1. H

    Need help buying Refrigerator

    Requirements, 1) Two door 2) Frost Free 3) For 4 Person family Questions 1) Is Inverter Compressor worth it 2) Is Stabilizer free important 3) Which energy start to go for 3 to 5 4) Is it better to buy online vs in shop 5) Any other features one needs to look out for Budget around 25k
  2. mati17

    Smartphone with Non removable battery

    Dear Forum, I am goin to buy Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime. But it has "Non removable battery". Is this disadvantage ? What are benefits of removable battery ? Please guide me as i want to purchase Samsung Mobile want to keep it 2-3 years. Thanks & Regards, Matin
  3. R

    Photography tips?

    Hello Everyone! I love clicking photos. and now i am interested in making it my profession. please guide me as which camera i should start with? and any other related photography tips
  4. B

    Image editing and converting softwares

    Hi Guys, Which is the best software to convert hi-res jpegs to pdf format, without any loss in quality? Also can you please guide how to increase/decrease resolution and dpi of an image? Thanks
  5. paroh

    Required Good Bluetooth speaker

    Required Good Bluetooth speaker. But not more than Rs. 2500 please guide me about it.
  6. ajayritik

    Need help on SQL Server

    Hi Guys for long time I intend to improve my SQL Skills, in particular SQL Server. Can anyone guide me here as to what is the best way to improve our skills.
  7. ajayritik

    Need Suggestions on 2 TB External HDD

    My friend plans to buy a 2 TB External HDD. What are the options for him? Main purpose is to store personal photos , videos etc. I was suggesting WD but not sure which exact model to go for? Can someone please guide on the same?
  8. J

    Cheap motherboard for refresh i3s?

    I would like the i3 4160 but im afraid of the bios update needed with the budget b85/h81 boards. Please guide me
  9. S

    Career in Photography & Multimedia location kerala pursuing degree in IGNOU

    How can i built a career in Photography & Multimedia Can anyone guide me :-?
  10. A

    Sorting all Internet Providers in India : Guide

    This thread will help in choosing best plan available in their area. Sorting all "new, old, government, local, branded, best, good, bad, worst" providers… ***Note: Under Construction Area. Checking how it can be sorted*** Best Plans: Medium Downloaders Light Downloaders [/SPOILER]...
  11. N

    (Que/Request?) PC Assembling Guide (for noobs/nerds alike)

    Is there a guide for assembling a PC? say for a noob or even a nerd? I'm sure there's always something that the other guy knows that we don't. The essentials of what, why, when and how to stuff. Pretty sure there might be people like me who would want to give it a try (blimey! I'm a pharmacist...
  12. gameranand

    [Query] Asus Motherboard RMA

    I am using Asus Maximus V Formula Motherboard which has several problems and I have to start the RMA process. I am living in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh. Please tell me how long would this process take, also how to take precautions as I have read and heard that Asus has pretty damn BAD RMA service...
  13. shyamsn00

    buying a laptop <60k [ lenovo Y510P? ]

    Your suggestions on the best laptop to put the money on.. 1) What is your budget? Anything less than 60,000 rs 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? I would love it if it's super-slim and super-light-weight, but wouldn't base the purchase on that. 3) What...
  14. harshilsharma63

    PC Buying Guide and Suggested Configs 2015 - Q2

    Buying a PC is a big thing for most people. Be it for educational purposes, gaming or work, getting the right configuration is crucial to make sure the money is not wasted on unnecessary parts. Of course you can’t get everything in a budget, but you can make sure you get what’s best...
  15. Rahim

    Need complete guide in implementing CCTV

    I need to implement CCTV in my workplace. The requirements: 1: At least 16 good quality cameras. 2: I prefer a PC-based DVR system. 3: What is the price range of the various components? 4: Do these come in complete package or various components needs to be assembled? 5: I need to...
  16. S

    Looking for a GTA 5 Guide...

    Hi guys, I am looking for a GTA 5 guide, you know for strategy, tips, walkthroughs, etc. I came across this site: GTA 5 Plus - Strategy Guide, Walkthrough, Cheats, Secrets, and Tips for Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online and was wondering if anyone has a review of it? I'm very tempted to...
  17. B


    i just bought a new battery for my laptop, and i was looking how to keep it healthy. one website says u should not discharge it till 0 and other says you should what to do plz guide me
  18. G

    comparasion between HP G62301AX and HP G62314AX

    Hello guys .. I"m planning to buy an hp laptop...but struct between these two hp g6 series HP G6 2301AX HP G6 2314AX please give opinions and suggestion about these two.... If these two are not a good one please guide me with another one... Budget : 25k-35k RAM : 4GB HDD...
  19. M

    InInterfacing Phone(Xolo Q700) WI-FI with Laptop WIFI.

    II am using windows 7 OS on my Asus EePC. Both are having wifi.but i am unable to interface both to exchange data. plese guide me how to configure the interfacing. phone have androide 4.2.1 thanks in advance..
  20. A

    Unlock Cpu amd phenom ii x2 560

    hello! I have a 560 CPU And a motherboard MSI 970A-G43 My options:Ucc Settings on the motherboard, but I did not unlock CPU:cry::cry: Please guide
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