1. G

    I'm getting i5 7600 and a SSD from US..

    Apologies. It's not really a hardware related question, more of a shipping related one. My friend works for Intel US and he's bought i5 7600 and a 480 GB Intel SSD for me. I have couple of questions.. Would I have to pay customs duty if he ships those to India? What if he opens the...
  2. doomgiver

    General Query Why are online stores asking me to pay before dispatch? Where is CoD option???

    theITWares, primeAGB, ITDepot all ask for payment first and THEN they will send the items. where is the option for cash on delivery/payment on delivery?? after reading a couple of horror stories here, im considering giving the middle finger to these online retailers and simply buying what i...
  3. H

    HIS 280X - RMA'ed cannot be replaced as out of Stock - Should i take Credit Note

    Hi everyone, I bought HIS 280X in Dec 2013. (paid @22k) has given it to RMA for replacement over a month ago. Now they have responded stating that the card cannot be repaired and there is no replacement available. Service Center has given me two options - 1. Take Credit Note (amount...
  4. E

    Stencyl game designing for android

    Hi I want to make a game for android just for the fun of it and I'm ready to learn the required skills. This game is just to show my friends and I don't plan to sell or upload it on any free website. However I'm a bit concerned that Stencyl wont let me make the final game as it says that to...
  5. Mizanurification

    Kz ate

    [Review] KZ ATE I ordered KZ ATE from AliExpress after reading all the reviews. I wanted to get ED9 but it wasn't available at hifinage. This is my first import. Anyone ordered from AliExpress? It was shipped on the same day and I got the tracking details. Will I have to pay any customs...
  6. S

    Mobile repair in Noida

    Hi Guys It will help me a ton if you can recommend good mobile repair shop in Noida. Dont want to pay big money to company service centers.
  7. kARTechnology

    ENGINEERING: to get a job faster, and a high pay

    Hi! just now entered Engg. IT 2nd year guys. Learned C Last year. This year C++ Do you think CCNA / CCNP or these kind of courses help to get a good package during placement? I have practical experience with small networks, and good experience in computer hardware & software, a geek...
  8. A

    tikona in west delhi services ?

    i am currently using mtnl 512 kbps plan and i pay around 700 ₹ to 800 ₹ depending on calls made via landline ... tikona plan look good especially 4 mpbs *30 gb fup* after that 512 kbps so any one in west delhi using there services ? is customer care support good enough ? also what is...
  9. D

    [Want to Buy] $5 Paypal

    Lemme know by pm if you're willing to sell $5 paypal. Post me your phone number and name too. I'll pay you back via mobile topup or purchase you anything worth $5 . Thanks p.s I could have purchased it myself, but paypal is not accepting my sbi or pnb debit card.
  10. Ricky

    Negative Experience They charge 10% as restocking fee on cancellation (even before shipping)

    I have made lots of online purchases, almost from all famous online stores, however this time I was looking to try infibeam, so I made a purchase there as thing I was looking was available for some discount. I made payment through netbanking, all good as I prefer to pay in Advance because COD...
  11. S

    Plea for Help: ApnaPaisa Refuses to Pay After Using Service

    SutraHR is a company that provides an important service to startups in Asia (especially India). If we fulfill our end of the deal, it is the duty of the receiver of this service to pay up. It's a simple procedure of barter of goods and services that has worked for companies for eons. But...
  12. makwanamilan96

    [ADVICE] Shipping Mobile From Malaysia to India

    My Friend from malasia want to send Samsung galaxy S-II to me. The Mobile is OLD. I am willing to pay courier or Shipping Charges. I can't find any affordable way. I know there are the option like Fedex,DHL etc but they charge very high.:-( I am also not aware about any custom...
  13. pkkumarcool

    20rs recharge for 10rs airtel money/neft

    Hey guys i am giving 20rs talktime recharge in only 10 rs.Only 20rs recharge is available as of now.You can pay me via airtel money or via neft.If anyone want then pm me.
  14. doomgiver

    RIFT, f2p mmo

    anyone else playing it? if not, i highly suggest you give it a try, its pretty good, and doesnt have the usual pay to win bullcr@p that goes with most mmo's. join the EU servers (better ping) and come have some fun.
  15. Zangetsu

    Highest Paid CEO

    guys checkout the GMI ratings of 2013 Zuckerberg is still on the rise :mrgreen: GMI Ratings’ 2013 CEO Pay so much money :hyper:
  16. R

    [Want to Buy] Microsoft Store product

    I want to purchase app from Windows 8 store and MS Office 2013 from Microsoft online Store, than how can I pay Microsoft ? I don't have Credit Card. Some people paid by Prepaid Card, how can I obtain it and how it pay to Microsoft ?
  17. D

    Need 5-10$ in my Paypal Account!!!

    Hello guys, My name is Deepak Yadav. I need 5-10$ in my Paypal account. If somebody could help me , I would be very thankful to him. I will pay you back.....
  18. Nerevarine

    HUMBLE BUNDLE !!!!! Get 8 Games for 4.80 dollars Buy ASAP.. Includes Crysis 2 ME, Mirror's Edge, Burnout Paradise, Dead space 1 , Dead space 3, MOH 2010 for 1 $ Pay 4.8 $ now to unlock BF3 and sims 3 as well
  19. rhitwick

    Idea to revamp Traffice fine structure in India

    First, accept that traffic rules are really hard to implement until they come with strict fine and/or punishment. We've a very good guide on what are to be called offenses and how much penalty should be taken from the offenders in India. In spite of then traffic rule breaking is a regular...
  20. K

    [Query] Will i have to pay for Corsair PSU RMA?

    Hello guys please help me with this one. Today i submitted my Corsair CX500v2 at Kaizen in Nehru Place. Will i have to pay anything for it? Secondly will i receive my PSU through courier or by going to Kaizen in person. Thanks
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