb 16gb ram kit these days?

guys found this:Theitdepot - Shoppping Cart

is it a steal? there are many razer products wth cool cuts there.

yes it will handle.
check out Ripjaws X kits at primeabgb or theitwares or flipkart etc.

your link is showing a empty shopping cart :wink:

thanks for news.


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Re: PC Buying Guide 2012 - Q1

Thanks to the thread "Best Graphics for money in India", it got lot easier for me to opt for good card. I ve always loved those tomshardware articles for Best GPUs & CPUs for money.

I want to get PC for gaming built around either HD 6770 or HD 5670 in the most minimal configuration.
Cheapest & yet reliable CPU, Mobo, PSU for HD 6770 and HD 5670.

My Budget for GPU, CPU, Mobo, PSU is 17000.
I thought to spend 10K for HD 6770+PSU . and 7K for Athlon X4/X3/X2+Mobo.


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Re: PC Buying Guide 2012 - Q1

Hi, ajaymailed, thanks for the complement.
That thread is strongly recommended for choosing graphic cards in India. I was unable to find any similar kind of "best card for money" in India anywhere else. Websites write mostly about high performance cards above 6K, but its hard to find best card for 2K/3K and below 4K.

I hope these kind of info gets published in think digit.


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Re: PC Buying Guide 2012 - Q1

When will the hard disk prices lower...... the prices are way too high.

I bought a 1 tb hard drive in early 2011 for 3000 rupees.:wink:
today you dont even get a 320gb hdd for that price:cry:
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