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Pay the Hospital bills by body parts!!

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A very tragic real life incident.:(

I am very sorry to learn abt this and am extremely disappointed with myself that I didn't visited this thread earlier. Its just when i saw that this is a sticky, I thought that maybe its some serious post.

Its heartening to see that there are people like vaithy and din sir are still there who are trying selflessly to help a family in need. Though i am a student myself, but I would like to help too. After all a fellow human being, a techie at that, has passed away and his family needs all the help it can. At my part, I would try to spread awareness about the matter and will also talk to my friends and acquintances.

Regarding the role of hospital in the matter, its really shocking that some people will go to any extent for their personal profit.:mad: :( After reading many posts by members , I agree that helping the family is the primary concern for us. Using media to reach out to a large number of people will be the best possible action. Though mentioning the part of the hospital is really tricky as that gives credibility to the story or else it seems like millions of other help scams floating around. BUT this could have serious consequences for the family should the name of the hospital is tarnished and they use force to deal with the matter. One idea is to just mention the fact in passing and let the newspapers and media take its course by their investigations. They are normally great in such matters.

I hope that whatever help we can provide to the family would comfort them in the least as no matter what happens the parents have lost their only son due to cruel circumstances.:| May God help them.

I will be in touch and would like to help in any possible manner.


Tribal Boy

Thank you for going through the thread and helping us to spread the word. Everything matters. Really appreciate your help.

More Updates :

I could talk to the Chief of news bureau - Mathrubhumi Chennai. They seems to be helpful. I gave the full details of the family and the incident and asked them to please go there in person and verify and get all details. Also gave him link to the website. He told me they will verify it and will get back to me.

I really hope they help the family.

Also, made a phone call to Vinod and asked him about this, asked him to very careful talking to journalists.

Will keep you updated.


Tribal Boy
Update :

Ajith's mom called and told me the newspaper - Mathrubhumi published the news. But I couldn't see it yet as it is in Chennai edition. I am waiting for the newspaper copy (they promised me to send it today), should be able to upload the scanned copy next week.

The newspaper article will sure help us as we can show it our friends (can tell them the news is verified by a newspaper, so it is not scam etc), but another thing is, as Ajith's cousin was not present on the day when reporter came to their house, they couldn't talk much, so it seems there is not much about financial help in the article, but I will confirm it after I see it.

I am planning to contact my friend (he was my junior in school) whos a journalist of Hindu news paper. But after waiting for 3-4 days.

Another thing (as told by Ajith's cousin) I came to know that, the postmortem report has not been handed over to the family yet. I think it was carried out in a govt hospital (not the one in which Ajith was admitted), they are supposed to give it in 15 days I think, but the doc asking the family to come next day, come day after tomo like that. Not sure whether this is another way to get some $$$.

Anyway Vinod will be going to meet Doc tomo with a police man (as the Doc asked him they want to know who prepared FIR etc)

I will keep you updated friends.


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The time body released from the hospital and the performing the postmortem and issuing of postmortem certificate is very low..every day so many cases come to Hospital, and the certificate is issued as a matter of course..What the doctor given to Ajith's cousin is not a postmortem certificate, but endorsement entry on a death report prepared by the Policeman..By the time newspaper leaked this report, perhaps the hospital will release the report..they have to explain the non mentioning of "missing body parts"
Thanks din for your tireless efforts Ajith's story is now coming to print form...Since I don't know malayalam, I'll be eagerly waiting for the translation of news paper article..


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Hello guys, since i was busy becasue of some exams lately , this thread not sticky right now so i guess they got the money & they have some hope of living their lives & few people now go to that hospital now i guess , so you guys didn't give up i guess that's great or is it ?


Tribal Boy

I requested the mods to make the thread sticky at least for one month, and I think it became a normal thread after that period.

Regarding the family - unfortunately - No financial / other major help were received. And to add it more, they didn't get the postmortem report yet (usually take 7-15 days max, but now it is more than 2 months). If they get that, they can try whether theres any chance for insurance (may take more time, still it may be of help).

Meantime, the news came in a news paper, but they gave more importance to not issuing the postmortem report, not much about financial help part.

We didn't give up the efforts yet. I sent an email to my friend whos working with the Hindu newspaper, he said they will sure look into this matter.

Will keep you updated.


Guess Who's Back
nah you are working hard, i was just pissed to find this thread unsticked & it went 3 pages back, wow , hmm..the only way i think it get this news to Aaj Tak or other news channel & we can't spare the hospital either, how many people must have been suffered because of them.. i guess this our darkest time , where we have no hope to help them but we will find a way, it may take time but we will.


Tribal Boy
Talked again to my friend whos working with the Hindu newspaper. He has some friends in other newspapers as well. He promised me he will sure help.

I know some of my post may sound like boasting (if anyone felt like that, my apologies), but I couldn't find any other way to keep this thread on first page of the forum.


Tribal Boy
Update again.

Thanks to Vaithy and all members who extended the support. The newspaper report didn't help much in the financial aspect, but it made a small difference !

Ajith's Dad called me (I was talking to him for the first time, I had a tough time understanding as it was mix of malayalam and tamil !). Seems he is slowly coming back to normal life. They thanked for putting the news in newspaper and told me that helped them getting the postmortem report which got delayed a lot. The authorities took it seriously once the news came in the news paper telling they are delaying the postmortem report.

Now they can try for insurance, not sure how it will go, whether they will receive anything, how much time it will take etc, but just another ray of hope..

Well, at least something is better than nothing.

Will keep you updated.


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I haf hopes that the family will get justice. With people like Vaithy and Din taking up the issue seriously and others helping them financially (whatever we can), a small difference is indeed a significant difference :)


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It would be great if the digit magazine publishes how our forum members selflessly tried to help the family . More will then come to know about this who are not on the forum .
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